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Adopt-a-Homeless-Pet  Month
June 2012
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Greetings!  and family,
You will see this logo if you use your smartphone to access our website. (I love that pet's paws are in my heart!).  Anyhow, welcome to another Animail Tails.  May was busy with our first Medic Alert (who thought I would need to use it so soon), and the "cutting of the ribbon" of our online shop, animalclinic.

Pet Dental Month was a blast!  I was absolutely impressed at how well many pet's teeth were being cared for, so well done! Some pets, despite owners best efforts do need me to help out, but that does not mean that you have failed. It just proves that it is truly "dental disease" and needs treatment like any other disease. 

Our next Medic Alert/New Product update, is going to focus on new (some are yet to be released, and some not so new but you didn't realise they were available) therapies for joint disease.  So if you haven't signed up yet for that yet, please do. 

But onto June - RED BANDANA month is here, so if your pet needs an addition to their wardrobe and a kidney check, read more below. 

Now is also the time to look at your family, and see if there is room for just one more! Or maybe you know of someone who is looking for the one kindred spirit, if so, then Adopt a Homeless Pet! 

Enjoy this newsletter, spread it around, and stay safe and healthy. 

Till next time....

Dr Liz and Pandora.


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Red Bandanna...
I lost a pet...
For Fun
It's all in the water...
Adopt a Homeless Pet month
Creaky joints?
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Red Bandannas and Kidneys!  

We wouldn't do this job if we didn't love animals and we know the bond you have with your pet only strengthens as they grow older. We also know that as there are over a million people in Australia who are walking around with undiagnosed kidney disease,(CKD) there are many many pets out there in the same situation.


So for June, we are having a Red Bandana Month to increase awareness of chronic kidney disease in our pets, in support of Red Undies Awareness (http://www.redundiesweek.org.au/fact) program for us. Support Kidney disease awareness in pets and let them wear a red bandanna on their walks. 


What we don't want is your pet hooked up to IV fluids because of renal failure!


  cat sq fluidsOur Red Bandanna check includes

  1. A  FREE* physical examination - a check of your pet's physical condition including weight, body condition, eyes, ears, heart and lung function (*a vet check fee  of $40.00 may apply if we have not seen your pet in the past six months)
  2. A urine and blood kidney screening test for only $10.00

Spaces are limited, so phone us now on 02 42 845 988 or book online.


If we have seen your pet in the past six months (for a vaccination or consultation) then no vetcheck fee is necessary! Yay!


You must BYO your pet's urine sample, but we will take the blood sample when you come in. 

The urine test measures up to 9 different parameters, including protein and urine specific gravity, and the blood test includes a PCV, urea and creatinine.  


There is no age limit, and it is for dogs and cats.  

Rabbits and birds don't miss out - we can check their urine too.


It is frustrating that even with modern technology, there is no simple test to diagnose CKD,  until it is advanced, which is why regular screening is needed in pets TWICE a year to look for "trends" away from the pet's normal range.  


What you can monitor at home is

1. Body condition - the coat will look dull even with a normal weight.

2. Your pet's breath - will have an odor to it

3. Water intake - your pet will be more thirsty than usual. 

4. Fussy eating (your pet decides they do not  like a particular food that they have always eaten - this is because kidney disease breath changes the taste of food)

5. Episodes of constipation with no change in diet.


Don't be the loving pet owner who thinks all is ok, and leaves it until the disease is too advanced to pursue screening tests. We know that finding out at that point is devastating. 


BE the loving pet owner who KNOWS all is as OK as it could be through regular screening tests.



Read On:

Lost and Found - Dear Pandora, what do I do? I'm lost!

 Dear Lost,

 Sadly, it is against NSW law for vets to accept uninjured lost pets, with a fine of $2200 if we do so.  We aren't happy about that part of the law, as petlovers ourselves, we know pets like you often find their way to vet hospitals like us.


This is why we have a Lost and Found Pets of the Illawara Facebook page, where everyone can share photos of their lost pet.  And, don't fret... we will help you as much as we can.

Love Always,  Pandora.


To the pet loving community...

 At Russell Vale vets we will try to help  lost pets find their owners, and sadly, some owners abuse us because we advise updating microchip registry information, rather than a Thank You for providing food, water and shelter for free to their lost pet.  


