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Ageing Gracefully - with manners!
March , 2013
Polite Pets Month

teddy old 1
Our family dog, Teddy.. RIP Nov 2011.
I know you will agree, that our pets are a part of our family, and sadly, they are not with us for long enough. 

When I first graduated in 1989 (yes, a long long time ago), Seniors care, well, it wasn't a common thing.  Most pets didn't get old enough to need that care (now I am showing my age). These days, thanks to the care our pets receive (often better than ourselves), they are living longer, happier lives. 

But with that, also comes a price... there are some "maintenance" and " preventative " things that just need to be done to keep things going longer and better.  And, also the emotional price, as our pets suffer from age related brain problems, just like us... yes, our pets do get dementia. 

Animail Tails, this months is about young and old.... all about ensuring our young un's stay with us until they are old, and keeping the old, young at heart! 

And, if you can't half tell, it is also Polite Pets Month... and this year, we are holding two seminars discussing  behaviour problems that we get alot of phone calls or emails wanting advice about it, but no one is brave enough to make a consultation appointment for (despite the fact that they are serious problems).

And we have a few big favours to ask  - we would love you to review us on womo, if you are able to,  and we would love your pet to join us for our photo shoot in March.  We will be forwarding an email in the next week confirming the dates. 


Dr Liz 


March is Polite Pet's Month...

Two Seminars - For Dogs & Cats 


Polite Pets Month


 In March we are holding seminars on two separate nights - each night will be split into a dog session, followed by a cat session - so you can come for one or both. 


We also have a limited number of Dog Bandannas and Putty cat Feliway Dangles to give away this month (sprayed with Adaptil or Feliway - the calming spray for dogs and cats).


We intend these sessions to be practical, and we will allow time for Q & A. 


 Pencil in your diary now, let us know you are coming, and we look forward to seeing you on the night. 


Tuesday 12th March, 

Topic: Dogs: Why do dogs eat strange things?


 Cats: Making Cat play toys and games (and you get to take your toy home to beta test it on your own cat)



Tuesday, 26th March

Topic: Dogs: How to turn your Houdini Dog to a homebody.


Cats: Caterwauling (excess vocalising) and other attention seeking behaviours.


 Time: Dog Talk:  6.30 - 6.50 pm 

Cat Talk: 7 pm to 7.20 pm


Or you can come to both.  Everyone welcome. 



Light Refreshments supplied. No pets please... just for humans! The pets can come for their own individual appointments if necessary.  


Please register your interest via email (just reply to this newsletter) or txt 0401349849 so we know numbers for catering and seating.




Photography shoot invite...


mobile paw logo

 A warning......  in the next week, we will be sending through an invitational email confirming the date of our photographer shoot in March. 


This photo shoot is to grab photos of our animalclinic family pets for use on our website, facebook, and of course, the family album.


A BIG thank you to those who have already said "YES.... we are there" when the news went out in our earlier newsletters. 


AND... do you have a gorgeous photo  of your pet, and want it in our family album online, then send me  a jpeg copy, and we will get it online.


Want to check out our family album? We have photos of Taffy, Pandora, our cats from home just to name a few. 

Go here!



Marching on for the 

Days of our Pet's Lives

Who would've thought....

days of our lives


1st  -  National Pig Day


3rd  -  What if cats-and-dogs-had-opposable thumbs day


14th  - Save a Spider Day - in our household we name our Huntsman spiders, so we get less scared of them if they happen to turn up in the bathroom whilst we are in contemplation. 

  spider chow

  20th International Earth Day - what will you do this year to save our Earth?  We installed Solar Panels at the vet hospital  last year, this year? 


22nd -  World Water Day


23rd  - National Puppy Day 


24th -  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - 1989   

Days of Grey

How to help your pet age gracefully


A young Teddy with Sugar (our Maltese Terrier) in 2001.
A young Teddy with Sugar our Maltese Terrier in 2001.

