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  "My anger issue is much better. Ever since you cleared my upset at my brother, I don't get angry when I'm driving anymore. I keep expecting to react, but...there's no more charge. 
Thank you!"
Steve Szklanka

"There is no healing more perfect than  totally clearing the
obstruction(s) that the soul has been carrying in this life so the Light
of the Inner Being can shine freely and there  is hardly a memory of what
had been the deep wound or presenting issue. This is Ellie's service, returning us
 to our True Nature.  Her work and presence is a true blessing for us all."

Greg McHugh,  
Denver, CO   
Board Certified Regression Therapist



How I Work


The way I clear an issue for good every session is based on my ability to access your cellular level memory. As a result of this ability, one issue is completely resolved for you 
every session...wherever you are


As a client, you will know that an issue you have been holding has been energetically dissolved because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it...EVER!




I Deliver  


Every session you have with me, one of your most significant issues will be cleared and best of all,
results are fast and last.
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My work is specific and result oriented.

With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear for you, you will feel a lightness of being immediately and a re-calibration (positive shift) for the next several days.


 Best of all, the peace you feel about the issue I cleared for you will continue and the issue I cleared will not need to be dealt with again.  Why? Because it will not bother you anymore!!



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Do you still have a little girl or a little boy inside of you who needs to sleep with a light on because you are afraid of having  bad dreams or you feel vulnerable when the room is dark?
Has starting your day often been difficult because you wake up feeling anxious & don't know why?

Would you consider that there might be a connection between what was going on in your home as a child and a feeling of dread as you start each day?  Would you prefer to wake up feeling positive and enthusiastic and have this become a way of being for you?
What was it like growing up in your house? 

It is common for people who grew up with tension and turmoil to feel anxious and depressed as adults.    The imprint of our parents and siblings on us when we are children is so much more powerful than we realize.  These energetic imprints continue to influence how we feel about ourselves, how we respond to those around us, and how we show up in the world.

When things don't go your way or people don't respond the way you want them to, is your response  pro-active and calm, or do you re-act with anger, annoyance or frustration ?  Driving is a great indicator!  How do you respond when someone cuts you off while driving or is driving too slow?

If you suffer from anger, depression, anxiety, trauma or unresolved grief, I can help you achieve the emotional freedom you want and deserve with the Pechet Healing Techniquea technique I have developed as a result of 30 years in the field of Energy Healing & Intuitive Counseling;.
How will I achieve this with you? 
By clearing the root cause of your symptoms...for good. 

Independent or Co-dependent?
How do you do in your relationships?

A good definition of co-dependency is "making a relationship more important to you than you are to yourself."  Also often stemming from childhood, "Co-dependency is an emotional & behavioral condition that affects an individual's ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship.  People who are co-dependent often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive, and/or abusive."  Web, MD,


Do you feel you tend to give your personal power away with a person who is significant in your life, ie; with a close relationship or maybe your boss or a colleague at work?
Would you like to stay in your authentic power and be more calm and less reactive with others?

In every session from any distance or in person, I will help you achieve a place of neutrality toward a person (people) you feel co-dependent (dis-empowered) with.  As I work with you, no matter what the issues need to be cleared, you will also notice an overall increasing sense of inner peace and a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and your closest relationships.

Achieve your Emotional Freedom today. Call me now to schedule your sessions or a free 20 minute consultation.

Best Wishes Always and Happy Independence Day!

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

508-237-4929  or  602-923-1292

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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician

From New England to New Zealand...I can work with you wherever you are.

If you are experiencing unresolved grief, anxiety, depression, a relationship trauma, call me...

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