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The Amazing Brooklyn

The moment Brooklyn was rescued from a wombat hole in Nowra.

In case you missed it.....or want to see it again. Click here

We should never let the backstory of Brooklyn's owner overtake the dedication of people to save an animal's life.

It was a job well done!

Our Brave Elroy

Elroy has had surgery twice this year for dog bite wounds - and he still licks me on the face to say hallo!

What a hero!

  November 2015

Our Open Day in October was such fun, with the lizards, snakes, baby animals! A big thank you to all who came along to make it super special.

I also have to thank - Cafe2U, Get Wild, Subway Warilla, Balloon Expressions, Paint Me Perfect (and they did), Wollongong Jumping Castles, and of course, Wayne and Mary from Kings Photography.

Whilst our animalclinic family photographers got some amazing photos (click here to see some of them), they also captured this one of me with a beautiful python.

So what do you think I was saying (or thinking)?

At the time, I remember not thinking much at all.

Whilst the snakes that were on show were non venomous, Australia has a great reputation for toxic snakes and spiders, so be extra special with the weather we have had.  Snakes are about!

Don't forget that our Santa Paws photos are on again, on Sunday 29th of September. More information below on how to book in. Any questions, just hit reply to this email.

At any time, you can hit reply to these newsletters if you have a question to ask, or a comment to make!

At the time of posting, I am finalizing our Christmas Holiday hours... I will share them through our Pocketvet app, Facebook, website aswell as via a separate newsletter. 

And whilst I am on the topic of "hours", we are looking for any suggestions on what hours you would like to see in a vet hospital? One of the advantages of being small and independant, is that we can also be flexible too.  Hit reply, and share your suggestions with us.

Dr Liz

Important Notice - We are closing (temporarily)
 For those who are new to Russell Vale Animal Clinic, you may not realise that we are family practice.

Most days this is great, but when it comes to time with family - especially holidays, not so great.

We will be taking a few days off in December for a family "getaway", but this means that our vet hospital will be closed during this time. 

From Friday 4th December to Thursday 10th of December, to reopen back on Friday 11th.

Where will we be?  We are going to the Snowy Mountain region, and we will be taking Piper with us (for her first holiday too).

We hope that your pet will not need a vet during this time, but we have advised our neighboring veterinary practices, and they will be more than happy to look after you whilst we are away.

Ask us or email us if you have any concerns or questions.
The Random Act of Kindness - World Kindness Day!


World Kindness Day is on November the 13th!

It takes nothing away from us, to be kind to another.

It doesn't cost us anything to thank another for their hard work, to show appreciation for the support of those around you, or to help a stranger if they are lost or struggling.

Brooklyns rescue from a wombat hole in Nowra shows that there are still alot of kind and good people out there.

 Let us focus on that, other than the negativity and nastiness that the media thinks is news.

#payitforward #kindnesscompassion

Open Day photos are back -

So if you are interested in any of the shots, please come on day, with your flash drive, and we will happily share them with you.

There will be  a small fee of $5.00 which 100% will be donated to our charity for this year (World Wildlife Fund).

We have an album in the waiting room so you are always welcome to come in to peruse.

If you would like Wayne to print some off for you, feel free to contact him or Mary at Kings Photography  directly    .

Click here to see some of the photos.
Surviving the itchy pet - some "At Home" strategies!
The itching, scratching, licking pet.... spells frustration for pet, owner and vet (which is worse when they are one and the same person!).

Our dog Piper showing how itchy her feet can get.
Our dog Piper showing how itchy her feet can get.
Our dog Piper has severe allergies - to food (fish, chicken, oats, beef, lamb), pollens, grasses, fleas, dust, dustmites, cockroaches....well the list goes on!

 So we are living with this chronic condition every day.

In 2016, we are hoping that the new drug Apoquel will be released to help control the itchy pet.

Watch this space!

What "at home" things can you do?
If you think scabies is possible, then use Revolution or Advocate for three doses at two week intervals (the label says monthly, but it needs to be given more frequently for mites). This is 100% curative.

- Keep your pet's diet simple with simple ingredients- preferably with ingredients that are new (novel protein) choose hypoallergenic foods (one of the reasons we like Ivory Coat), however, due to Piper's complex allergies, she is on the prescription food Royal Canin Anallergenic (released in June 2015) - this food is the diagnostic test for Food Allergies in dogs.

- Keep your pet's skin well moisturised - using leave in conditioners.  We love PAW Nutriderm condi
NEW - Spray bottles for Nutriderm
Conditioner, only $6.50
tioner (and are now stocking the spray bottles to use with them).  Or you can try Alpha Keri Oil, QV Bath Oil, or the Ivory Coat Sensitive Skin Conditioner.

