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Cupcake Day & Open DayAugust 2012


Greetings!  and family,
I can't imagine my life without my animals and my family. My life is a happy mess... I am sure you know what I mean.

It is then a  struggle to watch shows on TV about cruelty to animals, and even some movies about animals where cruelty is involved, even if no animal was actually hurt in the movie.  Or to see neglected animals come in (although that is a rare occurrence). It is the thought of an animal hurt that cuts into my soul. 
But cruelty to animals (and people) exists (it exists in many forms) and we need to do what we can to stop it. (Read about Leo below)
To stop cruelty to animals requires money -to prosecute those that are cruel, to educate others about responsible pet ownership, and to be able to treat those pets who are injured as a result of cruelty.    This year, we are part of RSPCA Cupcake Day,  so order your cupcakes (or meowcakes or pupcakes, and/or come along to our party, and enjoy life with our pets. More information is below.

Keep the Dear Pandora emails coming in... we have had some good ones so far.
August is the Australian Veterinary Association (supported by Hills) Pet Dental Month, with free dental checks for everyone. Our Dental month was back in April (check our April newsletter).  We are out of Pet Dental Gift packs, but we will honour 10% of any dental cleaning (not including extractions) for this month - based on our dental brochure dated May 2011. We have some ugly teeth balloons, which is worth a visit to us just to check them out!
A few weeks ago, we sent out a new product update on Joint products via our Medic Alert list.  If you are not signed into Medic Alert/New Product list, then sign up now. If you want to see the last issue which focused on our joints, then click here.
Until next issue..

Dr Liz 



In This Issue
One Lump or Two..
Ask Pandora
It's a Party... It's an Open Day....
RSPCA Cupcake Party
Immunisation Awareness Month.
Liquid Gold....
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Eye Specialist Visit

21st August 2012

If your pet needs a specialist eye appointment call us to confirm time and place. 

Canine Atopic Dermatitis Cases needed

Dogs with Atopic Dermatitis are needed for a Clinical Trial on a new drug.

email me on lizvet@animalclinic.com.au for  more information on suitability for inclusion.

Dogs must be more than 12 months of age, have had moderate to severe itching for more than 10 months, with tests done to exclude all other causes of itching (such as flea allergy, mange, food allergy, fungal or bacterial infection or ear infections).


One lump or two?  

One lump or two?  In the ideal world, and the ideal pet, your pet would have no lumps or bumps on them. 

What matters about lumps is  

1. size does not matter - small lumps can be worse than large ones.

2. it doesn't matter whether it is painful to touch or not - if it is a lump, that is not normal.

3. I would never say that a lump is ok to leave, or to wait and see.  What I would say is that lumps are not normal, and should be removed, but some lumps are not cancerous, and not all lumps need to be removed urgently.

4. Skinny pets can get fatty cysts.

5. A needle biopsy is not as accurate as a "hunk of tissue" biopsy, and many times, this is what is needed before we can give advice on what needs to be done. 

A Lump - it could be many things













I know I have moments of brilliance, but I am unable to diagnose what a lump based on a phone description of " its come up suddenly, it doesn't hurt to touch it, so what is it, why is it there, and when is it going to go away."


I am yet to come up with a tactful answer -there is no nice way of saying " a lump is a lump, and its not normal. Most lumps don't go away by themselves. Some lumps are nasty 'C" word things, and need aggressive surgery to cure.

I am not a pathologist, but a vet with an interest in cytology.  We deal with lumps and bumps daily, but I cannot diagnose what a lump is, without doing some simple (and sometimes not so simple) tests.   

And some lumps, I can't diagnose at all hence why I may send some to a professional pathologist for interpretation if I am in doubt.

Read on about Lumps & Bumps and some Case Studies:

Dear Pandora.... 

 From one pampered puss to another how do you cope with chicken in food? I will not eat any form of chicken in any type of food. My family have trouble with feeding me as I am a fussy eater, so how do your owners cope with your fussy requirements. 

from Meow 

Dear Meow,

Some owners are just hard to train, but that doesn't mean they don't love us. I wish we could tell them not to stress about chicken, as it is like them not liking fried liver ( a delicacy for some and not others).


I am wondering whether you have a sensitive stomach, and chicken makes you unwell, as I do know other cats who vomit with chicken.  I know if I look at some brands of food, I can't stomach it.



"Chicken is friend, Not food"



Dr Liz's comment: As an untrained owner, it's not fun trying to read Pandora's mind on what she wants to eat. But Pandora could be right, you might be allergic to chicken and know it, and trying to give us the message by being fussy. 


If you  think about  where cats originally settled from, and what we have in our environment, it is no secret that feeding chicken  is a mismatch.









For Fun  

Party is on Saturday, 18th of August 2012

Jumping Castles for the kids(and adults), Open Day at the Vets, Competitions, Lots of fun for everyone. 

Please and invite your friends and family.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Wet weather arrangements: Party and Vet clinic Open Day will still be on. Jumping Castle may be cancelled - website will be updated.

Cupcake Party 
Saturday 18th of August 

Everyone loves a party, and we are having one in August to raise funds for the RSPCA.  We know that for all of you, it is hard to think about people being cruelty, but it is out there. 
You can help us raise awareness and funds by 

1. For a donation of $5 or more,  come along, enjoy some cakes, get a tour of the vet clinic, and help us raise funds for the RSPCA on Saturday 18th of August.

