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Now Add Honey - the movie that features our
Now Add Honey - the movie that features our "Dog" logo on Dr "Hamish"
This movie is due for release on November 5th!  Hope it makes it into our local cinemas!

A Dog Tease!

  Sept  2015

There are so many events going on in the next few months, it is hard to keep up... but there is ONE that I need you to remember - that is our Annual Open Day on Sunday 13th October 2015. 

But then, there is also the other "minor" thing, which I think they call the "Spring into Corrimal". I am told they get a random 47 000 visitors or so (as in 2014).  Not many :). 

I have been told of our  location, so please make sure you drop in to say Hi, and feel free to give a helping hand too!  This year's theme of Spring into Corrimal is "Community", and yes, that suits us - as we love and adore our animalclinic community!

Dr Liz

Spring is Sprung!  Grass is Riz!  Preparing for Spring!
 Your "getting ready for spring" checklist

1. Pet tag - are the numbers easily read? up to date? You can get a free one from the Lost Dogs Home - Click here.
2. Flea control - check what you have, chuck out whatever is "out of date", and keep using it, even in indoor pets.
3. Tick control - are you in a tick area? If so, start your tick management plan now! Need help?  Just ask us! 
4. Shampoo and conditioner - ALWAYS use a good conditioner after a shampoo! Check expiry dates, chuck out out of date stuff. Click here for some extra tips.
HINT: An easy conditioner especially for itchy pets is 2 tablespoons QV Bath Oil diluted in 400 mls of water!

5. The Garden - can cause  Contact Dermatitis in dogs and cats. Wandering Dew, Purple Heart, Moses in a boat, and plants of the same family are common culprits. Watch out for toxic plants, such as the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow plant. 
6. Mosquitoes - are a common cause of dermatitis, as well as the carrier for many viruses, and the dreaded Heartworm disease.  Remove all areas of stagnating water, and start insect repellants if your pet has had previous problems with mosquito allergies. Read here for more information on Heartworm Disease and Prevention
7. First Aid Kit - Is it stocked with antihistamines (prepared for the Bee Sting reaction aka "fat face", or bandages in case of injuries?  Are you prepared for an immediate evacuation? Fire? Flood? Visit here for our First Aid Kit list and travel kit!
8. Toys/Treat Balls - ready for the long hot summer days ahead. Give the old ones a good clean out, and invest in some good quality ones 
9. Exercise program - Spring also equals "Cruciate Ligament Rupture" in many pets as they overdo it after a winter of "rest and leisure".  Start slowly, and protect your pet's joints!
10. And finally - Snakes and Spiders - the warm weather brings out the snakes and lizards, and the heavy rain (especially recently), brings out the Funnel Webs!

HINT: Chicken stock makes great ice cubes to add to water bowls when the weather gets hot, and also to bind dog food together in Kongs and treat dispenser toys.

HINT:  Peanut Butter is great to add to treats and to block off the Kong Toys - but choose the variety that does not have artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol, as this is toxic to pets.

Pet Etiquette - At the Beach and on the street!
The Companion Animal Act 1998 changed the landscape of our animals as part of our community.
Paige doing the "Poo Pick up"
 Cats became a "legal entity", and it was legal requirement for BOTH cats and dogs to be microchipped and registered!

Pets could not be purchased or given away (even if free) without being microchipped, and the new pet owner details needed to be updated on the Companion Animal Register.

Dogs walking "off leash" in public areas was banned, and "Off Leash "  parks and beaches were created.

In 2014, there was a BIG move to STOP our dog's access to areas of the beaches - all because some pet owners refused to follow community expectations of "Pet Etiquette" . These policies are reviewed on  a regular basis, so please do not do anything that gives the "anti-dog" sections of our community and council any leverage! 
The power is in OUR hands!

And our hands should be holding a leash, attached to our dog when in a public space! If you are an "animal lover', you will love and respect all animals, not just your own; you should understand how the behaviour of your pet will affect other pets.

Pet Etiquette Tips
  • Take ample "poo bags" with you - they are cheap, and it really isn't that icky a job.
  • Make sure your  dog always has a collar with an up to date (with phone numbers)  pet tag attached.  If they are being baby sat, a key tag with phone numbers is cheap and easy.
  • Do not use retractable leads - they are dangerous, and not appropriate leads for a walk. Many dogs have damaged their necks as a result of these leads, or worse
  •  Socialise your dog - i.e train them to not want to go up to every other dog out there!  
  • Respect those around you - if you want your dog to play with their dog - ask them first if their dog is up to social interaction!
  • one dog per person - if you have four dogs - then you need four people.  Allowing four dogs to run amok, and harass another dog (this happened to our Piper recently) is unfair, and is, in reality, bullying. No one likes a bully!
  • your dog should be able to obey basic commands - such as "come" and "sit"

Hint:  Ask other pet owners if their pets are OK with other dogs - your pet may be friendly, but theirs may just like to walk solo! pushy dogs  


  •  If your pet hurts another (even if minor), do not say "its only a scratch", or worse, walk away. Be the person your pet believes that you are, and help the other pet and their owner.
  • Do not tie your pet outside a shop, house anywhere unattended - it is an open invitation to someone to steal them, or worse, they are tied and could be attacked by any stray pet that may come along.
  • You are in control of your pet's world - so if they need exercise, you need to do it, if they need food, water, you must supply it, and if they need love - give it!


dog cough
Canine Cough Alert

Canine Cough aka Kennel Cough aka Canine Respiratory Disease is out and about at the moment.

Most dogs have been infected via boarding kennels or doggie daycare.