January's Animail Tails had a pet age calculator. But if you missed it,

go here.


 No one likes to think of their pet as "old", or needing "seniors pet food" or extra care.  No one likes to look at the mirror and see the grey hairs appearing either. 


But age, we do, so lets do it gracefully! 


I support OneHealth (combined human/animal health) which means if we keep our pets healthier, we keep ourselves healthier too.  


Age is not a disease, but, age does mean that parts of our bodies aren't as healthy as they were when we were younger

Teddy in his younger days in 2007 
His pin up photo for Save-An-Angel Calendar 2011

... such as our skin, teeth, hair, joints, brain, kidneys, heart and liver (just to name a few). 


You all know how passionate we are about keeping pet's mouths healthy through our twice a year FREE dental checks, and encouraging you to brush your pet's teeth. 


You know we promote healthy skin through good nutrition and the right choice of shampoo (expensive and more often is not always the best). 


But as your pet ages, there are few extra things we need to do for them... such as

  • teddy old 1
    Teddy at 10 years of age in 2011
    Total Annual Health Profile blood and urine tests including thyroid test - every year - it is what we do in our pets, including Pandora. It is a screening test, because you know our pets don't always tell us they are sick, but we need to ask the question, and we use blood tests to do the asking.. This costs only $116.50 so it is really good value for peace of mind. 
  • Twice a year dental checks (with us, they are free) 
  • As needed, teeth cleaning under anaesthetic - to keep their mouths healthy - dental infections are too common, and dealing with chronic infections ages pets (and people too). It affects the whole body, which we have seen in our patients with a lowered immune system and a lower thyroid level. 
  • DNA Genetic Screening for disease (this is a once off test)
  • Chest Radiographs (Xrays) each year to check for cancer, heart disease, and other horrible problems. 
So, what can you do to help your pet age gracefully?
  • Good quality diet rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, Vitamin B and high digestible fibre.
  • Excellent preventative medicine - flea control, intestinal worming, Heartworm prevention.
  • Re-assess vaccination needs 
  • Check your pet's bedding - is it too soft, too hard, too high.
  • Lubricate those eyes - keep them moist and healthy
  • Do your pet's Seniors questionnaire each six months at home (pick up the signs early) - Checklist is here.
  • Pets vision suffers.... keeping a fluorescent light on where they sleep can help them cope at night, and can help stop the all night barking.
  • Keep their mouths healthy... if your pet's breath smells, then something is not right
  • Even if your have your own health issues, and your pet is there by your side helping you,  you need to up your game, and be their medical advocate too...they won't complain, so you need to look after them.
PS Our dog Teddy passed away in November 2011 from Lymphoma. But as he saved many dogs lives when he was alive, so he does now that he is chasing his tennis ball in his little slice of Heaven.
turning 7
Turning 7 this year? Keep an eye out for this postcard ,
it will be landing in your mailbox ready for your 7th Birthday!

Astonishing Secrets...continues

Bellambivet Blog...

Astonishing Secret

 Astonishing Secrets revealed included Sore Ears, Tummy problems, and, some gross topics also.... with more to come in March. 


There was nothing earth shattering revealed, but if it helps one loving pet owner and their pet in their time of need, then Charlie, the Town Crier, and I are happy. 


Feel free to share the Astonishing secrets with your friends, or use them as reference for the future.   

I always have ideas on what to write about, but if you have any suggestions, again, swing through an email! 

About Russell Vale Animal Clinic

As always, your pet's paws are always in my heartmobile paw logo ... our animalclinic family.


 In 2012, we were a finalist in "Outstanding Pet Care Services" in the Illawarra Local Business Awards.  We have been awarded multiple community awards in the past, as well as multiple Continuing Education Awards (such as CMAVA - Chartered Member of the Australian Veterinary Association).


We are humbled by that, and whilst we want to be the best that we can be, we need your help. If you could click on the womo site, or even email us your compliments (or complaints) that would be great.  


