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MAY 2016

Pechet Healing Technique: 
Specific & Result Oriented.
With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear, a lightness of being will be apparent immediately and a positive shift will continue to occur over the next several days. 
 The peace
you   feel about the specific issue I cleared will continue.  It will not need to be dealt with again  because it will be completely resolved!  

I Deliver
Every session with me, one of your most significant issues will be intuited and energetically cleared completely.    
Results are immediate  and they last, long- distance or in person- whatever is more convenient for you.

As a client, you will know that an issue you have been carrying has been completely resolved because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it again...ever! 

Are you ready for your emotional freedom now?

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I t
hink we can all agree that there are few greater feelings than climbing into bed after a long, busy day. And I also think we can agree about how frustrating it is when sleep simply does not come. Whether you are tossing and turning or checking the time every so often to calculate how much sleep you will be able to get if you fall asleep at that time, or trying to problem solve, it can feel impossible to turn your brain off for the night and rest. 

There are a number of reasons people may suffer from insomnia. People most commonly attribute the cause of their insomnia with current life stresses, such as a job, relationships, financial worries, or re-locating. Depending on the stress level and seriousness of one's current life issues, a simple sleep aid may be able to help you catch some zzz's. For example, during a house move, I had success with a natural remedy called Deep Sleep and Sleep Thru by Gaia. These were useful because my move was a short-term situation-related stress. 

However, one may have a more significant reason for their insomnia, such as childhood trauma. For example, a child whose parents could be heard fighting every night may have developed a lasting pattern of trouble sleeping because there was so much tension in the house. As an adult, he or she may have taken to keeping the TV on through the night to re-create the noise and stress they became acclimated to in a chaotic childhood. I was able to resolve this issue for one client by identifying the cause of his insomnia for 16 years as the time when his son was around 4 years old and went through a period of crawling into his and his wife's bed every night. My client would leave the bed and go sleep in his son's room. After I identified that as the cause for his disturbed sleep pattern, I cleared it using my technique and he was able to sleep through the night after that. Needless to say, the quality of his life in every aspect improved as he was getting the sleep he needed and he was very grateful to finally resolve this issue.  

In working with some of my clients, another aspect of restless sleep is sometimes related to a past life I intuit that was affecting them in their current life until I clear it using my Pechet Healing Technique.
One common theme that has surfaced with a number of clients I have worked was a life as a Native American lookout in a past life, responsible for keeping the tribe safe over night from other unfriendly tribes or white settlers. Some were a night guard in a life in Europe or here in America and this has been attributed to restless sleep.
We are complex as human beings, and challenging patterns in this life often have a past life origin. The pattern will surface in one's current life as part of the soul's desire to heal unresolved past issues, such as insomnia. The same can be true for a person with chronic anxiety, un-explainable grief, and even depression none of which have responded to conventional or other methods of healing.

Although sleep aids may give a temporary or partial solution to insomnia, it usually does not resolve the underlying issue causing the difficult sleep pattern. It is more effective and faster to look for what the cause or causes.

Using my Pechet Healing Technique, I clear the issue (or issues) causing insomnia by intuiting and then literally dissolving it using my energy technique. In cases where there is only one issue triggering a disturbed sleep pattern, I can usually resolve the issue in a single session. When there are multiple causes, resolving your insomnia can still be achieved in a matter of weeks, rather than years. One of the things that make the Pechet Healing Technique so efficient is that every issue I clear for you does not have to be repeated because it lasts, unlike prescribed medication or hypnosis.

Sign up now if you would like permanent resolution to trouble sleeping or any other issue such as anxiety, depression, grief or chronic pain! 

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician
Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing 

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Testimonial For Insomnia... 
Ellie has really helped my family through her energy clearing sessions. My partner had been suffering from depression for several months and the medications she was prescribed weren't working and had unpleasant side effects. Ellie was able to clear her depression in one session . This was five or six months ago and she has not had a re-occurrence. In a subsequent session, using her intuitive abilities along with her counseling skills Ellie resolved her insomnia and she has been sleeping soundly through the night!  
Susan Galereave, MA