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Welcome!  Our newsletter is created for those looking for information about learning disabilities, mental health issues, and living with ADHD.  For more resources, visit the Hallowell Center at www.drhallowell.com.
  • September Newsletter 2016
  • Helping People who Learn Differently Find Success!
    I have written about InventiveLabs in the past.
    These guys have come up with a new program that I think is so exciting I am writing about them again.
    Neuropsych Testing for Everyone - Not just Students.
    College Coaching, ADHD and Self-Advocacy
  • August Newsletter 2016
  • Let's Create Ongoing ADHD Support!
    I'm looking for your ideas - any and all, off the wall and on the wall - as to how, together, we can create some forum of ongoing support, dialog and exchange of ideas.
    Before Summer Becomes a Distant Memory....
    Summer is an ideal time to complete neuropsychological testing since it often occurs over multiple days, and strategies can be implemented now to build a system of accommodations for the fall.
    Participate in a Home Study on Attention Training Using a Novel Videogame!
    We have an exciting new opportunity and are looking for enthusiastic people to participate.
  • July Newsletter 2016
  • What do ADHD and Fireworks
    Have in Common? We who have ADHD have fireworks in our brains all the time.

    Summer is an ideal time to complete neuropsychological testing since it is often a time-consuming endeavor
  • June Newsletter 2016
  • Dr. Hallowell's Reflection on the Orlando Shooting.
    It's difficult to talk about what happened, but we must. We seek answers. Dr. Hallowell shares his wisdom here.
    Summer - Beach, Tans and Neuropsychological Assessments
    Video Training for Parents of Children with ADHD
  • May Newsletter 2016
  • Love the Bill George's you know with all your heart while they are still with us and living.

    As I write this note there is sadness in my world because the father of my wife, Sue, passed away.
    While as far as I know none of you knew him, you would have loved this man, Bill George. I want to write about him here, now, not only to commemorate one of the most unforgettable characters and kindest men I've ever known, but also to connect with you all, us the living ones, and muse a bit about life and death.

    Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Family Summer Camp

    Dr. Hallowell shares 30+ years of ADHD experience with parents while kids ages 6-18 engage in fun activities with built in executive function strategies.
    Tel: 781-820-0881
  • April Newsletter 2016
  • The cruelty, goodness, absurdity, and humor of everyday, ordinary, nothing-special-happening-now life always intrigues me. Not the BIG ISSUES, but the little, petty, picky issues we (or at least I) encounter and get tangled up in every day.
  • March 2016
  • Take a moment and join me at my imaginary hearth.

    I would like very much to see you, to have each one of you over to my house for a coffee or a glass of wine, to sit by our hearth with our Jack Russell, Ziggy, to introduce you to my wife, Sue, if she happened to be at home when you dropped by, as well as our three kids, Lucy, who is now 26, Jack, who is 23, and Tucker who is 20.

    Does Your Child experience inattention and impulsivity? Participate in a Home Study on Attention Training using a Novel Videogame!
  • February 2016
  • We Must Capture the Necessary Brilliance of people with ADHD

    I want to introduce all who read my newsletter to an amazing resource for people who have ADHD but don't fit into the traditional college or grad school setting. It is called InventiveLabs.
  • January 2016
  • Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Family Summer Camp
    What makes this camp unique is that the parents come with their children!
    Not only do the parents get to have time with their kids, but the parents also meet other parents who are dealing with the same issues, while kids meet other kids who also have the fascinating trait called ADHD.
  • December 2015
  • Holidays. December.
    Does it bring out the Scrooge in you or the celebratory Santa Claus, or a little bit of both?
  • November 2015
  • People in High Places have ADHD, as do People Who Struggle

    People in high places have ADHD, for example, Daniel Koh, the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Boston.

    But it is also true that people who struggle mightily just to get by often have ADHD. This condition can be associated with greatness or with abject despair and failure.
    Read More..
  • October 2015 Newsletter
  • ADHD Month: Celebrating 34 Years of Progress!

    I chose 34 years because I learned about ADHD, or what was then called ADD, in 1981, 34 years ago.

