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Pechet Healing Technique: 
Specific & Result Oriented.
With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear, a lightness of being will be apparent immediately and a positive shift will continue to occur over the next several days. 
  After each clearing, you will also receive an energetic imprint for your Highest and Best Good.
 The peace
you feel about a specific issue I cleared will continue and will not need to be dealt with again  because it has been completely resolved!  

I Deliver
Every session with me, one of your most significant issues will be intuited and energetically cleared completely.    
Results are immediate  and they last, long- distance or in person- whatever is more convenient for you.

As a client, you will know that an issue you have been carrying has been completely resolved because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it again...ever! 

Are you ready for your emotional freedom now?

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What is energetic imprinting and when does it start? 
Energy imprints are waves of energy that those we come into contact with project onto us, both positive and negative. Another way to put it is the good or bad vibes we feel and can take in from others.
Have you ever noticed that the way you are feeling can change for better or worse, depending on who you are with?
You might be out to dinner with a friend and if the server is having a bad day, she or he may inadvertently exude the way they are feeling outwardly without even saying anything. This is what we mean when we say so and so has 'bad vibes''s not a conscious process, it's intuitive...we can feel how the person in our space is feeling and are often affected without realizing it. We may walk out of a store feeling worse than when we went in and not know why, until now. It's because we probably picked up on how someone we dealt with was feeling. If a co-worker or partner gets upset with you and projects their emotions onto you, even if they have a valid point, they imprint you with their upset emotions.
As energy beings, we are likely to absorb the vibes of those who come in and out of our space, whether it is a waiter at a restaurant, your bank teller, spouse, boss or a friend, we are being energetically imprinted all the time without realizing it. This is why the company we keep is so important. You might ask yourself if the people surrounding you are having a positive or negative influence on you.                                                                                                                                                            When is the most influential time we are imprinted energetically? It begins in the womb, soon after conception, when the fetus is absorbing the nutrients the mother is taking in to her body, and also her thoughts and feelings the entire duration of her pregnancy. Her thoughts and feelings have an enormous impact on her unborn child. This is a subject that had gotten very little attention, but it makes a lot of sense doesn't it?
I have found that some of the lifelong conditions my clients have come to me with, such as depression and anxiety, stem from their mother experiencing these symptoms while the clients were in utero. The way I help them is by intuiting the root cause of their condition. Then I completely dissolve it energetically, using my Pechet Healing Technique. I recently cleared a phone client's lifelong depression in one session, this way. All I need to do is connect with the client energetically whether it is by phone, Skype or in person to be effective.
Another client I worked with had suffered with severe anxiety her whole life. Despite many other methods she had tried, along with being in therapy most of her life, at 60 years old, she was still suffering with the same level of anxiety she had always had. I was able to free her of this condition in a short time by getting to the root causes and energetically clearing them. 
When I tuned in to her, I saw that the root cause of her anxiety was the imprint of terror she absorbed from her mother while in her womb. Her mother had been a prisoner in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. 
The work I did with this client liberated her from the anxiety that had paralyzed her her entire life. She was then able to move forward in her life, anxiety-free and in her true essence.
Call me now to schedule a complementary consultation or set up a session if you feel you have any negative imprints or core issues you would like to be completely free of.

Love always,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., 
Metaphysician, Shaman, Medium, Author

Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing 

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Anxiety and Depression:
"My whole life I felt tense, anxious and unable to focus. After just 2 sessions with Ellie, I feel free of the guilt and anxiety that have always plagued me. This is especially true in regards to issues with my Mother that I had been unsuccessful at resolving until I came to see Ellie. I highly recommend her."
-Kim H.

Deep Obstacles Dissolved:
"Ellie is amazing.  The real deal.  Her clearing sessions felt like a "spring cleaning" for the soul.  When she says she can simply "clear" you of any deep seeded emotional issue,that's exactly what she means.  It is as if she gently reaches in and removes all the "unseen" obstacles, to reach and dissolve the very core of your issue. The session was comfortable, relaxing, affirming, natural.  And afterwards?  I can't even remember the journey to the depths of the emotional issue she "cleared". It's just...GONE.  I feel a skip in my step, a fresh perspective on life.  She is a HEALER.  It's simply amazing.  I wish I would have found her sooner."                 Melissa M.