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How are you doing...really?

Are you having a difficult time and wondering how you are going to get unstuck and feeling better?

Feeling a little anxious, confused, upset about situations in your life can keep you from having clarity, making good decisions and taking steps to change your experience.  
Clinging to thoughts and memories from the past and feeling unable to move forward with your life is very painful!  

If you want to change your thoughts, memories, or past experiences for good, please call me for an effective solution that can be done easily over  the phone in the  

comfort of your own home or office... 


You can quickly bring about a transformational shift in your whole being that will help you move forward in your life starting  with your first session. I guarantee you will feel better starting with your first session!    



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January 2012
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Happy New Year!

2012 promises to be as BRILLIANT a year for all of us as we all allow ourselves to experience.  The power of our mind to create our reality, positive or negative is huge!  Never before have we been as empowered as a human race to create our realities as now and one of the best ways we can do this is by remembering who we are, rather than who we have been conditioned to believe we are.  Conditioning from our parents, our relationships in both work and social circles does not define us, it defines those who tend to judge us, yet we tend to forget this and see ourselves as others see us.
Defining ourselves by others perceptions of us is limiting and unhealthy.  And despite the multitude of choices that seems to continue to increase around us all the time along with the fact that time is speeding up makes it that much more important that we carve out the time we need to center ourselves on a daily basis for us to get back to our center and foster a connection with ourselves and the essence of life that is in all of us!  We can't do this if we are too busy running around from one activity to the next to the next without taking the time to slow down also and re-group.

Returning to our core on a regular basis is of utmost importance when we are faced with increasing distractions and all the activities we want to do. With all the choices that present themselves to us, it is easy to neglect our relationship with our selves as a result and our relationship with our self IS the most important one in our life.  We can be no good to those around us if we are not at peace with ourselves.

Neglecting the inner connection with our self can cause us to feel scattered, anxious, irritable, even depressed as a result.
This inner need can be met by taking as little as 15 minutes to an hour a day to check in with yourself.  You can do this by journaling, sitting in calm silence, or going for a peaceful walk in a pretty place to name just a few.

Setting the tone for 2012...

It is important for all of us to review the year we are about to complete and prepare for the year we are about to begin.
Several ways that can help do this are the following:
1-Reflect on the major areas of your life in  2011 and how they went.
such as: Relationships; with yourself and others.
b- Your work in the world, volunteer, paid, small scale or large scale.
c- Your relationship to the world...remember we are all connected energetically. Every work and action we take does affect everyone else on a subtle level!
-Be intentional and mindful but try not to take yourself too seriously.  Life is short... make it count, but remember to have a light hand with yourself.

When you feel complete reviewing the major areas of your life in 2011, tweak some of your existing goals then write some new goals
for 2012, personal, love relationships, professional, spiritual...

This is the perfect time of year to permanently clear any issues that you do not want to bring with you in to 2012 so please call me if you are ready to remove any lingering issues or blocks for good.  Remember, you are sooo worth it!

In fact for those of you who are ready to have an AWESOME year 2012, I would like to offer you for the month of January:
- 4 permanent clearings of 4 separate emotional issues for $1,000
- 2 permanent clearings of emotional issues for $550.

Tonya and Lew invited me to appear again on AZ-TV Wednesday, January 11. I will outline strategies for "Clearing the Slate" to make it possible to keep personal resolutions and  and leave emotional baggage behind. Let me know if you are able to watch the interview! Please send me any questions about this topic by January 7 and I will try to include that if possible, or get back to you personally.  


The show airs on Channel 8 for CableOne subscribers in Prescott area and on Channel 7 for satellite viewers (DirectTV and Dish) throughout Arizona. You can also watch for my interview from your computer, which means at 7:45AM if in California, 9:45AM if in Central Time Zone, and 10:45AM for Eastern Standard Time (EST). Allow extra time to download an audio player if needed. Look for streaming video link on home page by clicking on this link: www.aztv.com.  

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