    In one of the great "A-HA!" moments of my life, I heard a lecture given by Dr. Elsie Freeman as part of my training in child psychiatry about a condition I'd never heard of: attention deficit disorder. Until that moment, I would have thought the term referred to a child who suffered from not receiving enough attention!
  • September 2015 Newsletter
  • In my 20 Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School - I explain how you, as a parent, can help your child find a way to shine in situations that often cause turmoil.
  • August 2015 Newsletter
  • As the summer wanes, it is time to harness and direct our mental power.

    I have been working with entrepreneurs for 30 years and have met many between the ages of 12 and 90. What sets them apart? A term I call "Pop", a psychological characteristic that combines grit with imagination and optimism.
  • July 2015 Newsletter
  • Rick Fiery, a pioneer in helping young people with ADHD, whom he names "Inventives." I'd like to see ADHD renamed Inventive, wouldn't you?
    His institute, described as heaven on earth for people who can't do college but who have lots of talent and ambition. Check out Inventive Labs. Go to their Kickstarter page and view the projects Rick's amazing Inventives are developing.
  • June 2015 Newsletter
  • I wrote this as a message to anyone and everyone who is in a jam, low on hope, or just at wit's end.
  • May 2015 Newsletter
  • Dr Hallowell Summer Family Camp • Paid Attention and Impulse Control Study • FREE Webinar - How to talk to the world about ADHD
  • April 2015 Newsletter
  • Problems come up all the time in life, some major, most minor. Our most powerful tool to deal with problems is...each other.
  • March 2015 Newsletter
  • I wish you all the best, the very best. Know that no matter what we believe, we are all in this life together.
    In this "Note from Ned" I want to tell you about one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken in my life. The last few days of February, I fled the otherworldly snows of Boston and flew to Israel.
  • February 2015 Newsletter
  • What do we do when we are buried? I've been reading Joan Chittister lately. I recommend her highly. She is a Catholic nun, but she writes for everyone about life's deeper matters. She writes about living in uncertainty, about needing faith in possibility more than in additional data, as we grapple with what we must grapple with.
  • January 2015 Newsletter
  • As we head into 2015, let me please take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the audience that receives this newsletter along with the "Notes from Ned" that appear in it. I love the chance to connect with you this way.
  • December 2014 Newsletter
  • ADHD is commonly considered a childhood disorder, but many adults have ADHD. Dr. Hallowell explains on Boston's WCVB Channel 5 Chronicle how a diagnosis can change your life, no matter your age.
  • November 2014 Newsletter
  • In this "Note from Ned" I am over-the top excited to announce the publication of my new book, Driven to Distraction at Work, published by the Harvard Business Review Press. You can order it off Amazon.com now, even though its official publication date is January 6, 2015.
  • October 2014 Newsletter
  • The month of October is ADHD Awareness Month. It also marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Driven to Distraction.
    How far we've come since 1994 in our nation's collective awareness of ADHD. But how far we have yet to go!
  • September 2014 Newsletter
  • It's back to school, back to work, good bye to summer, welcome to fall, and here we go again, in the great cycle of life.
  • August 2014 Newsletter
  • I've been treating ADHD for over 30 years in people of all ages, so I have seen firsthand how devastating it can be.
  • July 2014 Newsletter
  • Watch this Good Morning America video as Dr. Hallowell comments on Lisa Ling's diagnosis at age 40:
    "This is tremendously good news - your whole life can come into focus."
  • June 2014 Newsletter
  • Two Summer Weeks With Ned and Sue Hallowell. The first - for children and parents. The second week - for adults only. Sue and I get to spend down time with the participants, which is wonderfully expansive for us all. Also in this issue... Pre-Order Dr. Hallowell's Latest Book- driven to distraction at work.
  • May 2014 Newsletter
  • I am currently working on a book on how to achieve focus in today's busy workplace and in life in general.
  • April 2014 Newsletter