Sadly, vaccinations do not prevent his disease - it just reduces severity and duration of disease.

It often sounds like a dog is choking on something, it is worse when the dog is moving, or when the temperature changes (early morning/evening).

Some dogs often will have conjunctivitis and discharge from the nose instead.

A Canine Respiratory PCR test is available, with results within 2 days to confirm diagnosis of Canine Cough.

Medications will help reduce the severity and duration of infection.

On the light side of life.....
Our dog Piper is also given the nickname "The Doorbell".
Q: What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?
A: Cockerpoodledoo!

Q. What kind of dog can jump higher than a skyscraper?
A. Any dog, skyscrapers can't jump.

Q. What dog keeps the best time?
A. A watch-dog.

Q. Why shouldn't you go outside if it's raining cats and dogs?
A. Because you might step in a poodle!
Shampooing your dog "Mythbusted"

Myth 1
The most expensive shampoo is the best.

BUSTED  - The best shampoo for your pet is the one that is safe and gentle.

Choose soap free, sulphate free shampoos, pH balanced shampoos. 

Myth 2
You do not need to use conditioner.

BUSTED - dry skin is one of the more common causes of itchy dogs. 

Dogs with allergic skin disease have a disrupted epithelial barrier, which need moisturisers and conditioners to support it. ALWAYS follow a shampoo with a good quality  leave in conditioner applied to a damp coat.

Myth 3
Dogs need to be washed weekly.

BUSTED - Dogs need to be washed when they are smelly or dirty - whether that is each 2 days or once a year.

Myth 4
You can use human shampoo on dogs.

BUSTED - human skin is thicker than dog skin, as well as having a different pH. Most human shampoos cannot be used on dogs, and definitely, do not use any wool wash - Dogs have fur, not wool!
Exception to the rule - you can use pH neutral, soap free shampoos, with caution.

Hint: Always do a spot test on your pet prior to using any new shampoo - place a small amount on the abdomen, and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off. If any redness or welting, do not use the shampoo at all.

Hint: Dilute the shampoo into warm water - wet the coat first before applying the shampoo onto your pet with a sponge.

Watch out for our new Banner at Spring into Corrimal, as well as Wollongong City Council's Mini Pet Expos.

Make sure you stop in to say "Gday!"

Mini Pet Expo
Tuesday 8th September 2015
Thirroul Beach Reserve
12 noon to 3 pm

We will be there supporting Wollongong City Council and Responsible Pet Ownership. 

RSPCA Cupcake Day

A big THANK YOU to our animalclinic family cooks Jill Nobes and Helen Fenton!

Thanks to their beautiful cupcakes and pupcakes we raised $201.60

Russell Vale Animal Clinic will be there! 

We will be offering 
nail clips
anal glands
cheap microchipping
cheap vaccinations for dogs and cats
Free vet advice

There will be competitions with some great prizes

Our list of prizes for our Open Day is growing, with support coming from Bayer with a six pack of Advocate for dogs and a six pack for cats, and MSD with a prize of Bravecto!

Our Open Day
 Sunday 11th October 2015
"For the Love of Animals"
is our theme for 2015.
We can confirm that
  • Cafe2U are back with their awesome coffees and frappes! (Thanks Karen and Spiro)
  • Get Wild are back but not only with a Reptile show, but also with some farmyard animals too
  • There will be facepainting for the kiddies (and the young at heart)
  • and our specially ordered super dooper jumping castle!
  • AND -- the animalclinic family photographer - Wayne and Mary from Kings Photography will be there - (and perhaps, if we ask nicely, they may be able to take some "Pet Photos" 

And yes, it is FREE!   

All we need is good weather :) 


It is our way of saying "Thank You" for being part of our animalclinic animal mad family!

Remembering Our Animals
September is the official World Animal Remembrance Month, with the second Sunday also a time for reflection with Pet Memorial Day.

Sunday 13th is Spring into Corrimal, but we will light a candle on our stand to remember all of those pets whom we have known and loved, not just our own.

We all recognise the red poppy, as a rememberance for those lost in war, but there is also a purple poppy, remembering our animals who died during conflict, serving bravely to protect us.

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." - Saint Francis of Assisi

magpie swooping
Magpie's Swooping

Season has begun early, so be warned, and prepared!

Just be prepared!
Thunderstorm Season Ahead

Help is available for all pets who get upset or anxious with storms.

Just ask!

New Books in our Library

New books available to borrow or peruse at the vets! 

 Just visit!
Whew.... a busy busy September is ahead of us.... we never forget that we owe our ongoing presence in our community thanks to the support of all of you, who choose us as your pet's care provider.

We are small, and we are family! 


Dr Liz



Is your pet rubbing their bottoms along the ground?  You have wormed them and it is still happening.

It could be their "anal glands" causing problems. 

Take advantage of this offer now!
Offer Expires 30/10/2015. Must Present Voucher at time of appointment. Value $25.00
Fenpral or Milbemax

We still see puppies, kittens and adults infected with intestinal parasites, and this is sad.

All pets need intestinal worming EACH three months.
Offer Expires 30/10/2015. Must Present Voucher. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic to a maximum of TWO pets only.


The water intake of a pet should be between 60 to 90 mls/kg. Anything more than that, definitely needs a check up!

Our urine test will check for sugar, blood, pH and concentration.
Offer Expires NEVER. Must Present Voucher and urine sample. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic. No consultation needed to test the sample, but consultation is needed and payable if we need to discuss an abnormal result.
Russell Vale Animal Clinic | 02 42 845988 |
17 Bellambi Lane
Russell Vale, 2518