Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing Ctr. Newsletter -  Happy Valentine's Day!

Pechet Healing Technique: 
Specific & Result Oriented.
With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear, a lightness of being will be apparent immediately and a positive shift will continue to occur over the next several days. 
 The peace
you feel about the specific issue I cleared will continue.  It will not need to be dealt with again  because it will be completely resolved!   

Every session with me, one of your most significant issues will be intuited and energetically cleared completely.    
Results are immediate  and they last, long- distance or in person- whatever is more convenient for you.

As a client, you will know that an issue you have been carrying has been completely resolved because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it again...EVER!  

Are you ready for your emotional freedom now?
Receive a HUGE (time limited) discount when you sign up for a package of 4 or 8 clearing sessions before 2/15/16
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Anxiety -
"I no longer needed to take anxiety medication. Thank you Ellie."

Laurie Boutz


Insomnia -
"Following Ellie's Healing sessions, I find that I am sleeping more soundly; after many years of dealing with insomnia. What a difference it makes to be more rested - more energy, more clarity and more focus!  
I have experienced her sessions in person and by phone and both are very powerful experiences. I highly recommend Ellie Pechet to anyone interested in living with more Inner Peace, Freedom and Joy!
Leslie Griffith, Pediatric Oncology Nurse


Moving in the right direction -
"Thank you sooooo much Ellie!!!!!!! I've got things moving in the right direction now and I owe you a lot.  :)  One thing I'm noticing from our sessions is that I'm sleeping a LOT better at night."
Scott Evans, I.T. Specialist

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. I hope you will continue to enjoy it and find the topics of interest and value. If you have any issues you would like to be completely healed, the Pechet Healing Technique will clear them energetically & efficiently - for good!
Valentine's Day Savings!
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Give the gift with lasting value...there is nothing greater than peace of mind.

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Emphasis on LOVE this month...How do I come to a place of deeper Compassion & Love for myself & others?
This month with extra emphasis on LOVE, take the time to love yourself more deeply by being still and going within. This allows us to feel more peaceful and become more deeply aware of our Divine Purpose here and how specific events and relationships in our lives have contributed to our development as a soul this lifetime.

As we observe past events and relationship patterns, we become more aware of the truth of our being. And when we can step outside of feeling victimized by our experiences and certain people in our lives, we can turn wounds into jewels that contribute to our deeper wisdom, understanding of human nature and we are able to experience being human more fully. As we become more wise, and experience deeper compassion for ourselves and others, we become more able to show up as our authentic self in the world. 

We are each like our own radio tower, emitting frequencies to everyone around us. Think of it like a ripple effect and whatever is going on within you and your inner world radiates out, like waves of energy affecting everyone who comes into who comes into your energy field. No matter how hard you may attempt to conceal pain, sadness, frustration, resentment you feel internally, friends, family, co-workers, bosses etc. feel and react to what we are radiating out from within.

The more good (higher vibration) we radiate out, the more good comes back to us because like attracts like.
Raise your vibration and you will notice you start getting better and higher level responses and reactions from normal day to day experiences and the people in your life!
How do you do this?
Best way is to take a few minutes and go within...what issues current or past, are still bothering you just underneath the surface?
I think of these as core issues and as each issue is energetically cleared, your you feel lighter, freer and more positive and the 'vibe' you are putting out becomes higher. This is how you start to attract better situations, results and relationships into your life. 

If you are truly ready to move forward in your life, using my technique, the Pechet Healing Technique I will clear a complete issue every session you have with me.
Be assured to know that I am still doing all of the clearing work myself so you will have the benefit of me working directly with you, (rather than someone I have trained under me).
So... are you ready to live your life every day with significantly more inner peace and love for yourself and those you love? Are you ready to really release the past this time - for good, and bring more love and abundance on every level into your life...
If you are ready... there is still time to make this year one of your best yet!

Sign up now and experience a more peaceful and joyful life...the most valuable gift you can give yourself or someone you love. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ellie Pechet

Dawn Katar verifies the abilities of Metaphysical Healer, Ellie Pechet
Dawn Katar speaks about the abilities of Metaphysical Healer, Ellie Pechet


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