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Animail Tails... 2013, animalclinic style
January , 2013

aussie love heartWollongong is spoilt for choice of great vets, and we know how lucky we are that you have given us the opportunity to be the vet for your super special family member... your pet.


We are all for you, and about you, and so, we listen to you about what it is that we can do to make things easier.


Our door is always open for your input (aka cconstructive criticism). Help us make 2013 our best year EVER.


Have you done our online survey yet? It is anonymous, and it will help us give you what you want. We are continually assessing and improving what we do and how we do it. Let us know how we are going, and what you don't want to change. 


This year we will be taking holidays, so to make sure you are kept updated on those dates, make sure that you have added yourself to our "Notifications of when we will be closed" list. 
pandora hard at work  
Sometime this year, we will be getting a photographer in to help us get nice photos for my website, blog etc. Pandora doesn't always co-operate (plus she sleeps alot on the job). 
 And we would love your happy pet to be part of that shoot!  We will put out the alert through our facebook, PocketVet, and newsletter, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested.    
You are busy... so this issue will be simple.  Have a Happy New 2013! 

Dr Liz

Russell Vale Animal Clinic
02 42 845988

Fireworks are Scary

How are you going to keep your pet safe tonight!

Protect your pet.

It is no secret that from around 8 each New Years Eve, Firecrackers are let off.  And, as a vet,  I know, and as a pet owner, you know, that this freaks pets out.


What tips do you have to keep pets safe?  Why not share them with us on our Like us on Facebookpage.


In the ideal world, our pets would not freak out.  In the next step down, we would not love fireworks, and then down from that, that we could create a soundproof bubble around our pets to protect them.


But, we don't live in the ideal world... this is our reality....


Dr Liz's fav tips

  • Create a safe spot for your pet - whether it be under the dining table, under the bed, some nice dark corner. Heavy drapes to dull the sound.
  • Have the radio on, fairly loud. Classical music works best.
  • I love ADAPTIL for dogs and FELIWAY for cats.... but failing that, lavender oil (don't go overboard) can also be calming.
  • Rescue Remedy, PAW Multi + Tryptophan, or Homeopet Anxiety Medication may help with mild anxiety.
  • Consider getting a pet babysitter if you are going out, or putting them into boarding kennels for the night.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar and tag (with the right phone number) just in case, or look into our PetQRtags.



But, if your pet suffers severe anxiety (to the point of destroying property), then this does need a longer term strategy, rather than a "on-the-night" one.


And, if your pet does go missing, we do have a Like us on Facebook page dedicated to the Lost and Found or call/txt us on 0401349849.


What Was New in 2012? and What is coming in 2013?

In 2012

  • Mixed Breed DNA testing for only $125 with genetic screening of disease for pets.
  • $249 Dental Scale & Polish (started November 2012)
  • Dermoscent Anti-shedding treatment
    2012 finalist
    Hope we get nominated for 2013
  • Joint Diets & new Joint Treatments
  • Online store through
  •  Finalist Small Business Awards
  • Got an app - we are now part of the PocketVet family, so if you have an iphone/ipad, get the app.
  • Just to name a few....

See our webiste for more details

In 2013
  • It is starting with $25 microchip implantation  (price to be reviewed in November 2013)
  • Titre testing for those pets who have had vaccination reactions or for those who are concerned about "over-vaccinating"
  • Blogging, posting, tweeting and sharing our news
  • And lots more exciting stuff...

Days of our Pet's Lives

Who would've thought....

days of our lives


It is no surprise that January is about Obesity Awareness, given the excesses of Christmas time.


But other less known days this month....


2nd - National Pet Travel Safety Day


20th - National Pet Penguin Awanress Day


22nd - National - Answer - Your - Cat's - Questions - Day (yes, this is a real day, not one invented by Pandora)

Your Monthly Competition
Amazing Odds to Win

win win win We heard, we listened, and people love to win stuff.  We can't offer houses, or cars, or trips to exotic places. We are a family vet practice, and we want our family a chance to win....  our animalclinic family.


So we started our own animalclinic family competition, which you can enter throughLike us on Facebook  through our online shop (animalclinic).


In 2012, prizes included $50 Bunnings Card, 5 movie tickets, Pandora's Feline Pamper Pack, and $150 of Veterinary Services.


In 2013, well, the competition starts in February, so watch the facebook space!


Every month..... regular as clockwork... animalclinic is here for your every month!

About Russell Vale Animal Clinic

As always, your pet's paws are always in my heartmobile paw logo ... our animalclinic family.


Dr Liz


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 Russell Vale Animal Clinic
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sunburn in pets
Stay hydrated!
Keep your cool, and keep your pets cool this summer. With hot temperatures in November and December, remember that cars turn into hot ovens very quickly! 
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