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Spring Dramas!
October 2014
A jam packed October edition, filled with sad, aswell as happy news,  so I will let you get right to it.  Be aware that there are surgery photos at the end of the newsletter.

As this weekend is the Long Weekend, for the first time in many years, we will be open on Sunday and Monday.

Saturday 9 to 12 noon (as usual)
Sunday 9 to 10 am
Monday 9 to 10 am

Dr Liz, Dirk, Tegan and Pandora

rainbow bridge
It is with sadness....
Our beloved George, the "stray that stayed, has now gone to be with my friends over the Rainbow Bridge.

He is now laying in his favourite spot in the corner of the car park, where you will see his headstone.  He used to love to lie there, soaking up the sun, and enjoying life.
Look at our handsome George who is now a whopping 3.6 kg...he was 2.8 kg w
Learn more George on the bellambivets blog.

All about George - A Stray Cat Story Part One:  Read Here:
A Sunday Story About George: Read Here:
An Ode to the Old Codger, otherwise known as George: Read Here:
 Please click over to here to sign a condolence card for our George.  If you have already posted something on FB a few weeks ago, I have already added your very kind comments.

Piper at Bass Point
Wollongong City Council strikes again!

Time is running out to tell Wollongong City Council what we think of their review of our "off leash areas" on the northern suburbs beaches.

A petition is available on the counter at the vet hospital to stop the proposed changes, as well as a copy of the proposed changes.

You have until the sixth of October (that is only a few days away!) to fill in the Council Survey.  Go here

Tegan and I have been exploring what is out there for our dogs with our own pup, Piper.  It has been an education, and I know our dog's deserve better than what they are receiving from our council.

Bellambivet blog: Wollongong Dog Parks - Part One
Bellambivet blog: Wollongong Dog Parks - Part Two
Bellambivet blog: Dear Wollongong City Council, leave our beaches alone

Coming up on bellambivet blog in October is Part Three of my Wollongong Dog Park series, where we visit two busy dog parks in Sydney.  Seeing what other councils have available for our dogs puts our own Wollongong City Council to shame.

Don't forget to fill out the survey - If link is broken (I have tested it, but just in case, go to

World Pets Day 2014

"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough.


We have a higher mission--to be of service to them wherever they require it."


Saint Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226)

Spring Dramas

Ticks Season has begun - all pets in high risk areas should have started their "tick prevention plan" Find out more.

Mosquitoes - not only can they make our pets itchy, they can also spread disease.  Control of mosquitoes in your environment is important (but problematic if you live near one of our many waterways).

Fleas - they just didn't go away over winter for many pets, but in case you eased off the flea control over winter, please start now.  Peak flea months are actually March and April, as the numbers rise exponentionally starting now.

Snakes - as the days grow longer, and the weather warms up, snakes are on the move.  Be alert.

Baby birds - Nemagpie swoopingsting birds are leaving the nest too soon.  Visit here for information on how you can help.

Swooping magpies - no more needs to be said. Avoid, if possible, these areas, and do not antagonise them.  They are just trying to protect their family.

  Bee stings - Make sure your pet's First Aid Kit is up to date, including a box of antihistamines and the dose rates needed.  Go here for our recommended First Aid kit information, and here for antihistamine dose rates (pdf file at bottom of page).

Thunderstorms and Fireworks -  Does your pet shake and shiver?  Break through tin sheds and escape?  Help is available, so please ask sooner rather than 2 hours before the event.  There are many options, many of which are listed here.
Our First Aid app has lots of information to help you with any of the problems listed above and much more, as does the website.

Lillie smiling
Lillie turns the big "9"

Lillie has been coming in to see "Uncle Dirk" for all of her life.  She just has to hear his name to go nuts at home.  For me, well, she just likes my treats!

Wish her a happy birthday, and many more to come.
Happ y Birthday Lillie!

Happy Birthday Lillie

Why not send us photos of your pet's birthday?  We love adding photos to our animalclinic family album!
Open Day Recap
Our Third Annual Open Day occured on Saturday, 13th September, and whilst we were promised sunny weather, unfortunately, that came a day later.

In keeping of the theme of the day, it was all about thanking you for supporting this little vet hospital.  Without your support, we cannot continue doing what we love to do - which is looking after you and your beautiful pets.

Thanks to all of you who came along. You have made this one the best yet.  If you couldn't make it - next year is going to be better yet!

The photos of the day are back, and we will be sharing them on our facebook page and website in the near future.

Click here to find out about

our Open Day Winners
What we have been up to, surgery wise

As a fully licensed, and registered veterinary hospital, we perform surgeries almost daily.  So what have we been up to recently?

-Repaired a bilateral inguinal hernia in a chihuahua (named Roxy)

- Removed 9  lipomas (from 4 different dogs), with the largest weighing in at 950 grams.

- Extracted over 50 teeth from over  6 dogs and cats - the reasons for the extraction ranging from resorptive lesions, broken teeth, retained baby teeth, unerupted teeth, retained root fragments (from either previously broken teeth or failed earlier extractions elsewhere)

- Removed 3 cysts from 3 separate dogs - all were around the head/neck area a common location for sebaceous cysts.

- Skin biopsies to identify a rare form of lichenoid dermatitis.

- Mastectomy in two dogs ( 3 glands each) due to breast cancer.

- Opened up and drained two anal gland abscesses

Plus  much much more.  Phew - I am exhausted just looking at that list!  All have  recovered well, and we thank each and every one for trusting in us at Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

Santa Paws time (well, soon it will be)

In December 2013, with the help of Mary and Wayne from Kings Photography, we had our first ever "Santa Paws" shoot.

This year, we are doing it again.  Do you want to be on the list to receive the first invitation, and the first opportunity to book your preferred time?

This year, it will be held over two days.  As previously, the package includes a CD disc of your pet's photos for you to send to all of your family and friends.

Put you and your pet's  name down now.
Register your interest now.
Russell Vale Public School Carnival!

  Support our local public school and help them celebrate 60 years of awesome education of our children.

Thank you for opening and reading Animail Tails.  Do you like the information you receive?  Each edition is available on our archives on our websites home page if you ever need it, or just hit reply and ask.

I share with you the new World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Veterinary Oath revealed September 2014 - so with my hand on my heart, I proudly say

"As a global veterinarian, I will use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of our society,  through the protection of animal welfare and health, the prevention and relief of animal suffering and the promotion of One Health.

I will practice my profession with dignity, in a correct and ethical manner,  which includes lifelong learning to improve my professional competence."

 At Russell Vale Animal Clinic, my family and I  always say - We are for happy healthy pets, always!

Written by Dr Liz from Russell Vale Animal Clinic | 02 42 845988 | |
17 Bellambi Lane
Russell Vale, 2518

Nail Clip
Value:  $25.00

Are your pet's nails a bit sharp or looking a bit long!

Book them in for their complimentary nail clip now.
Offer Expires30/12/2014.  One voucher per household  Must bring in printed voucher and must advise of voucher at time of booking.
Intestinal worming only
As the weather warms up, the risk of infection of pets with intestinal worms increases dramatically.
All pets should be wormed against Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm (and in our dogs Whipworm also).

Offer Expires 30/11/2014 Must bring in voucher. Only for registered pets of Russell Vale Animal Clinic. Up to two pets only per registered household.  Value cannot be transferred to any other product.
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