  • We desperately need to reframe how we look at what's called ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • 2014 March Newsletter
  • Join Dr. Hallowell in London. From Sept 29th to Oct 3rd 2014, Dr Hallowell will host a series of workshops in London for parents, ADD adults, educators and health professionals.
  • 2014 February Newsletter
  • In this newsletter you will find information on coaching, a mainstay in ADHD treatment.
    Watch Dr. Edward Hallowell with Marie Forleo:
    Why Smart People Under-Perform and What to do About It!
  • 2014 January Newsletter
  • January Greetings and the Need for Silence from Dr. Hallowell
  • December 2013 Newsletter
  • A Survival Guide to Managing ADHD and the Holidays!
    Dr. Hallowell offers tips to help cross out some items on your holiday to do list to remain sane in this CrazyBusy world.
  • November 2013 Newsletter
  • Thanksgiving: Food, family, festivity, football, and fun. An array of F's.
    As Thanksgiving approaches, I have to admit I've been through some tough times of late, as I'm sure some of you have, as well. Do we want to give thanks, or ask for help?
    As I reflect on it, of course, the answer is both. Like most people, indeed I would say all people, I need help. But also, like all people, I have more to give thanks for than I usually reckon.
  • October 2013 Newsletter
  • October is ADHD Awareness Month!
    Hallowell Centers Strength-Based Philosophy: We Search for What is Good, Strong & Healthy First!
    Lead a happier, more productive life through our balanced treatment approaches that integrate the latest in brain, body and heart research!
  • September 2013 Newsletter
  • Sometimes it's confusing to figure out what is best for you or your child with ADHD. This newsletter is about finding good resources, no matter your age. And Dr. Hallowell shares more about his strengths-based approach to ADHD treatment. As one poster wrote, you'll be "amazed!"
  • August 2013 Newsletter
  • Fall is the time of new beginnings, particularly if you have children returning to school or heading off to college. In honor of that we have dedicated much of this issue to parenting and education topics.
  • July 2013 Newsletter
  • This newsletter delves into the joys of taking time out and the importance of what Dr. Hallowell calls "the other Vitamin C," or Connecting. As connection is critically important to our health, we hope this newsletter will inspire you to use this summer to find some of that other Vitamin C!
  • June 2013 Newsletter
  • This month's newsletter covers how to keep your kids from backsliding over the summer and information about ADHD at work.
  • May 2013 Newsletter
  • In his many years of working with adults with ADHD and learning issues, Dr. Ned Hallowell has gained a great deal of wisdom. He also has the gift of being able to inspire others.
  • April 2013 Newsletter
  • Rates of diagnosis for ADHD in children continue to rise. This month Dr. Hallowell shares his views on whether or not ADHD is overdiagnosed. He also talks about the relationship between electronics and ADHD-like symptoms.
  • March 2013 Newsletter
  • Information everywhere! Sometimes it feels as if we will all be buried with it. We are there to answer questions about your family's health, so feel free to contact us.
  • February 2013 Newsletter
  • It is a hallmark of the Hallowell approach to ADHD that families impacted by ADHD understand the positives, and the risks, as they work to manage ADHD issues.
  • January 2013 All New Newsletter
  • • Ever wonder how the environment around you impacts your life or your child's ADHD?
    • Looking for a great family experience this summer that helps you all see the sunny side of ADHD?
    • Interested in learning mindfulness skills or finding out how ADHD differs from bipolar?
    That's just a "taste" of what's in store for you in this month's redesigned newsletter.
  • December 2012 Hallowell Newsletter
  • This holiday season is a time of both great joy and great sorrow. Dr. Hallowell provides his thoughts about the events in Newtown as we all adjust to the news.
  • November 2012, Part 1 - Hallowell Newsletter
  • We are experimenting and want your feedback! Do you like this format? It's a bit shorter, will come to you more frequently
  • October Hallowell Newsletter 2012
  • This month we answer your questions about newer medications and introduce you to some ways to manage ADHD in non-medicinal ways.
  • September Newsletter 2012
