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Compassion and Kindness to our Animal Friends
Compassion and Kindness to our Animal Friends

  May 2015

Welcome to another edition of Animail Tails.
  To all the pet mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day.

 Are you part of our Facebook community yet?  Come over and see what you missed lately (like Pumpkin having her first night out - at least she came home the next morning or the handstand walking Pug doing the longest wee in history)

We would love to crack the "500"!

Dr Liz

PanPac Vet Conference
Dr Liz will be attending the vet conference in Brisbane from 24th of May to the 29th.

As I have never been to Brissie before, I will be taking a few days after the conference to explore the surrounds (any suggestions?).

Dirk and Tegan will be manning the vet hospital during this time.

If you want to follow what  I will be doing, I will be twittering away, follow @theonlypandora on twitter.  I will also be blogging and sharing this on our google plus (follow bellambivets blog). 

Can't wait to see the latest in veterinary gadgets and know how!

Bravecto sizing
Bravecto is now available for all dogs from 2 kg to 56 kg. 

A tablet that needs to be given each three months will protect against fleas and ticks. And it can be given at the same time as your dog's intestinal worming dose too. 

We have all sizes available now at Russell Vale Animal Clinic. 
What will they think of next?

Any questions?  Email me 
animalclinic family
We love our animalclinic family
Our beautiful animalclinic family
We love our animalclinic family. Thank you to each of you for allowing us to be part of your family, and for helping us when we needed it too. 

Recently, we had to ask for testimonials and photos to go into our Illawarra Women in Business Awards application at short notice, and many of you went above and beyond to help. 

.Want to see our family shots? Go here.

Would you like to add your family's photos to our family album online? Feel free to email them to me.

And for those who do not know, Pumpkin is now officially a member of the vet hospital, with Pandora.

Both cats have their own "bedrooms", they are not BFF's, but at least Pandora is tolerating Pumpkin.  Pumpkin so dearly wants to make friends, and keeps on trying. 

We will keep on spraying the Feliway, as you never know when the magic friendship may begin.
Keeping pet's safe this Winter
Winter has its own dangers for our pets and for us.  They can knock over furniture into heaters, or knock candles over and start fires.

Be prepared for an emergency ( a larger copy of the infographic is on my website - go here)


Keep an updated Emergency Checklist for your pet - there are Word documents which you just need to fill in and keep safe.  


Make sure your dog has a collar and a legible dog tag with correct phone numbers on it. For a free tag, visit here 


Plan your pet's exercise regime - make sure that the cold weather doesn't slow you both down! 


Examine your pet's bedding/shelter - is it up to coping for the winter ahead? Are beds slightly raised and off the ground for the dogs? Under cover and away from winds/draughts? 


Do you have any hints or tips to share?  Why not email me or share on our Facebook page. 


We were Finalists! and had a ball! 
In mid April, Dirk and I attended the Small Business Champion Awards at the Westin, Sydney.  We were entertained by Anthony Callea, Casey Donovan and so much more.  We met fellow Nominees, and inspired by the stories of their success.  We didn't win our section, but we were inspired. 

I have to share a funny story - on the way to Sydney, we listened to our TomTom, and, as you do, took the wrong turn. We ended up having to go over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, missing the turn off again to go back to Pitt Street.  I tweeted about  this "tourist drive". At the opening speech of the Awards, the MC said "You find out all sorts of things on twitter - Did Russell Vale vets make it here? They took a detour over the bridge to get here. Are you here?" So I had to shout out  "Yes, we're here"! to a room of 1001 people! 

On May Day, the Illawarra Women in Business held their Award luncheon at the City Beach. Again, we were inspired by the energy within the room of positive fellow business women.

  We were entertained by the Out of the Blue singers, inspired by the success stories of the category winners, and uplifted by the positive energy within the room.

