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Happy Spring Everyone!!
Coming to Boston!
July 2-12 
 I will be seeing clients while I am there. If you are
interested in an appointment, please call or e-mail me. Limited sessions available so call asap.      c: 508-237-4929             or e-mail  

"Whiskey Row Marathon",
Prescott, Arizona
Sat., May 5, 2012 from 10-5. This race promotes healthy living and is to benefit the Prescott YMCA, a beautiful, state of the art facility. I will have an exhibit table and will be offering mini samples of the Pechet Healing Technique. Please stop by if you would like to experience my technique, and even if you just want to say hi!
 Upcoming Demonstrations of the  Pechet Healing Technique

 Prescott, Public Library

Seating is limited.
Call now to reserve your seat. 
-Saturday, May 19

-Saturday, June 9 


Along with using the properties of quantum physics, I interweave counseling into every session. I intuit the issue that is most significant for the client, then use my natural ability to energetically dissolve issues, symptoms, and blocks for her/him on the deepest level possible; the celullar level.  I set the intention for the issue or symptom that needs to be cleared, then focus and send energy through my hand.  The results are much like clearing a chalkboard full of writing and returning it to a clean slate.  The emotional issues that I clear for clients both over the phone/in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once for each issue.  My clients call me "THE REAL DEAL"  Try it and  see for yourself!  

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Ellie Jr. the Turtle
(Ellie Jr., the turtle:))

Evolution: What is REALLY happening now

According to Alexus Cartwright, Beyond Doorways, periodically on Earth, (and now is one of these times) the energetic nature of all elements within the Universe go through radical vibrational and frequency shifts, because of divinely orchestrated astrological events. At these times of evolution a '12 year transition' occurs to create a 'Doorway' opportunity for the energetic consciousness of Earth herself to make a rapid shift in her own ascension process. Rapid cleansing and rejuvenation occurs on the planet (such as certain species of animals becoming extinct...) because of the intense energies activated within the Universe. These 'times of transition' are vital stages of ascension for Earth and humanity.

At 'times of transition', large Earth and cosmic shifts or events occur because of the energetic changes occurring within the Universe to support the ascension process; they can include intense stellar gateway activity and astrological alignments to natural catastrophes.  Those surviving the Earth changes are energetically supported to ascend by making a rapid evolutionary step in their body and consciousness.

We are presently experiencing a vital 'time of transition'. From 1999-2012 we are all ascending from the third into the fifth dimension. Although this may sound like something out of science fiction, what we are talking about is an actual change in our frequency and

Call now to find out how I can support your evolution during this period of transition.  508-237-4929

Much gratitude to those of you who continue to trust me as a healer and therapist over the years...
May, 2012

see below!

Matsiko World Orphans Choir Performing at Unity Church, Prescott, AZ

Friends and companions on their journey of life
Young women supporting young women
Young women supporting young women...hooray!
The future of our civilization
These children represent the future of our civilization; this is what's real: cooperation, love, unity, hope, trust, as depicted by these young souls.         
Young women on the road again!
 Young Women on the road again...strong, open, positive.

Last month, I had the opportunity to see the Matsiko World Orphans Choir at the Unity Church in Prescott, AZ .  I felt inspired by them and wanted to share my experience with you in this newsletter.  The group you see is made up of children who are orphans currently living in Peru and Uganda.   


They tour all over the world, singing, dancing and spreading their light to their audiences. They hope to meet people at their concerts who will sponsor them when they return home and give them the opportunity for a better life, including basic current needs and education.    As I watched them perform, I was touched by the brilliant light that shone from their eyes. I thought to myself, "...these children have no parents, and some have  experienced additional traumas (besides being orphaned) to one degree or another.  These young souls don't know what their future has in store for them and yet, despite these challenges, they exude a sense of hope, courage, and strength from within."   


These positive, light filled beings in spite of the challenging circumstances they have already experienced in their young lives, are an inspiration for all of us who have the opportunity to experience being in their presence for any length of time.


These children represent the opportunity we have currently to move into the 5'th dimension and evolve as human beings here on the planet.  We are being presented with the chance to grow, expand, and evolve into more loving, grateful, cooperative individuals and collectively as a group if we choose to recognize this time of transition we are currently in and rise to the challenge.


Where does The Pechet Healing Technique come in regarding transition, ascension, evolution, and feeling free in your life?  By resolving and dissolving past negative experiences and memories you can have a clean slate with which to greet the significant opportunities for growth quickly approaching.  If you choose to remain stuck in the pain of  past wounds, you are  not able to function as fully as when you become energetically free (neutral) about everything in your past; (this can be days, months or years of experiences).  The Pechet Healing Technique is a highly effective, advanced energy healing technique that literally dissolves the emotional charge existing in the energy field as deep as the cellular memory which is the deepest level possible.  In fact, most significant issues only need to be cleared once and the results are permanent.   This technique is effective because it gets to the root of the client's issues.  Most clients get the results they want and need in as few as 4-8 sessions with me over the phone or in person and are very satisfied with the results. 


Healed from trauma with her Sister...

I recently worked with a woman who was still carrying the effects of being traumatized by her sister during their childhood and continuing into adulthood.  The emotional pain she was in was evident as soon as she brought this subject up in session. I intuited the specific wording ("vulnerable to sister's hurtful behavior") that would be most effective in clearing this core issue for the client, then dissolved the emotional charge completely for her. I then energetically imprinted her to be completely neutral to her sister on every level.

The next week she came in to have me to clear the next significant issue in her life and I asked her how she felt about her sister.  

Her response was; "The  perspective of who I am has changed.  I feel less victimized.  I can't fix our relationship.  I can only be me. I am stronger in myself since you cleared a lifelong issue with my sister. I feel liberated and I can focus on myself. Thank you..."  

Patricia, after I cleared a long standing issue for her.  


Healed from chronic anxiety: 

I worked with another client recently and the issue he wanted me to clear was "constant, free-floating anxiety". I then energetically imprinted him (made him strong for) "being at ease in his body and in the world."  The following week, I asked him how he was doing since clearing the anxiety he had experienced most of his life and he said "I feel more at ease. The anxiety is gone... I feel pretty good overall now. What a difference it is to feel good in my skin."  

 Snickers feeling good in his being 

My cat Snickers... Would YOU like to feel this good? 

   (and yes, I do clearings on him also...:))    


2 of many beautiful nature photographs I took last spring and 

  yes...I miss the exquisite beauty of Northern California!   

Signs of spring....a field of Mustard blooming
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