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This page contains a listing of past Premier Lighting e-newsletters - from articles on lighting retrofits projects, lighting industry technology, and regulation updates to new LED products and promotions from Premier Lighting and our suppliers. Just click on the issues you would like to view, and the "Join our Mailing List" to receive future issues.
  • March 2017 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Highbays in a Gym
    Buy American Act LED Lighting
    Litetronics IP65 Waterproof LED High Bay
  • February 2017 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Fluorescent to LED Cooler Lights
    Do LED Bulbs Flicker?
    Ballast Bypass (Type B) LED PLL Lamps
  • January 2017 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Library Retrofit
    LED vs. HID
    8 Foot LED T8 Replacements For T12HO/T8HO w/ R17d base
  • December 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Optimization Project
    Understanding Your Utility Bill
    Keystone High CRI LED Tube
  • November 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: HID Pole Light LED Retrofit
    Health Concerns for LED Street Lighting?
    Keystone FutureFit LED Module/Driver Kits
  • October 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Recycling Center LED Retrofit
    Before You Blame the LED.....
    Keystone LED Corn Cob Ballast Compatible
  • September 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Manufacturing LED Retrofit
    LED Drivers 101 - Replacing the LED Driver in an LED Fixture
    Keystone LED Ubend 6" Leg Spacing Type B
  • August 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Senior Housing Chapel Lighting
    Why Are There Utility Incentives and Rebates for Lighting Retrofits
    Keystone IP64 Wet Rated HID Metal Halide Replacements
  • July 2016 Premier Newsletter
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Office Building LED Retrofit
    Premier Lighting in the News!
    Green Creative LED PLL Lamps
  • Premier Lighting May 2016
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Replacing Fluorescent Highbays with LED Fixtures
    New DLC Premium Rating
    New Product Intro...Forest Lighting UniV8 LEDT8 Tubes With or Without Ballast
  • Premier Lighting April 2016
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Holiday Gas Station LED Retrofit
    Total Lumens vs. Delivered Lumens
    New Product Intro...22W High Output Type B LED T8 Tubes
  • Premier Lighting March 2016
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: AAA Auto Parts Warehouse Retrofit
    TM-30-15 vs. CRI
    New Product Intro...Everline LED Sign Tubes
  • Premier Lighting February 2016
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Stuart Companies LED Retrofit
    Scotopic vs. Photopic Ratio
    New Product Intro...ASL LED Area Light
  • Premier Lighting January 2016
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Gas Station LED Retrofit
    Replacing Plug-in Compact Fluorescents with LED
    New Product Intro....LED T5 Tubes
  • Premier Lighting December 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Optimizing Fluorescent Lighting with LED Lighting
    Retrofit or Replace old HID Outdoor Fixtures with LED
    New Product Intro...LED Yoke Retrofit System
  • Premier Lighting November 2015
  • Xcel Energy's "In The Trade" Spotlight: Premier Lighting
    Premier Lighting Case Study: Retrofitting HID to Fluorescent to LED
    LED PL and LED T8 Combo Drive Technology is here!
    New Product Intro...Everline 2x2 and 2x4 LED Tube Retrofit Kits
  • Premier Lighting October 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Retrofitting Fluorescent High Bays to LED
    Retrofitting Recessed Can Lighting to LED
    New Product Intro...GE LED Replacement for 40 Watt HID Lamps
  • Premier Lighting September 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: High School Swimming Pool LED Lighting
    Limited Time Bonus Rebates for LED Lighting Retrofits from Xcel Energy
    New Product Intro...LED Replacements for Barn Yard Lights
  • Premier Lighting August 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Target Field LED Lighting
    LED Horticultural Lights vs. Traditional HPS Grow Lights
    New Product Intro - LED Specialty Bulbs
  • Premier Lighting July 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Tape Light
    Should You Replace T8 Fluorescent Lamps with T8 LED? (Updated)
    New Product Intro - LED Arc Cob Bulbs
  • Premier Lighting June 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED Recessed Downlights
    LED Replacements for Fluorescent Emergency Lighting
    New Product Intro - Ketra S38 Color-changing LED PAR38
  • Premier Lighting May 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Auto Dealership LED Lighting Solutions
    Replacing Shatterproof Fluorescent Tubes with LED T8 Tubes
    Xcel Energy Lighting Rebate Efficiency Partner Award
    New Product Intro - HyLite LED Omni-Cob Bulbs to replace HID
  • Premier Lighting April 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Custom Church LED Lighting
    That Light Bulb Cost How Much?!
