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July 2013

Dr Liz @ Russell Vale vets

womo 2013 service award
Welcome to the July edition of Animail Tails (and hopefully will make up for the lack of a June issue). As I promised a few months ago to change newsletter layouts each change of season, the layout of this one is different again, but, hopefully, it is still packed with good, fun stuff.  

I wanted to start with thanking all of you - Thank you  for being part of the animalclinic family 

-  for voting for Russell Vale Animal Clinic in the Local Business Awards (we are Finalist again this year with winner to be advised later this year)

 - for spreading the word about us to your family and friends

 - for liking us on facebook 

- for following our blog....

 and a BIG thank you for those who reviewed us on womo, because as a result of YOU, we have received an honour given only to 5% of registered businesses - i.e we received the 2013 Service Award! Woo Hoo.  We can only continue to do what we do with the support of loving pet owners such as you guys. 

Dr Liz

Windows to the soul 
dog blinking

Every Jul-Eye we focus on eyes. Eyes are important, and we should never take their health for granted - so if in doubt, give us a call, or an email or even send us a photo.  But we do need to see your pet if 

  - their eyelids are swollen

 - there is redness in any area of the eye where you wouldn't expect it

 - the amount or colour of discharge is changing (and green is bad)

 - is rubbing or appears irritated

 - is squinting, sensitive to light, or keeping one or both eyes closed


All eye problems are urgent until proven otherwise. Never use salty water to clean your pet's eyes.  Never use your own eye drops without asking for advice. We have access to visiting specialist opthalmologists who visit Wollongong once a month. 


You can read more about first aid for eyes on our blog, and Dry Eye in last years newsletter

What you can learn from your dog
Things Dogs Teach Us
Things Dogs Teach Us
- Take naps often and stretch before rising

   - If what you want is buried, dig until you find it

   - Delight in the simple joy of a long walk

   - Find fulfillment in faithfullness

   - Allow fresh air and wind in your face to be pure ecstacy

   - Never pretend to be something you are not
Two NEW arthritis treatment for dogs
dog joint
This may not be news to some of you... but for some of you, it is. The management of joint pain in dogs needs to be multi-faceted - there is not a single fix to the problem (well, not yet). In 2012, two new proven therapies became available to help ease our pet's joint pain. 

 - Synovan injection for dogs
- is a series of four weekly injections (It is an improved version of Cartrophen for those who are familiar with it). Recent studies indicate that dogs who have had previous Cartrophen or Synovan injections may need boosters as often as monthly, depending on the severity of their joint pain. 
                           This is perfect for - those dogs who are just starting to show signs of stiffness, especially if they are taking a bit longer getting up and down. Cost is about $30 per injection for a 30 kg dog (approximately)

 -  Trocoxil - the only once-a-month solution for treating the pain of osteoarthritis.

This is perfect for - those dogs who are currently on no medication but are finding it hard to move, and for those dogs who are medication occasionally, but would benefit from continuous joint pain relief.

Ask us about our Trial 2 Treat Program for Trocoxil which starts from $25 (depends on your pet's weight).

Need advice on massage and exercise tips for the arthritic dog?  Visit our All for Joints page on our website.

What about cats?  We recommend either Seaflex for cats (yummy treats too) or PAW Osteosupport capsules (break open and add to food or give as a capsule directly)
Healthy Hearts for our Dogs and Cats

Healthy Hearts for Dogs campaign
Healthy Hearts for Dogs campaign
 This year, a new program was launched to raise awareness of the silent killer of our pets - Heart disease.  This is the animal version of the human National Heart Foundation, in that it tries to raise awareness of the signs of disease, and offer advice on prevention and management. And sadly, Koko (the star of Red) suffered from Congestive Heart Failure and succumbed to this disease. But who better to be the voice for Healthy Hearts for Dogs. 

Early detection and treatment is the best medicine, and this is especially important in cats, where they show few signs of heart failure before they die unexpectedly.

Early signs in dogs include
 # exercise intolerance  
# increased breathing rate at rest 
 # coughing especially at night time 
 # heart murmur and/or heart rate changes picked up during the vet examination 

Tests required to check every coughing dog include a full check up, blood tests and chest Xray.  The Cardiopet proBNP (tests for heart muscle damage) test costs only $50 when added onto a Total Annual Health Profile (TAHP)(which is $120).  

What are other things that can cause coughing?  Acute and chronic bronchitis,
 Feline Asthma, Feline Lungworm, Canine cough, Collapsing trachea, Heartworm disease, respiratory tumours, thyroid tumours - just to name a few things. 

