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Dr Liz Chmurycz
Veterinary Surgeon @ Russell Vale vets

First Animail Tails for 2013 - out on 4th January
from Pandora & all of us at 
Russell Vale Animal Clinic
Like any cat that is at the door deciding on whether to come in or out... over Xmas/New Years - we are open some days, and closed on others.
Saturday 22nd Dec - 9 am to 11 am
Monday 24th - Christmas Eve
Tuesday 25th Dec - Xmas Day
Wednesday 26th Dec - Boxing Day
Thursday 27th Dec 

 Friday -  28th - 9 am to 3 pm 
Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th, Monday 31st, Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd January
Call 0401 349 849 for emergency advice or email for non urgent advice.
What are we up to?  Dirk will be painting our waiting room during this Christmas break, so we are not too far away if your pet needs that last minute flea treatment, or special food.
Dr Liz will be catching up on sleep (and seeing the family)
Pandora - will be doing her usual "ironing of the towels" through sleeping on them.

Back to normal on Thursday, 3rd Jan 2013.
 Ho Ho Ho.... Merry Christmas 
All of us, at Russell Vale vets, wish you and yours a Happy, healthy, safe and trouble free Christmas. 

Thank you for being part of the animalclinic family for 2012, and we look forward to your continuing support in 2013.  

We may be small, but we are family. 

from all of us 
Stay safe!
Dr Liz
Russell Vale Animal Clinic for our Xmas Hours

I love being the boss at Russell Vale vets, and I love the pats I get when you visit me, as much as I love giving you a love bite shortly afterwards! (and you know I love that!). 

I want to wish you and your family pets a Meowy Christmas, and Purrfect New Year! 

Here are some photos of my 2012.  Feel free to share me your photos either onto  Like us on Facebook or email (
pandora hard at work
Hard at work on a Friday arvo...ironing the towels!

Pandora's Box @ RSPCA Cupcake Day Party & Open Day at the vets

Pandora stretching
My favourite activity -
Pandora the boss
My Portrait by Paige Rozendaal

Purringly yours,
Pandora (the boss)