2. You can donate directly on our Cupcake page.  where you can follow our Cupcake blog too.
3. You can help us bake cakes for the day, and that would make the day extra super special.
4. Our online shop will be taking special orders of select cakes which will be available for pick up at the vets on the official Cupcake Day of Monday 20th of August  (and local home delivery is available too).

Tell us if you are coming via facebook or just turn up on the day!

10 am to 12 noon 

National Immunisation Awareness Month


 Just when technology advances to make life simpler for us, it just gets more complicated. And this is the case with vaccinations  (or immunisations in the human side). 


I believe in the OneHealth initiative, which understands the link between human and animal health, and forges a collective brain for the betterment of all. 


Gone are the days where dogs get their diseases, cats have theirs, and humans have theirs. We now know that many human diseases can infect our pets, such as the flu and Hendra Virus.  And many human illnesses come from our pets (Heartworm infection, roundworm) or other animals (rat lungworm).


We also know that our immune system is a precious resource, and we don't support it as well as we should.  It is also like a muscle, and needs to be exercised and stimulated. It is like an army, and needs to be prepared for the battle if it should ever need to enter one.  That is what vaccinations (or immunisations) are all about. For those that remember the days of polio (people) and parvo (dogs), know that you don't want to EVER go back to that kind of epidemic.


 Having pets doesn't make you sick (unless you're allergic). A recent study has shown that children with pets have less allergies than those without pets.  Many studies also show the health benefits to humans of pet ownership from reduced blood pressure, reduced mental illness, and general overall feeling of joy that a tail wag or cat hug gives you. 



For more information on Vaccinations and OneHealth:


 For more information on how to love your pet, go to where they are, and tell them that you love them! 


Liquid Gold.

and nothing to do with the Olympics. 


Many vets (including myself) call urine "liquid gold".  Strange, I know, but its because this yellow liquid can provide alot of information on the health of your pet.


From a simple dip stick (and in many cases we use our Idexx Urinary Analyser), we can identify diabetes, liver disease, and protein (dental or kidney disease).


In July, I saw two cats who had been drinking more than usual, with the owners (and I) thinking the cats had kidney disease, but both were diabetic - diagnosed with a urine sample (with supporting blood tests) -  Diabetes is  a treatable condition.


From measuring the specific gravity of the urine, we can assess your pet's hydration and renal function. 


Urine can be yellow because it is concentrated or because your pet has liver disease, and dogs with heavy urinary infections will have clear yellow urine too.  We cannot rely on colour alone. 



Liquid Gold
Urine - the Liquid Gold no matter what size you are

 Rabbits and Guinea pigs urine is normally cloudy due to the calcium particles, but this may predispose them to calcium bladder stones. These guys need to drink more and be more active, plus be on low calcium food.


In any animal, blood in urine is not normal, and passing blood is not normal either. This always needs a consultation and urine testing.


Read on.


Did you know... 


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Did you miss our last Medic Alerts which was all about the latest treatments for Joint support? Click here.

Make a Donation to our Good Sam Fund.... Click Here  

Four Weeks FREE Pet Insurance for puppies and kittens...
 for information Click Here  but to apply, you must bring your pet in.

STOPFIV ... for cats.... Stop AIDS through vaccination... Click Here

Final note... about LeoLeo


Those of you who follow us on facebook know about Leo. Leo came in end of June on a Friday afternoon with severe injuries. He was found abandoned on Bellambi Beach. His coat was matted, and, he had an old untreated abscess and lacerations on his left side of his chest. We performed emergency surgery on him that night, and have nursed him back into recovery. Our Good Sam fund covered part of the cost of Leo's surgery. All of us at Russell Vale vets put a small amount into this fund monthly, and we accept online donations too.
What  happened to Leo has upset me on many levels - he was obviously owned by someone, who decided to dump him on the beach instead of taking him to a vet for treatment.  Leo didn't know what a lead was, and he didn't know basic commands of come and sit, nor was he  housetrained. He was not microchipped and not desexed.    
Leo fast asleep

Counting sheep...one...zzzzz

Sleeping on a bed donated by Pam, and a toy donated by Taffy.

The important thing is,  Leo is doing well now - he is spoilt rotten in our household, and we will be sorry to see him go to his new family (sorry, we do have someone lined up already), once he is fully recovered.
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Until Next Time..... 


on Lumps and Bumps
In house cytology

Only $20
Does your pet have  lumps and bumps that worry you?  But not necessarily worry your pet? 

Lumps and Bumps are  NOT normal, but they are common.  Get your pet checked today.

 Conditions: $20 for up to five lumps only per pet. Does not include specialist pathology interpretation if this is indicated. A vetcheck fee of $40.00 is due if we have not examined your pet in the past six months.
Lumps and Bumps in Dogs and Cats
Select "A Lumps and Bumps"

Offer Expires: 30th August 2012. No rainchecks.  









Urine tests for your pet  
Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold
How to collect a urine sample?
Click here.
 Checking for diabetes, kidney disease etc

Conditions: A vet check is not mandatory but it is recommended. We will accept "drop off" urine samples for testing if the containers are well labelled.  If further bloodwork is needed, then 10% off regular fee for Total Annual Health Profile.
online booking

Select " A urine check"

If it is a "drop off" for testing, please ensure your container is well labelled.

Offer Expires: 30th August 2012. No Rainchecks.