    New Product Intro - High Ceiling Church LED Lighting Solution
  • Premier Lighting March 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Retrofitting Church Lighting to LED
    LED Replacements for T8 & T12 Fixtures have arrived!
    New Product Intro - Maxlite FlatMAX Edge Lit LED Panel Fixtures
  • Premier Lighting February 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study:LED Office Fixture Retrofit
    Lighting Application Series: Residential vs....Commercial Lighting
    New Product Intro - TCP Direct T8 LED Tubes-Instant Start Ballast Compatible
    Premier Lighting hosting FREE lunch and learn February 26th
  • Premier Lighting January 2015
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: LED High Bay Lighting at Schwing America
    Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Senior Housing Lighting
    New Product Intro - Replacing CFL Plug-In Lamps with LED's
  • Premier Lighting December 2014
  • Premier Lighting Case Study: Gym LED Retrofit at St. Anthony Village Community Center.
    Lighting Application Series: Efficient Multi-Housing Lighting
    New Product Intro - 7" LED Spin Light Round Flushmount Lamps
  • Premier Lighting November 2014
  • Waterpark LED Lighting-Swimming Pool LED Lighting
    Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Industrial Lighting
  • Premier Lighting October 2014
  • Eastern Heights Lutheran Church, Lighting Enhancement
    Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Retail Lighting
  • Premier Lighting September 2014
  • LED Lighting Perfect for Ice Rink
    Lighting Application Series: Intelligent Office Lighting
  • Premier Lighting August 2014
  • Dezurik, Removed 1,520 Fixtures! Improved Lighting!
    New rebates available for LED Fixtures Indoor and Outdoor from Xcel Energy
    Are there Standards for LED Replacement Products?
  • Premier Lighting July 2014
  • Target Field-Batter Up!
    Should you Replace Your T8 Fluorescent with T8 LED Tubes?
  • Premier Lighting June 2014
  • Art Gallery Re-illuminated
    Ferguson, Multi-Phase Lighting Upgrade
    LED Recessed Can Lighting
  • Premier Lighting May 2014
  • Swimming Pool LED Lighting Upgrade
    Master List of the Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit
  • Premier Lighting April 2014
  • LED Elevator Indicator Lighting
    Church Activity Center Lighting Enhancement
    7 Benefits of LED Lighting for Signs
    Premier Lighting representing the NAILD
  • Premier Lighting March 2014
  • Keep Your Outdoor Fixtures
    How LED Life is Measured
    Difference Between Energy Star and DLC
  • Premier Lighting February 2014
  • New Energy Regulations target Metal Halides
    The Great Debate Over Light Bulbs
    Incandescent Light Bulb Ban: What it really Means?
    Edison Tower gets an LED Retrofit
  • Premier Lighting January 2014
  • Future - Warehouse lighting Provides Options to Tenants
    Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: 10 reasons to Use Lighting Controls
    The Incumbents (Lighting Technologies) are still putting up a fight
  • Premier Lighting December 2013
  • Lighting Retrofit Results in 372% in Improvement in Light Levels
    Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Walkway...Lighting
  • Premier Lighting November 2013
  • A Unique LED Lighting Retrofit
    Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Walkway Lighting
  • Premier Lighting October 2013
  • Sometimes you just don't want to change a light bulb
    Winter is you have everything you need for your outside lighting?
    Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Parking Lot...Lighting
  • Premier Lighting September 2013
  • St. Paul Industrial Building... Lighting Retrofit
    Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Building Lighting
  • Premier Lighting August 2013
  • Wagner Spray Tech Upgrades Warehouse Lighting
    Light Fights, HID vs Fluorescents
    Family-Owned Supermarket Retrofits Store with LED's
  • Premier Lighting July 2013
  • Arrow Tank & Engineering Expands Production
    Light Fight, LED vs Fluorescent
    Light It And Forget It
  • Premier Lighting June 2013
  • RMS Machine-Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit
    Light Fights, LED vs HID
    Flag Day
  • Premier Lighting May 2013
  • Church Sanctuary LED Lighting
    Should You Replace Your T8 Fluorescent Lamps with T8 LED Tubes?
  • Premier Lighting April 2013
  • LED Troffers compared to Fluorescent Troffers
    Grocery Store Installs LED Fixture
    Board of Directors Named for NAILM
  • Premier Lighting March 2013
  • Utilities Offer rebates for Lighting Controls
    Is Lighting the Key to a Sustainable Future
    General Lighting: Largest Market for LEDs
  • Premier Lighting February 2013
  • New Website
    LED Lighting Efficiency
  • Premier Lighting January 2013
  • Who Said T8 Lamps Are the Most Efficient Light Source...
    Last Minute Lighting Retrofit
  • Premier Lighting December 2012
  • Public Indoor Tennis-Match Point!
    LED Facts!
  • Premier Lighting November 2012
  • Energy Savings or Brighter Lighting?
    The LED Turns 50!
  • Premier Lighting October 2012
  • Dimmers & Occupancy Sensors
    The History Behind Energy-Efficient Lighting Technologies
  • Premier Lighting September 2012
  • Fun Zone - Indoor Tennis Court Serves Up New T5 Lighting
    T12 Fluorescent and Rebates Going Away
  • Premier Lighting August 2012
  • Chisago Lakes School District Upgrades...from HID LED Wallpacks
    3M Develops New LED Technolgy
  • Premier Lighting July 2012
  • LED Lighting used in Retail Outlet...Improves Sales
    Xcel Energy, LED Rebates...Changes
  • Premier Lighting June 2012
  • Open House
    LED Walk-In Freezer Fixture
    Product Spot Light-Howard Industries
  • Premier May 2012
  • Light Fixture was Noisy, had Color Consistency Issues and a Short Life Cycle
    LED's to Fill 55% of World's Sockets by 2020
  • Premier April 2012
  • LED Fixtures Light Up Parking Lot
    Fulham-2012 Lighting Guide
  • Premier March 2012
  • Life-Cycle Energy Consumption Report-Incandescence vs. Fluorescent vs. LED
    5 Myths on LED Lighting
  • Premier February 2012
  • Bonus Rebates up to 50% Now Available for T12 Upgrades
    US Lighting Market Characterization
  • Premier January 2012
  • Energy Efficient Gas Station Canopy Lighting
    $100 Rebate per Fixture when replacing...Parking Garage & Exterior Wall Pack Fixtures
  • Premier December 2011
  • Homeshield -Colonial Craft, Retrofits Lighting in Production and Office Areas
    Venberg Tire Saves Energy with...New Induction Lighting Retrofit
    Americans Waking up to Light Bulb Changeover
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter November 2011
  • LED Cooler-Freezer Conversion
    We're Moving
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter October 2011
  • Outdoor LED Fixtures Shed New Light at Centennial Middle School
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter September 2011
  • Bethel Lutheran Church, LED Market Continues to Grow Rapidly, Goodbye T12's
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter August 2011
  • Wakota Civic Arena, South St. Paul Updates Lighting & Controls, eHID Ballasts Save Energy
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter July 2011
  • Historic Landmark-Historic Lighting Retrofit, The Story Behind Rare Earth Elements
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter June 2011
  • Merit Chevrolet Induction Retrofit, Lightfair 2011 LED's, Mall of America LED Retrofit
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter April 2011
  • Increased T12 Rebates, 480 Volt Lighting Retrofit
  • Premier Lighting e-newsletter February 2011
  • Incandescent Phase Out 2012, Dimming CFL's & LED's
  • Premier Lighting e-Newsletter October 2010
  • Silgan 3-Plant T8 Retrofit, Pulse Start Metal Halides

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