Your pet's microchip is their  best chance of being reunited with you, so make sure the details are up to date.  What many people don't realise is that even with a microchip, your dog is still required to wear a collar and tag. All cats born after 1998 NEED to be microchipped and registered.


TO MY SURPRISE, between 21st May and 27th May, we had THREE stray dogs come in who were not microchipped at all (two had collars but no tags).  It appears the message is still not clear that all pets must be microchipped AND registered with council. 


If your pet is lost, find their microchip information, ring Council and advise them to change your pet's status from Home to Missing.  Ring the RSPCA and give them as much information as possible.  Then,  ring the vets, and walk the neighbourhood. You can also log onto the Russell Vale Animal Clinic Facebook page for lost and found pets from your phone or tablet.


If you find a pet (dog, cat ) we are happy to scan for a microchip and contact the owners. To abide by the law, all strays whose owners cannot be contacted must go to the RSPCA Unanderra (Council Pound). You can (or we can) add the pet to our Facebook page. 


This costs you nothing other than your time, and we don't charge the owners for our time either. Our pets are part of our community, and we are happy to help where we can.


Like our Lost and Found Pets on Facebook!




For Fun 

AND Now for some exciting news..... spread the word.... animalclinic shop is now open 24/7 for everyone. 

It is very very new, and alot yet to be done but it is here! Any feedback on your shopping experience (and ideas on what you like and don't like about online shopping) would be appreciated.


animal clinic.... Helping you look after your healthy pets, simply.


Unsafe Water - Giardia alert! 


With this heavy rainfall and with dams at a maximum, we have seen several cases of diarrhoea as a result of this water born contaminant.  


 In the old days, it was a messy and inaccurate Zinc Sulphate solution based test looking for the actual organism.  


These days we have a highly accurate in -house antigen specific test, with results in 5 minutes.


And let us not forget the human aspect. In 1998 in NSW we had to boil water due to contamination with Giardia and Cryptosporidium.   We can also get infected from drinking contaminated water. 

 giardia and kids

In many pets the signs we see can be failing to put on weight, diarrhoea (looks like cow pat), to no obvious signs at all. 


In every case of chronic diarrhoea we like to perform a faecal floatation test and a giardia antigen test. The cost sometimes stops people from allowing the test,  but it is necessary to diagnose this parasite. 


Take advantage of the faecal test for $25.00. (see conditions below).  Collect a poop sample and bring it in.


For more detailed information, read on:





Adopt A Pet Month 
adopt a pet

Many of us get our pets whilst they are still young, viewing their parents, having fun choosing the cutest puppy or kitten (or bunny etc) and wishing you could bring them all home. 

But for some people, getting the older pet suits them as there is generally less overall training required. You usually have a good idea of what their behaviour will be like too.  

There are many many pets of all sizes out there who, whilst won't win the beauty competitions, what they lack in beauty they more than make up in the love that they can give us.  Not all of them have a "horror story of mistreatment", but even if they did, they all deserve a chance of happiness.

Our new "Homes Needed" page on the website is up and running, so if you need a new pet, or need to rehome a pet, let us know so we can add you on.  Every new pet requires a vet check, usually within 48 hours of you picking them up, so for all new adopted pets we will provide a FREE vet check in June and July(conditions apply, see below).

When you go to pick your new pet up...
1. Check microchip details and get transfer forms signed.
2. Check Vaccination, Heartworm prevention and worming dates, and check what dates they
 are next due. 
3. Find out as much as you can on the  pet's previous medical history (not always possible) and what they are used to eating.
4. Get pet insurance as soon as possible (even if only for six months).  Some policies offer 30 days free, so take it up!
5. Purchase an ADAPTIL (Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar) for dogs  or FELIWAY (Feline facial pheromone) for cats  to help them adjust to the new house and new routine. (available from all vets)

After you pick up your pet....
1. Get a complete physical examination done at a veterinary hospital  

2. And Enjoy the next many many years of love and companionship, that only a pet can give! 

See our new page "Homes Needed"  which is our online local "noticeboard" of pets who are seeking a new forever home. 

Healthy Joints for life....


 All animals of all ages get joint pain, not just old dogs and old cats.  I have seen budgies, guinea pigs and rabbits with arthritis.


