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April, 2012
   EXPECT A MIRACLE... Freedom +

The origin of the word miracle comes from the Latin word mirari which means
a marvel, to wonder at.  According to
  Merriam-Webster, a miracle is
"an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment"


Coming to Boston!
I will be visiting 
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Dream interpretation
Group for Women in Prescott, AZ, starting April 16
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 Upcoming Demonstrations of the Pechet Healing Technique at the Prescott, AZ Public Library: 
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Recent examples of  clients whose trauma was cleared:

Left for another woman...
 Mandy's husband suddenly left her for another woman after 23 years of marriage, leaving her devastated and  traumatized.
10 years later, she was still carrying the hurt and anger with her and had been unable to move on with her life.  Mandy came to me for a session last week and the core issue I intuited, then cleared for her was "Resentment"
about her former spouse. I then energetically imprinted her with being "neutral" towards John
 By the end of the session, she was completely neutral toward him. To her pleasant surprise, she had no emotional charge toward him whatsoever anymore.     
She said,   
" I feel like I have burst out of a chrysalis (cocoon) and am flying now."
 Mandy C.   

Childhood Trauma:    "Using the Pechet Healing Technique, Ellie worked with me on a long standing trauma from my early childhood. Within the session, this issue was resolved. I found inner peace as well as elation and a sense of power never before experienced. I had been working on this issue for four years with no success. Easily and effortlessly and without emotion, the problem seemed to vanish. Complete! Done! "

Sally H., R.N.


Sit in a quiet place inside or in a favorite spot outside Breathe slowly and deeply and allow yourself to feel your connection with the Divine and All that is.  It is by getting into this space that you will feel at home and at peace.  Remember that you are loved and that all is well in the grand scheme of things.  Know that your presence is no accident and despite whatever you might be going through right now, you are meant to be here.

An excerpt from a poem I love called Desiderata is the following :     
"You are a Child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars.  You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt, the Universe is unfolding as it should..."

My passion is to use my gift to bring about true and lasting healing at the deepest level possible for my clients.  

If you are ready after reading this newsletter and testimonials from my clients to have me work a similar miracle in your life, please call me at

(or 928-277-1400 for Arizona residents).    

Working with the properties of Quantum Physics:  


Using the principles of quantum physics I use my ability to energetically dissolve issues, symptoms, and blocks for clients on the cellular level.  I set the intention for the specific issue or symptom that needs to be cleared, then direct and send energy through my hand.  The results are much like clearing a chalkboard full of writing and returning it to a clean slate.  The emotional issues that I clear for clients both over the phone and in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once.  Most clients sign up for 4 or 8 sessions, allowing me to eliminate a different, significant issue every time.  



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Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist. 

-David Ben-Gurion
Listen to April 4, 2012 interview: Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Listen to this week's April 4, 2012 KPPV, FM radio interview: Clearing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have worked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a lot over the years as a therapist in mainstream counseling and in my own practice as an energy healer and therapist. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is often debilitating. It is triggered by exposure to a traumatic experience or series of events such as physical or sexual assault or abuse, exposure to disaster, accidents, and being in combat or in/near a war zone.
The most common type of trauma I work with in my healing practice is adults who have experienced childhood emotional or sexual abuse.  Many clients who come to me were emotionally abused by their parents and/or sexually abused by uncles, brothers, fathers,  grandfathers and occasionally by mothers. They have come to me in order to finally heal and move beyond the early abuse.

I just started working with a client who was sexually abused as a boy by his mother.  As an adult, he led a very promiscuous life, acting out the hurt and anger of the young child inside of him with other women.  He had done a lot of work on himself, trying to heal over the years and had come long way in changing certain destructive behaviorsHe came to me to clear the abuse trauma at it's core so he can live a balanced life; one of  peace, joy, and happiness. 


How I work: As painful memories surface in the beginning of a session dealing with a core issue of trauma, tears and difficult emotions flow as repressed memories come up. These memories are usually so painful, clients have tried desperately to keep them submerged and at arms length.  However, it takes a lot of vital life force energy  to do this; energy that could be used to create fulfilling relationships, positive outcomes, and a life that is free from the bondage of the past. 

