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Healing Infidelity Trauma

A woman in her 60's called me from California because her health was declining. 
She was feeling increasingly weak and had lost a lot of weight. She had been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a thyroid condition +.
Her first session with me, the core issue I cleared for 'Anna' was heartbreak.  She knew intuitively
that her husband of many years had been cheating on her, but he would not admit this. She was still deeply in love and did not want to leave, but the pain in her heart was taking its toll on her in many ways.   
 In her first session, I cleared her "heartbreak" using my technique long distance.  She immediately
felt lighter and emotionally uplifted.  Her physical symptoms were also significantly reduced by the end of her first session.
As she becomes more empowered from our working together, she will be able to speak her truth with her husband. 

A client named 'Andrew' was experiencing anxiety about he and his wife moving back to the East Coast.  She had an extra-marital affair when they lived there in the past and even though they seemed to have moved past the affair, he was becoming increasingly anxious thinking about returning to the state the affair had taken place.  
I used my Pechet Healing Technique to identify, then clear the core wound he was carrying from her affair there. 
As a result, his anxiety about returning to the East Coast completely diminished. 
The move and his overall adjustment to being there went smoothly. 
My Work Is Specific And Result Oriented.


With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear for you, you will feel a lightness of being immediately and a re-calibration (positive shift) for the next several days. 

 Best of all, the peace

you feel about the specific issue I cleared for you will continue and you will not need to deal with it again.  because it will not

bother you anymore!!



I Deliver


Every session with me, one of your most significant issues will be intuited and energetically cleared completely.  
Results are immediate  and they last, long- distance or in person- whatever is more convenient for you.
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As a client, you will know that an issue you have been carrying has been completely resolved because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it again...EVER!



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Head and Heart

If your spouse or partner has broken your agreement of monogamy by having an affair outside of your relationship, you probably feel very hurt. The lingering wounds from being cheated on can be debilitating.  Please read on as there is hope and a wonderful solution so that you do not continue to carry the pain of the past.

A number of issues may surface as a result of your partner violating your trust by venturing outside of the relationship.  Betraying one's partner is always traumatic to the relationship.  The anger, mistrust and deep hurt that result affects both people, including the person who is acting out.  He or she is affected negatively even though this might not be evident right away.

Over the years, the clients I have worked with who have experienced infidelity tend to experience a number of emotional symptoms.  If not dealt with in a timely manner, these can start to manifest as physical and medical problems as any prolonged stress eventually takes it's toll on the physical body.
Some of the more common issues I see with clients who have experienced a major betrayal by their partner are the following:
  • Depression
  •  Abandonment 
  • Feelings of deep hurt & betrayal
  • Anger/Rage
  • Mistrust and suspicion of their partner/spouse
  • Desire to get even
  • Difficulty trusting a partner in future relationships



  • Chronic fatigue & low energy
  • Physical aches and pains that seem unexplainable
  • Digestive Issues  (unable to 'digest' what has transpired)
  • Back pain (lack of support by partner)
  • Skin eruptions (bottled up rage at partner) 
  • Heavy heart, - (eventually, can become heart disease).             (with many of the clients I work with who have heart issues, I find that the root cause of their physical condition is almost always a broken heart.)

When I work with a client who feels hurt by her or his partner's infidelity, by using the my energy healing technique, I am able to completely, energetically clear the wounds of the trauma and empower him or her to live their life from a place of authentic strength and clarity.

Clearing the emotional, energetic pain from one's heart can not only be liberating for that person, it can also prevent heart disease or eventually, dying from a 'broken heart' which is real and more common than many people realize.   By healing the heart, one is open to loving again and making a better choice. The heart is the most important, vital organ of every living being. I consider working with the heart my most sacred work.  


Those who cheat on their significant other often do this because they have an unconscious fear of sustained intimacy.  This fear makes it difficult for them to achieve and maintain a deep and honest commitment to another person.

The temporary relief they may feel when they cheat typically does not last.  And for some who are in an addictive pattern of cheating, cheating can create a high like one might get from a drug.  Either way, cheaters often feel guilt and shame, knowing that what they did is wrong.   


The way to remedy this behavior, (especially if it is a pattern), is if the perpetrator is willing to look at his or her deeper, underlying issues around intimacy and commitment.  With my intuitive counseling background, I am able to help clients quickly identify and understand the reasons behind destructive behaviors, the causes and fears of intimacy that often surface during sessions. 

If the perpetrator is willing to heal their destructive pattern, the underlying fears & issues causing the destructive behavior can be permanently cleared using the Pechet Healing Technique, in person and long distance.

Moving forward after the core issues are cleared, the perpetrator becomes capable of achieving and sustaining intimacy with his partner.   


In addition to working with clients individually, I also work with couples who have been affected by infidelity.  As a result of helping them to understand and then clear each of their issues, (causes and effects),  as a couple, they are then able to achieve and maintain a relationship built on mutual love, trust and respect.

So... is there a wonderful, efficient solution to the trauma caused by infidelity?  Absolutely! 
Call me now and schedule your sessions or a free 20 minute consultation and  achieve your emotional freedom today.

And thank you for remembering to recommend me to the people you care about who are struggling.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.
, Metaphysician

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