- Wipe your pet down with a clean damp cloth daily (physically removes allergens from the skin surface. )

- Exceptional, top of the line, no expenses spared, flea control (even if you see no fleas). We have seen amazing responses to the new Bravecto chew for dogs, and Activyl for cats.

- Add Essential Fatty Acids into the diet - such as PAW Dermega Oil or Megaderm.

- As for which shampoo - for most dogs, the Ivory Coat Sensitive Skin Shampoo is awesome.

For dogs who have skin infections, then a sticky tape preparation is needed to find out whether Malaseb or Pyohex or PAW Mediderm is the right one to use. You should never buy these shampoos over the counter, or because that shampoo worked on your neighbour's cousins dog, as you could do damage to your pet's skin if you choose the wrong one.

As an example, Malaseb is great for dogs with yeast infections, but not ideal for those with bacterial infections only.  Pyohex is great for dogs who get recurring hot spots and have bacterial infections, but will do nothing for those with yeast infections.

Every itchy pet should have an "Itchy Pet management plan". Our dog Piper does, so make sure you get one together for your itchy pet too.

Her plan is - She is on desensitizing injections each three weeks, twice daily antihistamines, Anallergenic food, Hypoallergenic (wet) treats in her chew toys, Cortavance Spray (as needed), QV bath oil daily, Mediderm shampoo as needed. When she has really itchy flare ups, she is on macrolone (cortisone) for a day or two.

 If I haven't already made an  "Itchy plan" for your pet, call us on 42 845 988, we will be very happy to help you out.

Cat Breeding season is here.... and the roaming male dog too!

Thanks to animalclinic family members Mia, Fluffy and Minx for sharing this with me on Facebook.

We have seen an unusu
ally high number of stray undesexed unmicrochipped male dogs brought in this year, and I have had to desex several pregnant cats too.

It is a legal requirement for ALL dogs and ALL cats to be microchipped and registered with Council. 

Did you know that all female rabbits should be desexed at six months of age, as uterine cancer is very common (and can kill).

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There's a kind of sweetness we do not want our pets to have
Sugar Diabetes in our dogs, cats and birds

Yes, our pets get diabetes too - .And there is insulin made specifically for our dogs and cats.  Diabetes is on the rise, partly due to our pet's lifestyle and diet, and partly due to genetics.

Signs are - eating more, drinking more, peeing more but losing weight.

And these signs can mimic alot of other diseases too, such as Cushings disease  in dogs or  hyperthyroidism (in catspet diabetes  ).

Each  November is Diabetes Awareness Month - Do you know your pet's blood glucose level?

Come in this month for your pet's Free blood glucose test, or drop in a urine sample for a free urine test (please let us know at time of booking). (this offer will be valid to January 1st 2016.)

Call 42 845 988 or hit reply to this email with your preferred date and time.

 Our veterinary specific AlphaTrak glucometer can accurately measure glucose with a tiny drop of blood.

Book now for your pet's free glucose test.
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Select _Miscellaneous Consult_

The "C" word no pet parent wants to hear!

No one likes to think that our pet will get Cancer, but statistics show that Cancer is the leading cause of death in our pets. 

Our previous dog Teddy (the face of our Lost and Found Facebook page) died of Lymphoma at the age of 11. He had chemotherapy, which placed him into remission, and gave him another 18 months of a good life.  He is also the reason why our dog Piper has pet insurance, as the cost of chemotherapy through a specialist challenged our family budget in a big way.

Click here for more information on signs of pet cancer.

Do you know how to check your own pet for cancer?

- Feel all over them and document every lump (measure it is ideal)
- Feel for swellings under the throat, groin or back of legs (these are peripheral lymph nodes)
-Watch for unexplained weight loss
- Watch for unexplained rapid breathing or coughing, or unusual rashes.
- Watch for unexpected bleeding from the nose, mouth, or the lumps themselves

Lipomas are benign tumours, but they still need attention
Whilst blood tests can pick up "cancer markers" or abnormalities affecting specific organs, usually further tests are needed to screen pets.  Oncologists recommend annual screening with chest radiographs and abdominal ultrasound.

How to prevent some cancers or minimise their impact?
- Keep white animals out of sun

- Feed a good quality, simple diet with few processed treats. (one of the reasons I like Ivory Coat foods)

- As soon as you think there is a problem, do not do the "Wait and See" approach - it is easier to remove a smaller lump than a big one.

Need more info? Why not visit the canine cancer website. Click here.or our own Lumps and Bumps page.

The technicolour cats at the vets

"You have a cat at the front door", says the pet owner

Dirk asks - "What colour is it"

Cue in bewildered look from the pet owner.

