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What is "CLEARING"
Coaching, Reiki, Breath-Work etc only help you
FEEL better. They provide temporary relief but nothing actually gets cleared!
The Pechet HealingTechnique 
  delivers what it promises.  I clear a specific issue for you  for good every session! 

Some practitioners are starting to misrepresent themselves and make claims that they can not keep--using the term "clearing" as a catch all phrase to describe what they are going to do for you.


They are causing confusion and disappointment for their clients because a true clearing will clear an issue at the deepest level possible which is the cellular level.


The only way to clear an issue for good every session is to be able to access and work on the cellular level.  Very few practitioners are able to actually do this!    


As the client you know that an issue you have been holding has been  energetically removed because it will no longer have any charge around it...at all!  




Every session you have with me, one of your core (most significant) issues will be cleared and the

Results last.
My work is very specific and result oriented -

unlike most techniques out there.   


Imagine releasing a fishing net stuck to a whale's tale causing drag and preventing her to swim at full capacity. With every issue or block I clear for you, you will feel a lightness of being immediately and a recalibration (positive shift) for the next several days.  Best of all, the peace you feel about the issue I cleared for you will continue and will not have to be done again because it does not bother you anymore - the charge, anxst, upset about it will be completely resolved. 


So...how do you know you've been cleared in the true sense of the word?
When the issue that was cleared does not return---not in a week, a month, or years. 
Worldwide Results: 
Whether you are in New England or New Zealand the Pechet Healing Technique is effective over the phone as well as face-to-face. Clients all over the world recount lasting clearing, one core issue every session!! 


Ellie Works From a Higher Realm Call (508) 237-4929
Ellie Works From a Higher Realm 
Clearing and Healing A Heart Condition Call (508) 237-4929
Clearing A Heart Condition  
Efficient: One core issue is cleared for good every session.

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Only 8% of Americans Who Make New Year's Resolutions Keep Them
 This is according to Forbes.com 2014! 

Q. Why do so many people make New Years Resolutions they can't keep? 

Most people do not consider the effects of emotional issues from the past and how they impact our present and our future.

Early neglect, grief, ptsd, depression  etc. can leave us feeling like we are stuck in quicksand, unable to move. Without clearing the core emotional issues, it is very difficult to manifest what we want and this is the main reason that new years resolutions are often not fulfilled. 


Are you ready to get into the flow of 2014, poised and ready to manifest your intentions this time? If not, it is time to clear the blocks that exist currently. Let me dissolve your old wounds from the past and you will see that you are able to feel free and be fully present in the now with more energy and more clarity then ever before!


In every session I clear a core issue that has been keep you from reaching the abundance you want and deserve.  

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"I do lots of networking and meet quite a number of professionals day in and day out. I met Ellie at an event recently and immediately connected with her. I felt she was both genuine and gifted.


I've personally been having issues since August with broken sleep patterns. I would wake up and lose about two hours of sleep a night. I discussed this issue with Ellie and she mentioned that she would be able to get at the root cause and help.


I went in for a session and immediately started to have a more restful sleep. Ellie, thanks for getting my restful sleep back!"


Paul Cocuzza

 Community Outreach/Business Development Associate








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