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"The healing work with Ellie is an amazing process and she works really quickly.  It has only been about 5 weeks that I have been working with her, yet my life is so different now.  I feel a lot more confident and strong and able to handle situations that come up better.  My thinking is a lot clearer now and I no longer feel like a victim"  Arnette P., Ma     

Resolved Grief...  

"When Ellie used her clearing technique for my grief issue, I could feel the energy moving in my body and when we were finished I can honestly say that years of guilt and sadness had been miraculously lifted away.  Weeks later the feeling of relief is as strong as it was initially."  

Lynda S., Ma  


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Over the last 30 years, Ellie has  developed her own technique, the Pechet Healing Technique through a combination of intuition, counseling, and energy medicine.  She literally and permanently dissolves issues such as trauma, anxiety, phobias and more one issue at a time every session. 


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How the 
Pechet Healing Technique Works:

Along with using the properties of quantum physics, counseling is interwoven into every session. I intuit the issue that is most significant for the client, then use my  ability to energetically dissolve issues, symptoms, and blocks for her/him on the deepest level possible - the cellular level.  I set the intention for the issue or symptom that needs to be cleared, then focus and send energy through my hand.  The results are much like clearing a chalkboard full of writing and returning it to a clean slate.  The emotional issues that I clear for clients both over the phone/in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once for each issue.  My clients call me  The Real Deal. Give me a call and  see for yourself.


c: 508-237-4929   
(Phoenix #: 602-923-1292) 
November, 2012
Healing Hands...





Dear Friends and Clients;

I am excited to let you know that Spirit has once again created a wonderful opportunity for me to move to Phoenix, Arizona to further expand my healing work locally and in the world.  I am looking forward to the wonderful connections I am making here with individuals and groups and am pleased to be more accessible to those of you in this area who have been traveling to Prescott to work with me.  Of course, for those of you I work with in New England and beyond, the benefit you receive over the phone will continue to be as effective as in person.


Hurricane Sandy happened recently in New York, the neighboring state of Massachusetts which is where I grew up and spent most of my life. I tend to be able to feel the impact energetically of many of the natural events that have been taking place as Mother Nature has been doing a major re-vamping and cleansing of the planet.  At times, I am called to be of service at night while physically sleeping, to assist with the events that have been occurring around the world, especially in the last couple of years such as the Tsunami a year ago March.  The recent storm in New York affects me on an even more personal level because it is close to home and I have family and friends in Massachusetts. 


Although Massachusetts was not severely affected this time, many who live in surrounding areas, specifically, Staten Island, New York have been directly impacted.  They are dealing with loss in a way that most of us have not had to deal with in our lifetimes such as the loss of loved ones, some lost their homes, livelihoods, neighborhoods, parks and more.


As it is, many of us find it challenging to maintain a sense of balance in our normal daily lives.  After a storm like Sandy, those who have been impacted are being called upon to comfort family, friends and neighbors who have also been affected by the storm while at the same time trying to re-build themselves, their homes and their communities.


Part of the 'silver lining' in a very challenging, foundation shaking situation like this is that people start pulling together in a way they might have not done before. As a result of reaching outside of themselves and their own world to help each other, they start to experience a deeper sense of connection within themselves and with those around them.  They feel a more profound sense of being a part of community.  This is especially important in a society such as ours in which we pride ourselves on being independent and have been conditioned to rely on ourselves rather than reach out to others for help.   

One of the stories reported that especially touched me while following the aftermath of Storm Sandy is a blind woman who looked in her 30's or 40's who used her own food to cook countless meals for those who were without food. When word got out about the loving deed she was doing, she was given additional food supplies from local resources so that she could continue feeding those in need.  This woman was willing to just show up and give in a time of need, without asking for anything in return...receiving in the giving as  

she allowed herself to serve for the greater good.  


Another good deed was Mayor Bloomberg cancelled the New York Marathon, the largest marathon in the world in order to not detract from the needs and urgency of  the people impacted by Hurricane Sandy.    


TIME: As time continues to speed up and technology continues to advance, many people in our society are becoming increasingly detached and isolated.  The result is often a chronic lack of well being which turns into symptoms such as depression, loneliness, isolation, a  lack of connection and for many, a lack of purpose.  When emotional states such of being such as these persist, they eventually manifest into the next level of 'density' which is the physical body.   


Physical conditions  such as heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic depression and fatigue start to develop.  I see it in my practice on a regular basis; clients who come to me by phone or in person with physical conditions and symptoms they have developed as a result of prolonged, chronic emotional pain, such as unresolved heart ache, trauma, and other issues from their past.  


The most effective way for me to help them is by having them describe issues they are currently experiencing as well as issues that are still unresolved from their past. We then talk about what seems to be the most important issue to clear in that first session and I work intuitively which greatly accelerates the process for them.  Using my technique, I then energetically dissolve the issue that is at the top of the list for that client at the time and each issue I clear only needs to be dealt with one time.  Results are permanent starting with the first session which makes the session work I do very efficient.  Clients feel more liberated with every session. 


If you are experiencing any unresolved issue such as trauma or depression and feel like you need help moving into a profoundly better place, please reach out to me, by phone will generate the fastest response and let me help you.

Feel free to look at a few testimonials on the left side bar from clients as well as to peruse my website.  See if the clearing work I do resonates for you.  If it does, call me and schedule a free 15 minute consultation or a session for yourself and start feeling hopeful today.  You will feel better starting with your first session. 


Blessings and best regards to you always...  


Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. 


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