I know many owners are really clued up on typical signs of arthritis, but many owners don't realise that many pets just don't give us any clues, and may even fool the vet unless specific manipulations are done. 


The obvious signs in dogs are limping, not wanting to jump etc etc.  But the less obvious signs in dogs include curling up, not wanting to stretch out, resenting being touched, loss of muscle on the head, shoulders and thighs. 


In cats,  it can include reluctance to jump up or down, rarely purring, and poor grooming.

 cat arthritis joints

In rabbits and guinea pigs it an be signs of urinary issues (urine scald) or bladder stones.


Budgies often will have distorted feet, and will get sores where they place too much weight on one foot to take pressure off the sore leg.


Watch upcoming newsletters for exercises you can do for your pet to help ease those joints.  But don't ignore the signs or think it is just old age.  Young pets get arthritis too. 


But prevention is better than cure, and there are things you can do now to help your pet later...

  • weight control
  • regular exercise 
  • muscle massage
  • passive range of motion exercises
  • sit to stand exercises (same as us doing lunges)
  • swimming
  • address injuries promptly with cold packs.
  • Joint protective supplements such as Joint Guard and SeaFlex.

  Our next Medic Alert/New Product email will be focusing on some newer therapies for degenerative joint disease (featuring one of our patients Red,  so sign up for that upcoming issue, or call to make an appointment if your pet is feeling a bit uncomfortable now. 






Eukenuba Joint Plus Diet - Canine

 This diet is especially formulated  not just for joints, but also for age related issues aswell (hence the plus!) It is for joints, immune, skin and coat, digestive and dental health (it is VOHC approved, so gets a tick from Dr Liz too).  It is perfect for dogs who have needed to be on antiinflammatory medications, or who regularly need Cartrophen injections to help manage their arthritic signs.

EK Canine Joint Plus 2.72 kg  $39.95
EK Canine Joint Plus 13.61 kg $ 145.95

 Hills Feline j/d 

 new productjd



Cats secretly hide their arthritic signs, and even with a vet check, it can be difficult, as many cats don't like being touched anyway.  Hills j/d targets the cause of the pain by reducing inflammation.  It is a clinically proven diet from Hills, formulated with high levels of DHA to nourish cartilage, omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation, controlled phosphorus to protect kidneys, and high levels of carnitien to burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.


Hills Feline j/d 3.86 kg $ 60
A 5 kg cat needs 65 -80 gm a day, which equates to $1.01/day to $1.25/day to feed.

Hills Feline j/d tins 156 gm $ 2.75/can     A 5 kg cat would eat 1.5-2 tins a day.  








Until Next Time..... 

and don't forget to 



Free Vet




adopt a petDid you adopt a new dog or cat in May or are you going to in June?).  If so, how AWESOME are you!!!!  Well done.  We would love to meet them.

We are happy to offer a FREE vet check for all newly adopted pets picked up in May and June only (normally $60).


Conditions: This is not a substitute for a consultation for a sick or unwell adopted pet.  Does not include costs for any preventative care. Pet must have been adopted from  1st May 2012 to 30th June 2012 with adoption certificate. We reserve the right to refuse. One pet per owner.
Offer Expires: 30th August 2012  



$25 only




Faecal tests for your pet  
fecal kits

This faecal test  (faecal floatation and Giardia antigen) is for roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm (which your worming tablets treat), as well as for Coccidia and Giardia (which are not worms but can cause diarrhoea and general unwellness).  


This means this test only costs $25.00 not including a vet check fee of $40.00


Conditions: Does not include a faecal culture. A vet check
 $40 fee)  is only  necessary if we have not examined your pet in the past 6 months.  If your pet has had a check up in the last six months with us, then just drop the poop sample off at the vet clinic with your pet's name and details. 
Offer Expires: 30th June 2012. No Rainchecks.
Red Bandana Month - Kidney screening
blood from catTaking blood and urine samples is not painful nor stressful, despite what people think.  Having advanced renal disease which requires days of hospitalisation and therapy  is stressful.

Love your pet and get them tested. 

This FREE vet check with a $10 Blood and urine test is limited, so call 0242 845 988 or book online to make sure you don't miss out. 

This is for dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. 

Offer Expires: Limited numbers. Book now.