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Wake Up Women Conference,
June 28-29, 2013 
Los Angeles, CA
  I attended this conference and was featured as one of the co-authors in the book
Spread Your Wings and Fly.
The story is about my work as a Medium, and it is called...

"The Last Main Stream Counseling Job I Ever Had"

My first Book Signing, L.A., 2013


Msgs from my Mother...

"I first contacted Ellie a few years ago when I sought her Mediumship services to contact my mother, who had recently passed away.  During the reading Ellie described my mother accurately.
There were details in the reading that only my mother would have known, and I received very helpful messages. The reading was deeply moving to me, and very healing.
Recently, I had occasion to contact Ellie again and to my amazement, she remembered the reading with my mother in great detail as well as all the specifics of my own personal circumstances. I am in awe of her abilities as a Medium and am very grateful for her help" 
Justina Carlson., Writer


Business & Personal Guidance

"Thank you for the fantastic Mediumship reading you gave me. It was rich with great messages and they also provided very specific guidance for me going forward. I appreciate the personal messages as well as the guidance for some current business challenges. I got a chill by the way you were able to physically describe my mother and your ability to deliver a message that felt really genuine from her.  If is comforting for me to KNOW that she is still here looking out for me. "
Jim Della Volpe, Business Advisor









Over the last 30 years, Ellie has  developed her own technique, the Pechet Healing Technique,  a combination of intuition, counseling, and energy medicine.  She permanently dissolves issues such as trauma, anxiety, phobias and more, clearing one significant  issue  every session. 



For more information about how Ellie can help you, visit her website.   

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How the 
Pechet Healing Technique Works:
- Quantum Physics is an integral part of my technique combined with Counseling which is interwoven into every session.

- With the assistance of a Higher Intelligence, I intuit the issue that is most significant to be cleared for the client that session.

- Next, I use highly focused intention and send energy through my hand like a laser beam,
dissolving a core issue, symptom or block
for the client on the deepest level possible.

 - The results are like clearing a chalkboard full of writing, returning it to a clean slate.

- Finally, I energetically
imprint the 

desired condition most helpful for the client.


July, 2013

Who Would You Like To Connect With?

Dear Friend, 

Have you ever wondered what a Medium is and what she does?  Have you ever thought about how wonderful & healing it would be to be able to hear from someone you love who died?

A Medium is a person who is a spiritual intermediary between those no longer in physical form and those who are living.

As a Medium, I have the ability to see, hear and sense the spirit of an individual who has died and wants to communicate with a loved one who is still in physical form. (living)  This has been an exciting aspect of my work over the years as an intuitive and a healer.  I love being the tool to bring closure for clients who have lost someone they loved.  Read about Nicki:

Case 1: Nicki came to my office after hearing from her mother that I was a Medium . She wanted to know what happened the day her brother died four years earlier.  He appeared in her session and this is what he said: click here to read more ...


Case 2: Several years ago, Angela contacted me for a Mediumship reading by phone.  She lived in Massachusetts and was about to begin her first book project as a writer.  Angela thought she felt her mother's presence around her and wanted to know what her mother wished to say to her:
click here to



Teaser...I was working as a Counselor in Massachusetts some years ago and used my ability as a Medium to help a young woman get closure about the sudden death of her mother.

Find out what happened by checking out my story in Wake Up Women's Spread Your Wings and Fly E-Book, soon to be available on Amazon.com.

Stay posted for details in my next newsletter...

Kathy Kanovos, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author.  Ellie's healing work... 
Kathy Kanovos, Breast Cancer Survivor-Author. Ellie's Healing Work...


Call to find out about the
I gave the women at the Wake Conference for a Mediumship Reading or Clearing Pkg.
Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.


You can reach me most easily at 508-237-4929 or email me at 
Offer Expires: July 30, 2013
Sessions are done over the phone from wherever you are and are permanent.  My clients call me "The Real Deal."  
 Call me to schedule your free 15 minute consultation or a session   
o- 602-923-1292 
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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

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