During each session by phone or in person, I come to a point  where I intuitively know precisely what needs to be cleared for the client that session. The wording of what needs to be energetically cleared is very specific and intuitive in order to successfully clear the issue at the cellular level, which is why the results of the clearings I do with clients tend to be permanent.   


Many clients who come to me are now in their 50's and 60's. The most common complaint I hear is that they are in emotional pain, feel empty inside, are chronically anxious...  It doesn't take long for me to help them to realize that the pain they are in is connected to their original wounds which is what I work with. 


My approach continues to be result oriented. I clear a significant issue each and every session at the cellular level.  A client who used to cry every time she would remember the abuse becomes completely neutral so there is no emotional 'charge' whatsoever by the end of the session.  The best part is the results are PERMANENT because I have cleared a core issue at the cellular level.  Until they work with me, some individuals think that what I promise is too good to be true. Even after I clear them, they are almost in shock that the issue that had so much emotional charge at the beginning of their session has become completely dissolved. At that point, they realize the integrity of what I saidcould do for them and are thrilled with how much I have helped them move on with their lives.   

When children witness a traumatic event or series of events, such as when they observe or over-hear violence between their parents, this can create an anxiety disorder.  They often have no one to speak with about these experiences and many start to exhibit symptoms such as anxiety, hyper vigilance and an inability to concentrate in school...   


Trauma is often caused by physical/emotional abuse .   Children who are neglected or abused emotionally or physically often do not receive the support they need.  They become adults with the same issues and symptoms; low self esteem, feelings of shame, anxiety, panic attacks, depression... Sometimes, they are unable to focus for prolonged periods of time or they might become workaholics to avoid feeling the pain they carry with them. They may be especially hard on themselves, setting unattainable standards, and as a result, feel chronically dissapointed with themselves and life in general.    

I know a woman who as a child, would be slapped in the face nearly every time she disagreed with her mother.  This abuse was humiliating and degrading.  and very damaging to her self esteem long term. The message she internalized from the abuse was that it was not okay for her to have and express her own thoughts and opinions as an individual.  As a result, she carried a hyper-sensitivity to being criticized well into her adulthood which was very painful for her.

Her reaction of defensiveness to being criticized comes from the young child inside of her who needs healing.     

My ability to work with the inner child who is holding the repressed memories at the same time I am working with the adult client has been extremely effective at clearing childhood trauma for good.

Conventional therapy can be good for temporary relief and support, which is how I got started in my career in 1982.  Traditional counseling  serves a purpose in the sense that it is a block of time in which for 50 minutes, it is truly all about the client and this may be the only time out of a whole week that the focus is completely on them.    

However, traditional counseling is usually not effective because it consists of continuous talking and processing without getting to and dealing with the the issue(s) that are stuck on the cellular level.  Instead of getting to the root of the issue (which is what I do), focus is placed on strategizing how to best "handle" the symptoms and behaviors resulting from the traumatic experience(s).  People will often go to traditional therapists for years without noticing any significant change.      

Over the years, I evolved my counseling practice into a combination of counseling and energy work because I very quickly realized that talk therapy was not helping clients move beyond their core issues. Always vigilant about my own growth as a person and as a clinician,  I sought out energy healing for myself and found energy work to be very helpful in helping me shift how I was feeling, and especially my thoughts and attitude.   I began to incorporate energy techniques into my counseling practice as I got certified in several of the ones I found most beneficial.  These were Reiki and Electro-Magnetic- Field Balancing Technique.  Along the way, I encountered Chinese Energetic Medicine and this philosophy and method of healing resonated deeply with me.  I soon discovered that I have a special ability to send energy through my hand and could shift and transform issues for individuals that I could never have done through talk therapy alone.

Please read the testimonials on the left column and on my website and see how I might be able to help you.

Warm regards always,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.   

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