We now have three flavours of cats at our vet hospital - Grey, Black and Orange.

The Grey One - is Pusski - our cat visiting from hom
Pusski and Pumpkin Playing
Pusski and Pumpkin Playing
e, who is on a weight loss program (down from 8.9 to 7.6 kg) - Yeah!

The Orange One - is feisty Pumpkin - who is just over a year old now, but still is the size of the average 5 month old kitten.

The Black One - aka - "Pandora the boss"... she is coping well with her place being over run bythe other two. So far, no major squabbles. She is the loner of the three.


Traffic disruption on Bellambi Lane - The Bellambi Pub footpath is completed, and now they are up to the vet hospital side of Chester Street.

Traffic is heaviest in the mornings before 10 am, so be warned.

At some stage, we will have no onsite parking access for SEVEN days - we will notify you when that occurs (Council is aware of the days we will be away, so we are hoping that they will do our section whilst we are not there to minimise disruption, although looking at the speed at which things are being done, that is unlikely).

Are you the volunteering kind?
for more information.

The Regular Vet Check

All, and I mean all pets need regular vet checks
We do recommend Annual Blood work in all pets, especially those who are in their more mature years, to screen for diseases, as early diagnosis is so much easier than palliative care.

For the Love of Animals - 2015
The Annual Open Day of
Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Click here to see more photos.

When the Bee Stings, When the Dog Bites... when I'm feeling sad...
This year has been extraordinary - with the number of pets with bee stings and dog bites.

These have made me feel very sad, as a vet and animal lover!

Every pet owner should have a Pet First Aid kit, and the Pet First Aid app on their phone.  Select Russell Vale Animal Clinic as your preferred vet hospital to have access to the information.

Every house should have a "Pets live here sticker"  (a copy of one is here).

And make sure you have a box of antihistamines at the ready, just in case.  As an example, Zyrtec 10 mg can be used - Dose Cat: 5 mg (half a tablet)   Small Dog: 5 mg (half a tablet)  Medium to large dog: 10 mg (full tablet).  Large/giant dog: 20 mg (two tablets). Can repeat 12 hourly.

Frontline 40-60 kg 4's
For fleas monthly,
For ticks, fortnightly

Discontinued line
Only 4 packets available

Our Sale Price: $25

Feliway Diffuser Refill
Anti-stress pheromone therapy for cats
Reduces anxiety

Short dated and priced to sell

Our Sale Price: $35.00 each

Homeopet Anxiety
Useful for thunderstorm, grooming, moving stresses for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc.

Short dated and priced to sell

Our Sale Price: $22.00 each

Thank you again for reading, sharing, and asking me questions. 


Dr Liz

Ivory Coat Venison in
2 kg and 13 kg bags
Guess what?

Ivory Coat is now available in the 13 kg sizes, and that the much anticipated Venison has arrived.

Ivory Coat is an Australian Made, using Australian product Grain Free food, with range for puppies, adult dogs, and those who need a low fat food too. 

It has helped many pets with their skin, coat and ear infections, aswell as those with food intolerances.  

Book Now different logo  Book now!
Our Santa Paws photo shoot is on again, with the support of Wayne and Mary from Kings Photography.

Get your whole family involved, and come along.

Cost? $25 (with $5.00 to be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, our charity for 2015)

You will get a CD of the photos plus a printed photo within a few weeks of the shoot, ready for the Christmas ahead!

Sunday 25th November

 starting at 9 am - bookings are essential, as we try very hard to get AWESOME! photos

You can book online, select Santa Paws Photos, and remember  it is only on one day only! Any problems with the online booking, then email me directly!

We can't wait! 

PS our Santa Paws Bandannas will be available again for only $5.00, and our Brave Boy/Brave Girl Bandannas for only $1.00.



Is your pet rubbing their bottoms along the ground?  You have wormed them and it is still happening.

It could be their "anal glands" causing problems. 

Take advantage of this offer now!
Offer Expires 30/12/2015. Must Present Voucher at time of appointment. Value $25.00

Ivory Coat Sensitive Skin Shampoo and Conditioner
Ivory Coat Treats (all flavours)

The perfect shampoo for the itchy pet who doesn't have any skin infections at all.... All natural, All Aussie made, and it smells awesome too!

Offer Expires 30/01/2016. Must Present Voucher.


The water intake of a pet should be between 60 to 90 mls/kg. Anything more than that, definitely needs a check up!

Our urine test will check for sugar, blood, pH and concentration.
Offer Expires NEVER. Must Present Voucher and urine sample. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic. No consultation needed to test the sample, but consultation is needed and payable if we need to discuss an abnormal result.
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