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Animail Tails  - Smile & Be Kind to Everyone.
November 2012
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Diabetes? Cancer? Awareness!
Paralysis ticks? Coughing? Hot spots?
 Short Dated
Effipro Large Dog Spot-On
We need your help.  We have 10 packets of short dated (Expires December 2012) Effipro Spot-On for dogs 20 to 40 kg.

We hate to throw things out, and it can't be returned.

Effipro is a fipronil-based (similar to Frontline) spot-on flea control for dogs only.  

Available at Russell Vale Animal Clinic
and on our online store animalclinic
Limited packets only available, and first in, best dressed. 

We have various lists which you can choose to be a part of. You are currently receiving our Animail Tails (enews) and you may be on other lists too. 

Other lists include
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 Online Booking
online booking 
  Click on the button, select your procedure,
Choose your date and time,
Follow the prompts to set up your online booking account (from which you can change/monitor your booking).
It is not suited for emergency or same day appointments.
We have tested the Online booking in IE and Google Chrome browsers.
If you are having problems, then email me directly on
our online store 
Check it out for Behavioural, Joint, Flea and worming products. and now, ready for Spring, Skin care products for pets.

Is there anything you buy online from your current online shop that you would like us to provide you? 

Email me with your request, and what price you currently pay, and we will see what we can do. We know it is not all about price, and we know that we can't match every single price. 

All proceeds from this store goes towards our Good Sam fund.

27th November National Black Cat Day
Pandora "the boss"
In Italy, the Italian Association in Defence of Animals have designated 27th of November to be National Black Cat Day. 
Thousands of black cats are killed each year by those who still believe that they are associated with bad luck. 
We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have Pandora as our boss! Without her, we wouldn't know when to turn the water fountain on, what foods are worth feeding her, and she always make sure that we do our backups on our computer, as we never know when she will decide to shut down the system. 

World Kindness Day

13th November



Our Animal Friends Teach Us Kindness And Compassion.
Our Animal Friends Teach Us Kindness And Compassion.


No words are necessary to express the aaaaaww (apart from the spelling mistakes) this is is inspiring.





Fear is normal, but phobias are not. You need to get help for your pet.

 Fears, Fireworks


 You know of a pet that escapes because of its fear of being alone or l

oud noises. 


Did you know that there are over 40 different tried remedies for thunderstorm/firework phobias?  And, the scary part is, most of them do work, but only in a small number of pets.


Read more:

 Now Available:


PET QRtags are now available at Russell Vale vets


Click on Pandora's name to see her website information.


PetQrtags - the smart pet tag


A QR tag is a laser engraved "pet tag" which is linked to a unique website.  Anyone with a QR reader on their smart phone or internet access (as there is a website on the back) can access the information on your pet that you are happy to have available. 


For only $14.95 - it is a good investment for your pet.  You can update your details at any time of the day or night.... you are in control of the information.


And a great Christmas gift idea for your pet loving friends!




November and December are usually the busiest months for us all.  For us, we have three children's birthdays, with our eldest turning 21!  For those of you who have been with us since we opened in 1998, she was the one helping me with Puppy Classes in those days. 


We know your time is precious, and we thank you for being part of the animalclinic family. We love seeing your pets, whether it be for their twice a year check up, or once in five year one (we know that time gets away on us).  Either way, we appreciate your kindness and paw logo


A reminder that we are not in the current Yellow Pages due to their computer error, and no, we can't do anything about it other than ask you for help in letting people know that we are still here, working for your and their pets. You can even share our  free vet check, offer so they can be part of the animalclinic family experience.


We thank you for all of your support and kindness this year (and in the past).  You are all awesome!  



Yours for happy healthy pets (and all animals), 


Dr Liz

Russell Vale Vets

PS Join our Like us on Facebook family to keep up to date on monthly competitions & giveaways, new products, hints and tips, and notice of closing days in November and December. November's prize is a pack of five movie tickets! I know I would love to be in it to win it.


 PPS Our original logo of the dog and cat is going into semi-retirement.  I loved that it showed happy faces, as that is what I wanted, but it is too chunky for the smart phones and ipads.  Be prepared to see alot of the hearts and paws now, as I love that pet paws are always in my heart.






