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Currently, I am offering a series of two sessions or a series of four sessions for individuals interested in clearing away or letting go of separate, emotionally-charged issues (depression, unresolved grief, painful memories from childhood event, sexual abuse trauma, anxiety or other specific emotional issue)--one issue per 50-minute session!
You can view session packages and pricing here.

Clients have consistently reported lasting results: more energy, the release of emotions that were stuck or holding them back, a sense of peacefulness and warm sensations and tingling at the physical level as these negatively-charged emotions are healed at the cellular level.

These sessions are offered by phone or in person.

Call me at
508-237-4929 and schedule your emotional freedom during this month at a special rate. Depression, anxiety, grief--who said these difficult and heavy emotions had to stay with you? Discover what your life will be like without a monkey on your back.

Get back in the flow of life, have more optimism and energy, function more capably and become more aware of the possibilities that are within your grasp to make 2016 a great year for you!


  Phoenix Rising Counseling & Energy Healing