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January 30
Intuitive radio talk show hosts Kathy & Suzanne featured me as their Guest on Tarot & Runes, Your Life Revealed.
It was a great show!
Click HERE to listen.

 February, 2012;
Submitting a personal account about
my life as a Medium and a Shaman  for "Spread Your Wings and Fly", a collection of short stories by Women authors to be published this spring. 
Coming Up: 
Expo. at Penelope's Boutique, 15610 N. 35'th Ave, Phoenix. 
March 16, 10-5
I will be answering questions and maybe doing mini clearings at a booth there. Drop in and say 'hi!' 

"Guilt, anxiety, panic attacks, the relationship with my father and my past relationship with my girlfriend.  I am at peace with all of these issues since starting to work with you 3 weeks ago."
Chuck H., Phoenix, AZ


"I don't understand how you do what you do, but I find it pretty amazing.  I wish I could work with you every day!" 

Anna D.,Puerto Rico 







Over the last 30 years, Ellie has  developed her own technique, the Pechet Healing Technique through a combination of intuition, counseling, and energy medicine.  She permanently dissolves issues such as trauma, anxiety, phobias and more, one core issue at a time every session. 


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How the 
Pechet Healing Technique Works:
The properties of Quantum Physics are an integral part of my technique combined with Counseling which is interwoven into every session. At a certain point during the session, with the assistance of a Higher Intelligence, I intuit the issue that is most significant for the client that session. I use highly focused intention and attention that is like a laser beam and proceed to energetically dissolve a core issue, symptom or block for the client on the cellular level which is the deepest level possible.  I send  energy through my hand and the results are much like the clearing of a chalkboard full of writing, returning it to a clean slate. Next, I energetically imprint the

desired condition

that is intuited to be for the highest good of the client.  The emotional issues I clear for clients both over the phone/in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once for each issue.  My clients call me  The Real Deal. Call 508-237-4929 and  see for yourself.
(Phoenix #: 602-923-1292)    
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February, 2013
Angellic Guidance
"Go out into the world today and love the people you meet.
Let your Presence light new light in the hearts of people."
Mother Theresa
Dear Friend, 


I received the gift of a simple and beautiful message to share with you this Valentine's Day from my own Beloved Guide.  This is his message...

"Every One of you is loved by your Angels and Guides.  Most are not aware of our Presence however, and so miss the opportunity to experience really
feeling loved. We are here to serve you and each person on earth...we are like your personal assistant in spirit form so those of you who are paying attention will realize you have access to a Divine Being at all times.  All you need to do is have this awareness to access the Guidance that is here to help you.  For the most part, unless it is an emergency, your Guides will not intervene unless you ask them.  The stories you hear about such as the Angel who appears during a car accident that should have been fatal but wasn't...an audible voice you can hear with an encouraging message
for you, yet no one is physically present are a few examples of Divine Intervention.  Each of you has been assigned Guides specifically for you this lifetime.  During challenging life experiences such as a relationship transition, a move, a job transition,  the death of someone close to you, these are especially good opportunities to be open to the loving and supportive presence right in our midst.

I have had a number of occasions in which I was given Divine support and encouragement that was timely. 
One of the most significant encounters I remember happened years ago while I was still living in Massachusetts. I was alone on Christmas day and was feeling lonely. I cleaned my turtle's tank and went out for a walk in a nearby forest while it was still light.  Within several minutes of starting my walk, I became
very aware of a presence walking beside me. It felt just like a real person would have felt next to me, but there was no one visibly around me.  I suddenly recognized the presence was Jesus. He walked with me, shoulder to shoulder in the forest and his energy felt so comfortable and loving. He was there with encouraging words and to offer guidance.  He counseled me about things he felt were significant and important specific to me and my purpose here on earth.  The feeling of gratitude and love I felt from this visit will always stay with me as I remember that
Divine Walk Christmas day.

Another time, Jesus visited me on my birthday. I was on the treadmill at the health club and he appeared spontaneously. I was so pleasantly surprised to see Him, and as I was smiling, feeling his loving presence, he started showering me with rose petals. (Roses, rose scent and petals were loved by Mary, his Mother.) This was the sweetest, most loving Birthday gift I could imagine receiving.  There have been times over the years when I am experiencing a challenge or a success and he will show up right in front of me and present me with a beautiful lotus flower.  This is his recognition of who I Am and letting me know I Am progressing on the path of enlightenment.  I love these Appearances and Divine Visits by Jesus. I also receive them from my personal Guides.

We all need to feel supported and encouraged.  I encourage you to honor your own Divine Presence.   Acknowledge the Divine Beings around you who are accessible and waiting to help you. Have the care for yourself to pause and be open to the magnificent beings who are keeping company with you.  Your own personal support team is available to you 24/7,  all you have to do is be aware and ask, then listen or watch for the signs and clarity about what to do next.

If you are having trouble accessing your personal Guides, there might be an energetic block such as fear or unresolved trauma keeping you from being able to receive your own Divine Guidance.  I can help you if this is the case, just ask.  
I am offering Angel Readings in Divine Timing with Valentines Day.  I can introduce you to your own personal Guide or Angel and help you start to receive the Divine Communication that is unique for you.

Happy Valentines Day and may you always bring an abundance of love and light in to
your life as you continue to move forward on your journey.

Love Always,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.  


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