Some of the fellow Finalists and Judges are also part of the animalclinic family... it is a small town after all! 
I have to thank Wendi Leigh designs who designed and made outfits for both functions for me. She is local, so why not check out her store?
Unstiffen those joints
dog joint
Our joints like to stiffen up over winter - so let's unstiffen them!

Signs of problems include

- slow to get up or down 

- takes a day or two to recover after a long walk

- abnormal nail wear due to dragging of feet

- loss of muscle on the back legs or front legs

- doing the "arthritis" shuffle - a stiff shortened gait 



What you can do 

- massage those muscles

- physical therapies to improve joint mobility and action

- ramps, body braces, 

- over the counter medications - we like Joint Guard and PAW joint products (Osteocare and Osteosupport)

- prescription medications such as a four week course of Synovan injections, non steroidal drugs and pain medications.  

- prescription foods - such as Hills j/d or Royal Canin mobility. 


From 1st of May to 30th of September, we are providing free arthritis checks to all of our animalclinic family. 


Don't forget - our cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds can suffer from arthritis too, as we were reminded when we confirmed degenerative joint disease in one of cats, Pusski recently.


Limited appointments will be made available on Wednesday and Thursday only, and this is strictly By Appointment Only. 


To book online, go here. and select Misc Consult, and your preferred time on Wednesday or Thursday.


To find out more about joint support exercises and supplements, go here.  


Sunday, May 17th 
Take the walk with your pet
to help raise funds 

An easy way to help is to purchase a bag of 
SavourLife treats from us with all funds going towards our tally.

If you are walking, and you see us, don't forget to give a big sing out!

Our donation page

Thank you SavourLife
& PocketVet
We won 10 packets of Australian made
SavourLife treats.
These are Australian made using Australian product, so we know that they are safe to give our dogs and cats.

We want to make a difference so 
100% of the money made will go
towards our RSPCA fundraising page.

Our Price: $9.95

Yum Yum says Dirk
NEW - Ivory Coat Treats

Come in and pick up one of the most succulent treats.
Succulent Duck
Tender Kangaroo
Chewy Peanut Butter
Duck Liver
Roast Lamb

Our Price: $9.95

Three Month Flea/Tick Tablet
Now Available

For Dogs Only
It is ideal for dogs who suffer from Flea allergy dermatitis. 

Any questions, call us on 
42 845 988

or email us

or hit reply

Our new name tags with a typo!

Can you spot it? 

We are for Happy healthy pets, Always! 
something which we happily shout to all.

Tegan is also back working with us permanent part time whilst she is completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Tegan is a graduate from the University of Wollongong (Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), completed her Certificate in Animal Behaviour (CABI).
Proheart SR-12 Injection is BACK
All dogs and cats should be on Heartworm prevention.
For Dogs we recommend the annual Proheart 12 injection.  In Puppies, it is given when they are 12 weeks old, six months, fifteen months then annually.

For cats, we recommend monthly Advocate, Revolution spot ons, or Milbemax tablet.

With the wet weather comes mosquitoes, and with mosquitoes comes the risk of Heartworm Disease.

Thank you again for reading, and sharing. 


Dr Liz

Stop that "tap dancing"

If your pet has overgrown nails, then take advantage of this offer, and make your pet more comfortable.
Offer Expires 30/06/2015. Must Present Voucher at time of appointment. Value $25.00


We still see puppies, kittens and adults too infected with intestinal parasites, and this is sad.

All pets need intestinal worming EACH three months.
Offer Expires 30/06/2015. Must Present Voucher. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic to a maximum of TWO pets only.
Frontline Original 40-60 kg
We are discontinuing Frontline altogether, but we still have some boxes of 40-60 kg left, with Expiry May 2016 (long expiry dates)
We do not have any other sizes in stock.

Bring this voucher in, and you will get 50% off the marked price.
Whilst stocks last.
Russell Vale Animal Clinic | 02 42 845988 |
17 Bellambi Lane
Russell Vale, 2518