We will work with each and every comment, good or bad, although I can't make our vet services free (everyone wishes that, as do I). We strive to continually improve on what and how we do what we do, without ever forgetting why we are (which is all for our animals)


You'll see the link below for "word of mouth" ...  we would appreciate fair comments. Any concerns or criticisms, we definitely need to hear from you.  



Till next month.... 




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In This Issue
Presenting Polite Pets Month Seminars
Days of our Pets Lives
Days of Grey... Ageing Gracefullly
Closed for Holidays & Training
Kitty Kat Needs a New Home
Pandora's 40th Birthday in September
Breaking News
Rabbit Calicivirus Alert
We have been warned that baiting rabbits with Calicivirus is going to start in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven in April 2013.

We recommend all bunny rabbits come in for their Calicivirus vaccination to protect them against this killer virus.    
We also recommend a
ll rabbit housing
be checked that they are mosquito and fly proof - as this will protect our bunnies against calicivirus and Myxomatosis (and there is no vaccination available in Australia for myxo)
Dr Liz Continuing Education 2013 
Our Calendar Page:
This year, I will be taking advantage of continuing education conferences around the country.... (I missed out last year as Dirk had to go to New Zealand for family stuff alot)  
How will you know the dates that the vet hospital won't be open?

 PocketVet app, Facebook and on our calendar page on our website, oh... and not forgetting Animail Tails.... another reason to open it and see what is happening! 

March - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th-
 Australian Veterinary Conference (AVA) Divisional Conference - Emergency Conditions & Treatments at Leura

May - AVA Annual Conference - Cairns, QLD.  From 26th to 31st May 

Dr Liz & family on holidays in April
A reminder that Dr Liz and Dirk will be on holidays from 8th April to 23rd of April. 

Watch our website, and facebook page for details of the clinic's opening hours during that time. 

The Good Sam Fund...
The work we do when you think we are not working....
Vets all over the country (and the world), look after injured, and uninjured strays, and, well, the only recognition we get for that is when we tell people what we have done.  
tinka kitty cat
Dr Liz & Tegan with "Yet to be named' kitty cat
We know that alot of these owners "pay it forward', and help others when they are able to do so. 
We place money into this fund every month, as well as all gross sales from the animalclinic online store, as well as accept online donations. 
It then devastates us when we see cruelty, neglect and abandoned pets, as really
, there is no need for that.
Many of you may remember Leo from last year ...he is doing extremely well ..
Leo 2012 the day after surgery
Leo 2012 the day after surgery - check out Facebook for what he looks like now!
 well, we now have a  'yet to be named" kitty cat, abandoned because she had a fractured hip.  Too cute to euthenase, so we performed surgery on her hip.
She is desexed, microchipped, up to date with her vaccinations, but she still needs to complete her Feline AIDS vaccine protocol. 
She is great with dogs (she walks up to them during the vet consult), and is very very playful.  
If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking her on, please get them to call us at the vet hospital for a "meet and greet". 

Just for Fun - 
cat bird
Eeew.... both of you!
Pandora's weakness? Well, she likes lizards least the birds around here are safe! 
Pandora's 40th Birthday
Pandora's Box
I am turning 40 in September!
Pandora is turning "40" this year, and we are going to have a party! 

Watch this space in upcoming newsletters, PocketVet or Facebook for updates.

Pretty Pandora
Masquerade Ball? 
What Dirk was doing over Christmas and New Years!
waiting room prep
Prepping and measuring

reception prep
Cut and finished..
Dirk after the painting is finished - Jan 2013
Dirk - after the painting is finished in January 2013.
What next.... well, in 2010 to 2012 we renovated the hospital side of the veterinary clinic... and this is the part you don't see day to day... yes, I know... back to front according to the marketing gurus... but the comfort of our pets was my priority, whereas, making us look pretty to impress you was second.  
Now, we want to look pretty...oh so pretty.. ! So what's next is our reception counter, and then maybe....who knows!
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