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                                September, 2014
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Clearings I offer for pets: 
- Behavior challenges.   
- Past life origin connected to current issues.  

- Messages and desires they want to convey to their owner
My Work Is Specific And Result Oriented.


With each emotional, spiritual or physical issue block I clear, a lightness of being will be apparent immediately and a positive shift will continue to occur over the next several days. 


 The peace

you (or your beloved pet) feel about the specific issue I cleared will continue.  It will not need to be dealt with again  because it will be completely resolved!  






(For pets with specifically physical issues,  I recommend a wonderful healer named 
Fran Kowaczyk.  She is Located in Florida, and
her phone # is
941-391-6241 or e-mail 


When I work with pets long distance, I use an e-mailed picture of them.  Next, I connect energetically with the animal just as I do with human clients and proceed to communicate telepathically. They let me know what is going on, especially when it is an emotional issue.  

Next, I intuit what needs to be cleared and clear it for good, the way I do with human clients.  Sessions facilitate communication between the pet and its' owner.  The owners often feel relieved when they understand their pet better.

After a session, pets feel happier because
a) they feel understood and
b) the core issue that was bothering them has been energetically cleared.

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What Are Your Pets Trying To Tell You?

It is a change of pace for me to focus this newsletter on pets, but I thought I would shift the focus from people to another area I am sometimes called to be of service in and that is our beloved animal friends.  I hope this article is helpful.

Our pets try to communicate with us and we may miss the opportunity to understand what they need or want. 

 Instead, we tend to go by our assumptions about what we think is best for them.

Cats and dogs  are more similar to us than we realize.
They have a wide range of emotions like we do; they experience joy, happiness and excitement, as well as sadness, anxiety, disappointment, depression, loss, and trauma.   Think about the excitement a dog demonstrates when her owner comes home from work, tail wagging enthusiastically, barking, maybe jumping on her owner as she or he walks in the door.  Your canine is showing you how happy she is to see you and you are likely to feel happy and appreciated.

On the other hand, if you tell your dog you are going to take her for a walk and then don't, watch her expression and body language, and you can tell she is disappointed, face droops, tail droops, it's obvious she is having an emotional reaction, in this case, disappointment.

DREAMING: Our pets also dream actively like we do.  Surprised?  Try watching your pet sleeping.  Notice his paws start moving while sleeping, as if chasing something because in his dream, he probably is!

My cat Snickers' face twitches and his breathing pattern changes when he starts dreaming.  Once, he was sleeping next to me as I was sitting on the sofa working with a client long distance.  He woke up suddenly from what must have been an intense dream, and literally fell off the sofa when he woke up.  Wow, was he startled. You should have seen the surprised look on his face!

GRIEF & TRAUMA: Pets experience grief and trauma when they go through a loss as we do.  If their animal companion dies or gets separated due to a break up, this can be very traumatic. 

Recently I read a story about a male polar bear in Africa. He was euthanized after he became very depressed and stopped eating because his longtime companion (another polar bear) died suddenly when she had a heart attack. 
     Won't it be a great day when organizations responsible for animals, such as zoos, marine and wildlife centers etc. include animal communicators and intuitive healers on their staff?

My other cat (Blue) went into a brief depression last year.  Her whole behavior pattern changed over a few days.  She became lethargic and started spending a lot of time lying under my bureau.  This was out of character so I tuned in to see what was going on.   I intuited that she was upset because Snickers, her lifelong companion was dealing with a temporary health challenge.  Blue let me know she felt depressed because she was afraid Snickers was going to die!

  I talked with her about the situation explaining what was going on with him and that he was going to be okay.   Then I energetically cleared her fear and anticipatory grief.  She was fine after that, especially when I shared with her what was going on.  I continued to work on Snickers and he improved as well.  As you can see in a recent picture, these cats are very close.  They have been companions for 15 years, since they were kittens.

                            Snickers                          Blue

One summer day when I was living in Massachusetts,  I was spending time with my friend Tracy, relaxing by her pool .  She told me she had a beautiful German Shepard who would become practically frantic and pace around the pool every time Tracy got in to the pool.  She brought her out to the pool and asked me if I would tune in.   I said yes as I wanted to help and was curious as to what was triggering her.   Within a few minutes, I could see a vivid past life her dog had in which she was unable to save her owner from drowning.  
This soul memory (unconscious) surfaced every time her owner (Tracy) got in the water; her dog would panic.
When I cleared her traumatic (unconscious) memory from that life, her dog's reaction of panicking when Tracy went into the pool stopped and she was fine.

Recently a client was struggling because her elderly cat  stopped eating and seemed to be getting ready to transition.  When I tuned in to her pet, she shared with me that she did not want to go back to the vet, and did not want to be euthanized.  She let me know she wanted to die at home feeling loved and cared for by her owner.  I confirmed what my client already sensed and it was especially helpful for her to know she was already tuned in with her pet!
I wonder how many pets would choose not to be euthanized if given the choice by their Guardian.

Your pets have thoughts, feelings, and emotional & physical needs like humans do.  The more people recognize this despite the fact that the way they communicate is telepathic rather than verbal with us, the more we appreciate our pets and the better
we can meet
their needs. 
Our pets are not just here to serve our needs, we are here to serve theirs and this is just as important.
So...look and listen with your own intuitive ear first.  If and when an issue comes up that you need more help with, it helps to have an objective, intuitive professional to call on like myself.  

And thank you for remembering to recommend me to the people you care about who are struggling.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.
, Metaphysician

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