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Along with using the properties of quantum physics, counseling is interwoven into every session. I intuit the issue that is most significant for the client, then use my natural ability to energetically dissolve issues, symptoms, and blocks for her/him on the deepest level possible - the cellular level.  I set the intention for the issue or symptom that needs to be cleared, then focus and send energy through my hand.  The results are much like clearing a chalkboard full of writing and returning it to a clean slate.  The emotional issues that I clear for clients both over the phone/in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once for each issue.  My clients call me  

" The Real Deal "  Give me a call and  see for yourself.


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July, 2012
Healing Hands...


Peeling the Layers of the Onion  

vs. Getting the Whole Onion

The Connection Between the Power of our Thoughts and Creating our Reality in the Physical World


In my profession, I feel fortunate to work with those who are striving to achieve balance and spiritual awakening as a way of moving through issues that had previously been barriers to their growth.  When we address issues at a cellular level (instead of looking at just the seemingly evident issue at hand) blocked energy becomes clear and we can move more freely.  It is only then that we can start to live a life of positive thinking, uncluttered by the "things" that have been holding us back for many years. 


This was brought to the forefront when I worked with my client James, a person who is in his 40s with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  As some of us realize, events that happen in our lives and the way we have been conditioned to think can cause our bodies to respond negatively in the forms of stress, anxiety, ulcers, headaches and the like.  In James's particular case, this manifestation took the form of chronic disease.  In our 4th session, James told me, "We usually talk about peeling off the layers with most counseling and healing practitioners, but you get the whole onion every time."  I had to stop and think... he was right.  James was alluding to most counseling sessions taking time to reveal bits and pieces as the sessions take place over time.  But he noticed that issues were being cleared every single time  he and I met.  The sessions went right to the root of the matter; no waiting until next time to pick up where we left off.   


Initially, James had a ways to go in his healing.  Because of his severe childhood trauma and abuse, he had developed a death wish for himself as a young boy, often praying to die so that he could "go home" - anything was better than the life he had been living.  Over time, James (and sometimes we, too) can harbor negativity to the point where it festers and leaves us unable to see the other side, unable to clear the way to the ideas of hope and growth.  James had carried a lifetime of grief to the point of mapping out details of his death:  he knew he would eventually lose his sight, then his hearing, his bodily functions.  The physical ailments were perpetuated by the grief he carried over his father's abuse and the toxicity he felt from the chemicals being poured into his system.


When I worked with James, one of the sessions called me to his inner child.  This allowed me to see the "Little James" and the "Adult James" at the same time.  Little James was only half way to the point of growth because he didn't trust.  That lack of trust was holding him back.  Luckily, Adult James could see this, and was receptive to this healing and breakthrough - he realized that he had manifested his death sentence and finally felt a release, excited to move beyond and start living a life of calmness and completeness despite his debilitating physical condition.   


Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us that Abraham Maslow writes about a very small percentage of people who live the "extraordinary" level of consciousness, and Maslow attributes this self-actualization as self-trust - "When you trust yourself to decide your destiny, you don't allow externals discourage or influence you."*  James was finally starting to do that.


When you are ready to explore negative manifestations and moving through the issues that have been holding you back, I offer a 20-minute free consultation in person or on the phone. I can be reached at my ellie@phoenixrisinghealing.com or my number: 508-237-4929. 


*Dr Wayne Dyer Blog: Without A Doubt; June 2012 post


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