Client Reports Incredibly Positive Experience 

Received from Daniel H., California, 6/1/2012:


 "I began working with Ellie Pechet in order to help me work through some difficult times in my past that had been very emotionally challenging, and had led to some serious phobias that affected my daily life. My particular fears were centered around social situations, and interactions with my peers, or with meeting new people.  

The first session I had with Ellie, she asked me to recall those first occasions when I had experienced the discomfort and anxiety of feeling different. She asked me to rate the severity of my distress as I relived those moments in my memory; I replied a "9". Then she said that she would take a moment and work specifically on those feelings and memories. After several minutes she asked me to recall the same memories again. At first I thought, hmm that's odd what would possibly be different? Nonetheless I obliged and began to recall the very same moments that I had just been over in my head again.  
And then the most peculiar thing happened ... as I began to go over the same thoughts, the same occasions which recalling just moments ago, had me reliving every excruciating detail. Now? Try as I might there were no feelings of pain, or stress or anxiety at all!! Not only were the painful emotions gone, when I tried to conjure up those negative thoughts and feelings from my past, instead all I could feel was an overwhelming sense of happiness and bliss. I felt a rush of joyful exuberance coursing through my body like water.  


This amazing experience, while completely inexplicable to me, has been incredibly positive in my life. The painful memories and feelings that have impacted my life for so long are now gone, and in their place are thoughts of happiness and confidence. I am so grateful to Ellie for this gift, and I am happy that others may experience the same incredible benefit I did."

A testimonial by Jane: 
Distance Healing - Ellie Pechet
Distance Healing - Ellie Pechet. M.Ed
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Along with using the properties of quantum physics, counseling is interwoven into every session. I intuit the issue that is most significant for the client, then use my natural ability to energetically dissolve issues, symptoms, and blocks for her/him on the deepest level possible - the cellular level.  I set the intention for the issue or symptom that needs to be cleared, then focus and send energy through my hand.  The results are much like clearing a chalkboard full of writing and returning it to a clean slate.  The emotional issues that I clear for clients both over the phone/in person are permanent and in most cases, only need to be dealt with once for each issue.  My clients call me  

" The Real Deal "  Give me a call and  see for yourself.   

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June, 2012
Healing Hands...



Cellular level healing is very beneficial, but as with all types of healing, people experience differing levels of results. People who are just beginning to awaken spiritually, or are just becoming open to complementary healing, sometimes take longer to feel the energy shifts taking place in their body. Individuals who have done a considerable amount of meditation and have been on some type of spiritual or healing path seem to receive the most immediate, substantial flow of energy when participating in the cellular level healing process.


Current stress can also create blocks to healing which is why it is important to bring a person into a place of deep relaxation at the beginning of the healing session. An effective energy healer does this by establishing a comfortable and safe healing environment, using the vibration of his or her voice to soothe and heal, and by starting to send healing energy thorough their hands.


Cell Level Healing: The deepest level of healing possible.


Resource: Cell-Level Healing, by Joyce Whitley Hawkes, Ph.D.

Hawkes describes spiritual health in the following way:

"The signs of spiritual health include an inner peace so deep that none of the challenges of daily life can shatter the core tranquility. Spiritually clear individuals awaken with joyful anticipation of each day. People who are spiritually clear discover that they can live fully present in ordinary life while simultaneously maintaining a connection with their spiritual center."


So, how do we get to that place of spiritual health?


One way is to clear the energy blocks spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. The most expedient way to do this is by getting to the root of the blocks by addressing them at the cellular level which is the deepest level possible;

Hawkes states, " All cells experience a constant in and out flow of the elements necessary for their survival. This essential pattern includes growth, repair, and response to stimuli, acquiring nutrients, and expelling waste. The scientific term for this is homeostasis; a relatively stable state of equilibrium.

Cells are the foundations of physical life. Groups of cells form tissues and similar tissues join together and form organs which are dependent on the health of the underlying cells. "


Everything is interconnected, therefore, our very thoughts affect us on the physical level, all the way to our cells. If our thoughts and interpretation of experiences are negative this literally creates 'dis-ease.'

Physical 'dis-ease' almost always stems originally from our emotional response to situations we have interpreted in a negative or victimized mindset.


Hawkes states, "Conventional research has established the detrimental effects of negative thinking, stress, and toxicity on the cells of the immune system and brain. 'Science has begun to document evidence of positive thinking of the beneficial effects overall of spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer as well as positive thinking and positive affirmations.


Why is clearing blockages so important?


As we go through life, actually starting in infancy, we experience emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.   The energetic imprints of the memories acquired from these experiences accumulate over time. Painful experiences impose limitations on all levels, interfering with our ability to live clear, joy-filled, unencumbered lives.


Experiencing the deep reach of clearing at the cellular level allows us to feel the joy of our true nature, no longer encumbered by the charged, painful experiences from our past.


We know that emotional stress triggers the release of fight/flight hormones, a response to accommodate one's ability to flee a situation that is perceived to be life threatening.  

When a person experiences the release of blocked energy the free flow of life energy is restored. This process is effective in releasing limiting thoughts, feelings and memories associated with undermining disturbances of the body/mind energy system.


You can begin the process of cell level healing yourself.


Begin by developing an appreciation of your body, mind, and spirit. Even if you feel you are lacking in some areas, see yourself as a whole, perfect being on every level. Mentally and verbally express gratitude for whatever state of life and health you now experience.

- Develop an awareness of the feeling of energy flowing through your body.

You can raise your awareness of this energy flow by:

-Noticing any feelings of resistance that you feel and asking yourself for information about this resistance in a neutral, non-judgmental way.

-Meditate. Turn inward and enter the safest and deepest state of meditation possible. Then relax and be open to connecting with yourself and the divine on a deep level.


The following web site provides more ways to bring your thoughts and physical being into a state of joyful balance.



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