The TAHP includes a Full Blood Count, Biochemistry and Thyroid test, and is needed in all pets who are 7 years of age or older. Early detection and treatment is always the best medicine. Read here for more information on Senior Pet Care.
Photography Day was Awesome!!!
  maya and shadow touching noses  We thank Lexi, Lillie, Shadow, Maya, Smiles, Jake, Bonnie, Henry, and their owners, and especially Kings Photography. 
Lillie smiling

animalclinic family
Jake & Smiles made  $570 for the Million Paws Walk
Our Day

Dates we are not available in July
Those who know me well, know that I work very hard to ensure my veterinary knowledge and skills are kept up to date  - I believe our pets deserve no less from their vet.  But this may mean I may not be at the vet hospital, or I may be late.  

As a mother of four, the needs of my family are also extremely important, and I know you understand this. 

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of July - Dirk and I will be attending the Australian Veterinary Association Practice Managers Annual Conference - we are looking forward to meeting with like-minded progressive colleagues from all around Australia and overseas.
Let PocketVet app keep  you app-dated.

PocketVet is more than just an app so we can keep in touch with you  You can put in information about all of your pets, and set up your pet's reminders.   It has a link to off leash areas, Lists lost and found pets (New feature), and handy pet care information.

Of course, select Russell Vale Animal Clinic, and be kept in the loop of times of when we are open/closed, special events, medical alerts etc.

Available for iPhone (email me for the link as it is currently down and Android smart phones.

Get your PocketVet app now.

Pandora "the boss"

Kitten Minnie
Patches now in a new home
Thank you to those who open and read Animail Tails. 

Do you remember Patches, the kitty cat that used to hog my chair, scratch our waiting room chairs, and charm every pet she met (except Pandora and a couple of dogs)?  Well Patches has now found a new home with Ollie and Liesel (and all are getting on well).  

Thankfully, Pandora is now back to her normal self. It has been a big year of change for Pandora - from the disappearing reception counter which she used to love sleeping on, to Patches. And those who know and love cats, know how much they hate change! 

Yours sincerely,

In This Issue
Window to the soul
Dogs Who Teach Us
New Arthritis Options
Healthy Hearts Awareness
Awesome Photography Day!
Million Paws Walk a success!
Dates we are closed in July
Early Warning for August - Pet Dental Month
For Fun!
Cat rules
Looks familiar, doesn't it? At least our cat allows us on the bed, even though it is a little corner of it! 


Free Service
For Happy, Healthy Pets..Always
Did you know - for free - for real!

Pet Care check list - a complete review of your pet's preventative care needs and advise on suitable products. This is perfect for the new pet owner (of any age pet), and ideal for the more experienced owner. We can update you on newer treatments, such as spot on three monthly worming for cats. 


Scan and Check - we scan every pet and double check their microchip number against multiple Microchip Databases, including the NSW Companion Animal Register - we then advise you of any details that need updating, and how to do that. 


Dental Checks - We recommend all pets get the opportunity of a "Flip The Lip" session with Dr Liz, at a very minimum each six months, but some pets need it each 3 months, depending on the progression of the dental disease.  Flip the Lip checks are at no charge to all current and new pets.


 For the 7 year old pet - a full pet vet check & Birthday pressie - for several months now we have been wishing the 7 year olds a Happy Birthday, and giving them a fantastic pressie - a day stay with us, a hydrobath, ear swab, urine test, a full physical examination and assessment of entire medical history, and, of course, the Birthday pressie. Read here for more info.




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Early Warning - August is Pet Dental Month 
Flip the Lip - is it Grade 1?
grade 1 dental
Red gums and smell is a sign of disease in your pet's mouth.  Bad breath in pets is not normal. 
Early intervention of any disease is my goal, but in the pet's mouth Grade 1 is the perfect time, as disease can be treated and any damage done, can be reversed. 

For a cat or dog < 20 kg only $170.00
For a dog > 20 kg $195.00

Book Now different logo  
Early Warning - August is Pet Dental Month 
Is your pet "Missing Teeth"?
root tips
Dogs have 42 teeth, and cats have 30 teeth.  Any pet with "missing teeth" without any previous dental work need to have their mouth fully examined and radiographed under a general anaesthetic.

We are the ONLY vet hospital in Wollongong with  digital dental xrays , but we are still pricing this VERY important procedure at a price everyone can afford, for peace of mind.

We have found unerupted teeth, bone eating cysts, fractured teeth, and tooth abscesses, resorptive teeth (in young cats) in mouths with white clean healthy looking mouths. 

Our Price < 20 kg/cat $99
> 20 kg $149
This offer expires 30th September 2013

includes the general anaesthetic, dental charting and dental xrays.

Book Now different logo

Early Warning - September is Pandora's 40th Birthday, and you are invited to her "surprise" party!
Pandora's Box will be opened on her 40th Birthday in September.

Official date and more information to be announced in the next Animail Tails, and of course, on FB, Twitter and PocketVet. 

If you have any party suggestions, let me know! 



Offer Expires: While Stocks Last