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Sugar, Ticks & Black Cats! 
November,  2013

Dr Liz @ Russell Vale vets



Christmas decorations are already in the shops, and many of us are already planning our Christmas holidays.  This year, as we have in the past, we will make a donation to a charity, but this year, we are going to ask you for your help in picking who should be the lucky one.  I'll be posing the question on facebook in a few weeks time, so if you haven't liked us yet, head over there now.


Or if you are one of those that doesn't like facebook, hit reply on this email, and let me know directly.


November is the start of "Shop Small" which is an initiative to encourage us to support our local small businesses.  We are a registered business for "shop small" which is an extra bonus for those of you who have an amex card.  For registered card users, Amex will give you $10 back for every $20 you spend at selected businesses in the last week of November (up to five times). Visit shopsmallaustraliafor more information.


Next time you are thinking of buying anything, think of trying a small shop - it might surprise you!


November is also a month for Diabetes Awareness and Pet Cancer Awareness. Take advantage of our free glucose testing this month, and read below the signs of cancer to watch out for.




Dr Liz on behalf of Pandora (the boss).



  diabetes awareness November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Do you know that our dogs, cats, birds and any other animal can also suffer from sugar diabetes?
The signs to watch out for
- excessive thirst
- having a great appetite
- unexpected weight loss
- urinary incontinence or unexpected infections
- develops cloudy eyes or cataracts
High risk pets are those who have repeated bouts of pancreatitis, or have untreated Cushings Disease.
This November, we are offering FREE blood glucose tests for all pets of the Illawarra.  No vet check is necessary, as we just need a drop of blood.
You'll also be helping us out, as we are trialling the new Alpha Trak veterinary specific glucometer.
Can't make it in this month?  Call us for your "raincheck" voucher, which means you can get it done any time up to February 28th 2014.   
Amazing Volunteers
In October, raging fires affecting many parts of our beautiful state, and many people lost their homes and valuables.   Many pets and wildlife  perished, and many are still being treated for their extensive burns.
A Big Thank You to all of those who fought hard to save what they could.  A Big Thank You to those who are part of our local volunteer group - we hope that we never need you, but know that we probably will.
A fat lip or face? Blame the bees!
You come home from work, your beloved pet comes running up to you, and their face looks strangely odd.  It is fat, and the eyes are squished together from the swelling of the skin.
There may be lumps or bumps over the body.
What is going on?
Most likely, it is an allergic reaction to a bee sting, or hopefully, a lesser reaction (localised swelling ) instead.
What to do?  Your first aid kit should always have a box of antihistamines just in case you need it for your pet.   You can use Claratyne, Telfast and Phenergan.
If the swelling is affecting your pet's breathing, is causing welts over the body, and intense itchiness, then an urgent vet visit is needed as we  use stronger medications. 
Our website has an antihistamine dose chart on our "Forms" page, and on the "Skin Management" page for your reference.
Cancer hits 1 in 3 pets - Be aware!
Teddy was our dog who passed away in 2011 after a fight with lymphoma.  As a pet owner, I remember the shock of finding the enlarged lymph nodes, the stress of waiting for the confirmation of the diagnosis, and then, the ongoing emotional roller coaster ride of chemotherapy. It gave us (and him) an extra 18 months, and we never regretted it.  This photo is how we remember him - always smiling with his tail in the air, always wanting to play with his ball.
It is important for you to know the signs of early cancer in your pet.
 Early Pet Cancer Warning Signs, As Identified By The Veterinary Cancer Society.
  1. Persistent, abnormal swelling
  2. Sores that do not heal
  3. Loss of weight
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
  6. Offensive odor
  7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
  8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
  9. Persistent lameness or stiffness
  10. Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating
  11. If your pet has any of these early warning signs, visit your veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete examination.
Black Cat Appreciation Day
Or as Pandora would have it - Pandora's Day.  The Italian Animal Defence Association have designated 17th of November, as National
Black Cat Appreciation Day
Black Cat Appreciation Day
Black Cat Day, as black cats are often killed because of their historical link to witches and evil.
Black Cats are also 50% less likely to be adopted at the shelters. 
Well, there is nothing evil about Pandora - she is a bit of a tease for the dogs, and she loves to turn computers off, but that is all in fun.
As they say, when you go to adopt a cat from a rescue organisation, you are saving two lives - theirs and the one that takes their place.


Let PocketVet app keep  you app-dated.

PocketVet is more than just an app so we can keep in touch with you  You can put in information about all of your pets, and set up your pet's reminders.   It has a link to off leash areas, Lists lost and found pets (New feature), and handy pet care information.

Don't forget - once you have downloaded the app, let us know what information you need to help you fill out the reminder section. We will happily forward you the information on your pet's next worming, vaccination, dental check as well as microchip information for you.

Of course, select Russell Vale Animal Clinic, and be kept in the loop of times of when we are open/closed, special events, medical alerts etc.

Available for iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.

Mine is on my ipad and phone! So I get updates to know what I am doing too!

Get your PocketVet app now.     

Pandora "the boss"

Thank you to those who open and read Animail Tails. 


Please feel free to share, and thank you for being part of our animalclinic family.


 Till next time....

Yours sincerely, 


In This Issue
Diabetes Awareness
Thank You Firies!
Blame the Bees!
Cancer hits 1 in 3 pets!
Pandora's (the Black Cat) Day
Award Night!
Ticks are ticking us off!
For Fun!

Santa is coming to Russell Vale Animal Clinic - 

Planning is underway for our own special pet friendly photo session with Santa Claus, and Kings Photography 


More information will be released in mid November, but keep us in mind for this year's Santa Paws photos.



It will be by appointment to ensure great photos (as pets are like children, they don't always smile on cue!


Pandora, well, she is unlikely to stay still!




Our Christmas Hours




  Closed Tuesday 24th of December to Friday 27th December
Open Saturday 28th December 9 am to 2 pm (ish)
Open Monday 30th December 9 am to 6 pm
Closed Tuesday 31st December and
Happy New Year!
Open again Thursday 2nd of January 2014.
Our last day for regular surgery is Friday, 13th December 2013 (operating theatre will be open for non routine surgeries only)
Our Award Night photos
Tegan, Dirk and I dressed up for the Momentum Energy Illawarra Business Awards, as we were Finalists in the Category "Excellence in Retail and Personal Services". One of our clients, Karen from Skin Correctives won - congratulations Karen. 
On October 26th, Dirk and I (with our two younger children) travelled to Newcastle to attend the Regional Achievement and Community Awards.  We were semi-finalist in the Category of Excellence in Business.

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Ticks..... are ticking us off!




A warm winter and a rough start to Spring meant that we can't say that "tick season is about to start", but that we had to be vigilant all year round.


  • Know what your pet's "normal" feels like, so you can feel for a tick easily.
  • Ticks are more likely to be on the head, shoulders and front legs - but can actually be anywhere.
  • Even if you are in a low risk area, ticks often travel on our birds and wildlife into your yard, so no one is safe.

 Scalibor tick collar


 Your prevention options include

  • Frontline fortnightly each two weeks (dogs and cats)
  • Tick collars - Monthly Kiltix or Preventic or Three Monthly Scalibor (dogs only)

Frontera Spray each three weeks (dogs and cats).


There is a treatment for Paralysis Tick poisoning, but it is not cheap, and it can be fatal.