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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lymes Disease & GUILT...
Ellie Pechet is a special person and gifted healer. I came to her because I felt I had to take my healing to the next level. She cleared past events in my life tied to illness such as guilt, sadness over my lack of relationship with my father and resentments in other personal relationships in my life. I had also been suffering from blocked sinuses and a heavy feeling in my lungs when taking a deep breath but that was not the reason I was seeing her. After two sessions of clearing guilt, the pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis decreased significantly.  
My sinuses and breathing also got better!
In fact, my sinuses are more clear than they've been in a long time, and now when I take a deep breath, breathing feels lighter than it ever has. Also, in the morning my eyes used to be very dry and it was hard for me to focus them when I first woke up, but that has cleared up as well. She has cleared past traumas and guilt that has freed me to move forward!  Her clearings are both calming and invigorating at the same time and now I have more energy to do the things I need to get done! She has also helped me with anxiety about my health.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs physical or emotional help.
Thank you Ellie.


How I Work


The way I clear an issue for good every session is I am able to access your cellular level memory. One issue is completely resolved for you every session.


As a client, you will know that an issue you have been holding has been energetically removed because it will no longer have any charge when you think about it...ever!




I Deliver  


Every session you have with me, one of your core (most significant) issues will be cleared and the
results last. See video testimonials on website 
My work is specific and result oriented.

With every issue or block I clear for you, you will feel a lightness of being immediately and a re-calibration (positive shift) for the next several days.

Physical pains & symptoms will continue to decrease.

 Best of all, the peace you feel about the issue I cleared for you will continue and the issue I cleared will not need to be cleared again because it will not bother you anymore 

Based on my experience of having worked with many clients over the years, I know first hand that there is a very significant connection between unresolved emotional issues and physical symptoms and conditions.
From back aches to sleep disorders to digestive disorders such as upset stomach, colitis and IBS to heart disease and cancer, I find over and over again that I am able to trace the cause of many physical conditions to an emotional and/or spiritual origin.  Many of the clients with cancer I have helped had deep seated resentments toward one or more people in their life.  As I energetically dissolved their core emotional issues with the Pechet Healing Technique, their symptoms decreased quickly and markedly. 
Skin outbreaks and conditions such as eczema, rashes etc almost always have an emotional origin and sometimes a karmic or spiritual origin.  
A current client in his 40's has had spots on his hands for years. Nothing he has tried has reduced them.  By his second session with me, I intuited that his issue is spiritual.  Next, I intuited that the history he shared with me of promiscuity and lack of integrity with women is the underlying cause.   I have worked with him for 4 sessions so far and the spots are decreasing by combining intuitive counseling with my clearing technique.

Another client I am working with enlisted my help because of a skin rash that had been spreading on her body.  Going over her current/background history,  I intuited the main cause of her condition to be stress -  especially anger about her husband's addiction to gambling.  She was very concerned that he was wasting their money and increasing their debt.  The anger (emotional) she had been internalizing was taking its toll on her body (physical), and she was erupting similar to a volcano with the rash continuing to spread because she wasn't dealing with the underlying stress and anger.  Again, the medical establishment could find no cause for the rash.  Every time I clear a stress related issue for this client, ie; resentment toward her husband,  feeling betrayed, she becomes more calm overall and the rash on her body continues to decrease.

If you have a physical condition such as insomnia or sleep apnea, a skin, digestive, heart condition etc. or an emotional issue such as relationship trauma or depression, I can help you - long distance or in person.
508-237-4929  or  602-923-1292


See Chuck's testimonial (left column) about the connection with clearing his long term guilt and a rapid decrease in many physical symptoms including rheumatoid arthritis and more...

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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician

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