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"My whole life I felt tense, anxious and unable to focus. After just 2 sessions of receiving Ellie's technique, I feel free of the guilt and anxiety that have always plagued me. This is especially true in regards to issues with my Mother that I had been unsuccessful at resolving until I came to see Ellie.        I highly recommend her."                                       Kim Hahn, AZ 


"I am writing to tell you how appreciative I am for your help in dealing with my relationship with my mother.  The sessions I had with you miraculously helped shift the energy and how I feel toward her."


             Ginger Paradise, MA 


"I have tons more energy since working with Ellie. I don't know what she does, but it's amazing me right now. I'm excited to see how much more this can help me with the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme's Disease."

                  Chuck C., CA


"The Whole Process of Your Technique is Amazing...
I've always aspired to be calm but I have never been able to turn off the noises...the voices inside my head until now.  I feel completely calm and peaceful inside."

                       Kim, MA





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November 7-10
Spiritual - Channeled Retreat in Sedona.   

Timely information re earth changes etc. will be coming through amazing trance channel Dawn Katar.


I am looking forward to helping facilitate this profound retreat and will be  working with the group energetically so they can receive Dawn's channeled wisdom even more deeply!



Monday, November 11:
Radio Interview:

2:00 pm, (Pacific)

on Achieve Radio -- www.AchieveRadio.com -- LIVE Broadcast with Cheryln



Friday, November 15: My Birthday!!!


Saturday, November 16:

Spiritual Expo 

11 am to 4 pm 

Place: Peace of the Universe

7,000 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 1710

Scottsdale, AZ 85254 


I will have a table at the fair - come for a specially priced clearing or just to say hello!






Over the last 30 years, Ellie has developed her own technique: the Pechet Healing Technique,a combination of intuition, counseling, and energy medicine. She permanently dissolves issues such as trauma, anxiety, phobias and more, clearing one significant issue every session.



For more information about how Ellie can help you, visit her website.

You can also call her today and schedule a free 15 minute consultation or a session for yourself!


How the 
Pechet Healing Technique Works:
- Cutting edge energy work is an integral part of my technique combined with Counseling which is interwoven into every session.

- With the assistance of a Higher Intelligence, I intuit the issue that is most significant to be cleared for you in that session. Over the phone is just as effective as in person.

- Next, I use highly focused intention and send energy through my hand like a laser beam, energetically dissolving a core issue, symptom or block
for you on the deepest level possible.

 - The results are literally like clearing a chalkboard full of writing, returning it to a clean slate.

- Then I energetically
imprint the desired condition most helpful for the client and you feel deeply relaxed, peaceful and neutral about whatever it is that was bothering you!
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November, 2013

The power of the word can heal or harm 
Don Miguel Ruiz

How are you doing in this moment? Today? This week?

So many adults are walking around in pain, trying to
'cover it up', acting as if they are 'fine' and trying to maintain a false persona. They seem able to manage to a certain extent on the outside, but are often crying on the inside. Many cover up their sadness with anger because anger can give one a false sense of empowerment. Even though the 'rush' (adrenaline) is temporary, it feels better than being shut down which happens also.
Many people seem to be functioning on the outside at their jobs, social circles etc, but while in session with me, admit their chronic sense of low self esteem, shame, low motivation and other symptoms.
One of the most common reasons people are in pain is the wounds they still carry from their childhood as a result of verbal abuse.
Verbal abuse is anything that is said to another individual with the intention of causing harm.  In fact, (this is not talked about much), the energy behind one's words is often as damaging as the words themselves.  A mother who is jealous of her daughter doesn't have to say a lot to cause emotional/ energetic damage.  By directing hostile, negative thoughts (energy) to her child the child internalizes these transmissions of energy as negative imprints. 
There is a profound connection between the negative energy coming from the mother (or father) and the feelings of shame and a sense that she is 'defective' that the child increasingly feels.  She increasingly feels that there is something profoundly wrong with her or her mother wouldn't be angry. 

This is a natural reaction. Children internalize everything around them, especially the vibes and words transmitted or said to them by their parents who are Gods in their eyes.

Early childhood verbal abuse is one of the most common causes of the chronic low self esteem and depression.
Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements, talks about how 
strong the power of the word is. "It can be used to heal or to harm."  It can be used like a poison that the person who hears the words takes and accepts as truth even when it isn't, especially with children because of the close instinctive relationship between parents and children.

The bottom line is negative imprints settle and remain on the cellular level until they are dissolved energetically

Parents words leave imprints on their children that stay with them the rest of their lives if they are not dealt with effectively. In my work as a healer/therapist the fastest, most effective way to eliminate sub-conscious wounds is by identifying them and then clearing them energetically. 
The Pechet Healing Technique does exactly this.  I specialize in working with the 'below the surface' (unconscious) issues and energetically dissolve the imprints in the cellular memory.

Positive affirmations are a good tool to use to reinforce positive thoughts after the imprints are cleared.

Everyone deserves to be spoken in ways that are loving and respectful.  You can finally heal the past, break your pattern, and start to attract people who treat you in more loving ways.

  • Have a healthy self esteem?

  • Feel good, comfortable, and at peace in your own skin?
  • Have a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and others?  

  • Attract healthier relationships?

  • Come to a place of genuine, inner peace with those who wounded you emotionally or otherwise?


If you are ready for a profound, permanent, inner change, call me now
to schedule your free 15 minute consultation or session(s) and be free finally.

Warm regards always,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

Sessions are done over the phone from wherever you are and are PERMANENT. 

1 Core Issue Cleared For Good Every Session 
 Call me now to schedule your free 15 minute consultation or sessions.      
o- 602-923-1292 

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