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"The Whole Process of Your Technique is Amazing
- I've always aspired to be calm but I have never been able to turn off the noises...the voices inside my head until now.  I feel completely calm and peaceful inside."
Kim, MA

"I feel so much better since the clearing work Ellie did with me. I feel like the emotional ball and chain has been lifted. " 

Pam H. 


"I have tons more energy since working with Ellie. I don't know what she does, but it's amazing me right now. I'm excited to see how much more this can help me with the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme's Disease."

Chuck H.


"I was crying as I spoke in a small sharing circle group, and Ellie asked me if I would like her to help me get rid of the emotional charge I was experiencing. Within less than 15 minutes, Ellie had 'done her magic' just standing in front of me and clearing the energy. I can honestly say not only did I feel better right away, but it really didn't bother me when I was reminded of it weeks later. Thank you, Ellie!"

Judy P.  






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Over the last 30 years, Ellie has  developed her own technique: the Pechet Healing Technique,  a combination of intuition, counseling, and energy medicine.  She permanently dissolves issues such as trauma, anxiety, phobias and more, clearing one significant  issue  every session. 



For more information about how Ellie can help you, visit her website.   

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How the 
Pechet Healing Technique Works:
- Cutting edge energy work is an integral part of my technique combined with Counseling which is interwoven into every session.

- With the assistance of a Higher Intelligence, I intuit the issue that is most significant to be cleared for you in that session.  Over the phone is just as effective as in person.

- Next, I use highly focused intention and send energy through my hand like a laser beam, energetically dissolving a core issue, symptom or block 
for you on the deepest level possible.

 - The results are literally like clearing a chalkboard full of writing, returning it to a clean slate.
 - Then I energetically  
imprint the 

desired condition most helpful for the client and you feel deeply relaxed, peaceful and neutral about whatever it is that was bothering you! 

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October, 2013

When You Liberate Yourself From Your Past You Will Experience Your Inner Freedom
Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.
What continues to set you off?  Is it when you run into your ex-husband or wife?  A sister you are still upset with from a long time ago?  Is it your current boss or perhaps a co-worker?  When someone displays a certain behavior such as a loud, angry voice do you get upset because it reminds you of your abusive Father?
Someone from your present situation or past who triggers negative emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, feeling alone, unsupported etc. is triggering a place in you that feels wounded.

Since 1982, I have worked with many clients experiencing all types of emotional, spiritual and physical issues.  In this newsletter, I will focus on triggers, an issue many people
who I work with by phone/in person are able to get profound and long lasting relief from.

In my practice, I combine a masters degree in counseling with a mind, body, spirit approach in a technique I have developed as a result of 30 yrs. in both fields.  Using a highly developed level of intuition with my ability to send energy like a laser-beam, I can clear a significant issue for my clients every session.  With the Pechet Healing Technique, they resolve trauma, blocks and memories they have been storing in their minds and their energy body...quickly and for good.  
With PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), a trigger is a person, place, thought or thing (could be a loud noise) in a current situation that invokes a memory/flashback for the person holding trauma back to the original mental, emotional and/or physical trauma or series of traumas as if it is happening in that instant.  Current situations or people will trigger a negative thought, feeling, behavior. 

The cause of the trigger is often unconscious unless the individual goes to a qualified, intuitive healer who can help them connect the dots and then clear the issue in the same session. Very few practitioners I know can get to the root cause using their intuition and energetically, completely clear the core issue for good in the same session.  I do exactly this...every session, I clear a core issue, memory for my clients.

Fear, anxiety, racing pulse & thoughts are a few common symptoms people experience when triggered (these are also known as panic attacks.

When a person experiences
emotional, physical or sexual trauma, the brain develops new neural pathways as a way to cope with the perceived threat to survival. 
When a past memory of the traumatic event is triggered,  
a fight/flight response occurs and negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors are triggered.   IE; a domineering boss might trigger a reaction of feeling afraid and intimidated if the individual had a scary, domineering mother or father.

These first steps might be helpful if triggers, anxiety and painful memories are a problem for you.  

Step 1
: Identify your triggers.  
- When/where do your triggers usually occur?
- What type of situation(s) are you in?
- What kind of thoughts are you having?  
- Do certain people or things trigger you? 
Step 2: What symptoms do you experience? 
- Fear 
- Flashbacks 
- Racing thoughts
- Sweaty palms
- Pressured breathing
- A quickening pulse

Many clients I work with were emotionally, physically and or sexually abused as children. 
One client was sexually abused by her grandfather when she was between 4 and 6 years old.
Until I dissolved her trauma with my technique (this was accomplished in just one session),
she would experience a flashback of the abuse when she would smell cologne (Trigger) on another person similar to the one he used to wear.  After I cleared her of this trauma, she was no longer triggered by the cologne or anything else associated with the abuse.
By the end of that session, she was at peace and neutral about the abuse that took place. 
A few things you can do: 

- Breathe deeply - our breath connects us to source.
- Self soothe
- Expressive writing
- Social support...call a friend 
- Mindfulness. See if you can identify what is triggering you.  Is it a person? An anniversary? A certain smell? A holiday? 

Additional steps you can try: 

Practice positive self talk and affirmations. For example, separate then from now - remind yourself that what happened in the past is the past and that you are safe in the present moment.  Remember that you are truly divine and connected to source & all that is always and even in the present moment when you are struggling.
Come up with a positive affirmation for yourself such as:
"I am lovable.  I deserve to be treated with the utmost love and respect.  I am a valuable and divine child of God, Source..." 

If these steps don't work, call me.

This is precisely what I help people perhaps like you with.  The purpose of my approach is to help you claim your authentic power. I do this by energetically dissolving the painful memories you hold which are the root cause of the triggers you experience in the hear and now.  I use my own technique,  the Pechet Healing Technique.  Whether I work with you by phone or in person, you will experience true liberation from the experiences and memories keeping you feeling stuck. 

You deserve to experience happiness, joy and inner peace and you will as I permanently resolve and dissolve the issues still getting in your way.  You will have more energy and be able to create the life you have been wanting, starting with your first clearing session. 
So who or what is still setting you off? Do you desire to step fully into your authentic power? Inner peace is authentic power.  When you are in a place of inner tranquility, you will make choices that enhance your life and move you forward.

A painful experience, trauma, past or current relationship or situation can and will be cleared every session.   Clear the past...you are worth it!

Warm Regards,

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. 
Sessions are done over the phone from wherever you are and are PERMANENT. 

1 Core Issue Cleared For Good Every Session 
 Call me now to schedule your free 15 minute consultation or sessions.      
o- 602-923-1292 

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