Did you know?  A Busy Month of Awareness'....
Diabetes Awareness Month 
This year we have diagnosed over 5 pets with Diabetes Mellitus (sugar diabetes), and so, it is opportune that November is Diabetes Awareness Month. 
To my surprise, some of the people were not surprised by the diagnosis, whilst the others were shocked that pets actually get diabetes. 
pet diabetes
Know your pet's BGL - book in for a free urine and blood glucose reading now.
It is a type of disease, that when the diagnosis is made, the feeling guts you (no, I am not a diabetic myself). 
What are the signs to watch out for? 
 - Lethargy
- Excessive thirst
- Excessive urination
- good appetite with weight loss
Do you know your BGL?  A few years ago, there was an advertising program on TV for people, saying "Do you know your BGL (blood glucose level)?  Well the same applies for our pet's. Do you  know your pet's blood sugar?  Do I?  
If you think your pet might have it, we do have home test kits to look for glucose in your pet's urine. This could save your pet's life. You need to act if you ever suspect your pet could have diabetes.
Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Teddy was our dog. He passed away in November, 2011 from lymphoma. He was confirmed with the disease in August 2010, and underwent chemotherapy, successfully.  Without his therapy, he would not have lasted longer than a week. 

As pet lovers ourselves, we know the joy of animals, and the gut wrenching sorrow when they are no longer physically with us. We focus on the joy of animals, as this is their true gift to us. 


Teddy - also known as Mr August
 in the 2011 Save-an-Angel Calendar

I know how you feel when you hear the word "cancer". It is beyond awful. 

From the Veterinary Cancer Society, the top 10 signs to watch out for are...

1.     Persistent, abnormal swelling
2.     Sores that do not heal
3.     Loss of weight
4.     Loss of appetite
5.     Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
6.     Offensive odor
7.     Difficulty eating or swallowing
8.     Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
9.     Persistent lameness or stiffness
10.   Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

 All vets are there to help you, help your pet. We cannot stop your pet from getting cancer, but we can help your pet, and sometimes, cure your pet, if we can make the diagnosis early enough. 



Medic Alerts
Paralysis Tick 
There is a record paralysis tick season happening in Queensland, which often predicts what our season is going to be like in a month.

You can change history, it is all up to you by 
  • playing  with your pet daily - feel for any unusual lumps and bumps
  • what tick prevention are you doing? We recommend fortnightly Frontline Original.
  • keep your lawns well mowed
  • avoid bushy areas.
Hot Spots

With warm, humid weather, with biting insects, dust, dirt, comes "hot spots"   These are sores which start off very small, and suddenly grow to be wet, weeping sores. 

Your pet needs to see a vet... but there are things you can do to help too.
  • Keep your pet flea and insect free
  • Reduce the "dead hair" through regular grooming 
When you see a "spot"
  • Trim the hair around the spot
  • Wash it with an antibacterial shampoo (or just use water)
  • Pat it dry
  • Keep it dry - you could try betadine, or witchhazel.

Coughing Dogs & Cats
dog cough
Coughing dogs and asthmatic cats - be careful when your pet is out and about.
Do you know what the most common causes of coughing in dogs and cats are?

The number one cause is Canine cough - that is,  Infectious Tracheo- bronchtitis, followed by Heart Disease.

In cats, it is Bronchial Asthma, then followed by Lungworm.

Some diseases we can treat, some we can only manage, and some (such as lungworm) can be prevented. 

About Russell Vale Animal Clinic


Did you know....  Dr Liz has wanted to be a vet since she was in primary school - in fourth class (her teacher was Mr Syer at West Wollongong Public School). She was looking at the big tree near the pool at the school, a boy named Scott made fun of her and said "So you want to be a tree doctor, do you.?", and Liz replied, after some thought "No, actually I want to become an animal doctor".  And the rest, as they say, is history. 



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Blood glucose







Know your pet's BGL (Blood glucose level) 

Diabetes Awareness Month 

A vet check fee of $40.00 applies  for any pet which have not had a physical examination or check up with us in the past six months. 

online booking
Select " A BGL check"
You can take advantage of
 our free drop off service 
(especially useful for the urine collection) 

Offer Expires: 10th December, 2012