  • This is a busy time of year, but please take FIVE minutes to read this newsletter. Due to our break over the summer, it is CHOCK FULL (!) of information, free resources, interesting new research, links to videos, information about talks you might attend...you get the idea.
  • June Newsletter 2012
  • It highlights many opportunities to connect (including with Dr. Hallowell at the Cape Cod Institute), provides information about organization, taking time with family, and more.
  • May Newsletter 2012
  • Happy May! It's a time of rebirth and the dash towards summer!
  • February Newsletter 2012
  • This newsletter features long and interesting "in the news" and resources sections as well as many events listing where we hope you'll join us.
  • December Newsletter 2011
  • December is always a busy month, and we hope that everyone reading this newsletter remains healthy and happy, taking specific steps to lower stress, such as getting regular exercise and enough sleep!
  • October 25 Newsletter 2011
  • This month we have tried to broaden the types of resources we are offering, including a number of recorded interviews and videos. Of particular interest may be this week's video of Dr. OZ interviewing Dr. Hallowell and Sue Hallowell on the topic of ADHD and marriage, and an interview with Dr. Hallowell on dyslexia.
  • August Newsletter 2011
  • Fall is the time of new beginnings for those of us with children. This newsletter provides several great perspectives on how to help your child or children get off to a smooth start.
  • June 2011 Newsletter
  • Summer is upon us! In your home, does that mean lazy days, unstructured chaos, or both?!
  • April 2011 Newsletter
  • Lots of good stuff in short articles and resource listings to get you ready for - and through - the summer.
  • March 2011 Newsletter
  • Have you ever wondered if a coach might be right for you? In this edition we have an article about what coaching is, and also introduce our new section "Coach's Corner" which will include a useful tip for managing ADHD in each edition.
  • January 2011 Newsletter
  • Happy New Year! We hope that you have all started off 2011 in a way that brings you pleasure. This month Dr. Hallowell has released his latest book, Shine, and it's terrifically inspirational.
  • November 2010 Newsletter
  • It has been quite a while since our last newsletter, so we are trying to "make it up to you" with some particularly good articles and resources!
  • Sep 14 2010
  • Self-Regulation Through Sensory Training-The more we learn about the brain the more we appreciate the regulating value of exercise.
  • May 2010 Newsletter
  • This newsletter includes some really interesting information about non-medicinal treatments for ADHD.
  • March 2010 Newsletter
  • Happy beginning of spring! This is a busy time of growth and (re)birth. And speaking of birth, today is the "birthday" of a new book, Married to Distraction - Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Interruption.
  • Jan 2010 Newsletter
  • Happy 2010! This month we delve into issues of particular interest to parents of kids with learning differences.
  • Dec 2009 Newsletter
  • This month we pull in Rebecca Shafir from the Hallowell Center to talk with us about cognitive function, normal memory issues, memory loss as we age, and memory issues specific to people with ADHD.
  • Oct Nov 2009 Newsletter
  • No link between stimulants and addiction; Meds stop working; Learning Breakthrough; Omega-3s and fish oil; LENS; Dopamine and mood enhancement
  • September 2009 Newsletter
  • Choosing a doctor; Using a team to succeed at college and in work; finding a career path that suits you; Neurobehavioral assessment & treatment
  • June 2009 Newsletter
  • More on generic Adderall; Self control and kids; Working memory; Distraction; Resources for college students
  • April 2009 Newsletter
  • Married to Distraction excerpt; Generic Adderall; Teen Driving; Life and Wellness Coaching; Breaking Interuption Habits; Michael Phelps
  • March 2009 Newsletter
  • READING ISSUE: ADD or Dyslexia?; Mechanical eye issues or ADD?; Resisting diagnosis; College success; Table manners; Hallowells to give marriage seminar in June '09; Gaining financial management skills; Resources from our readers
  • January 2009 Newsletter
  • Next steps after diagnosis; Irlen Syndrome; Classroom Tips for Teachers of Students with ADHD; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Auditory Stimulation; Meditation; What it's Like to be a Parent of Child with ADHD
  • December 2008 Newsletter
  • Narcissism; Connection at school; Messiness; 10 ways to beat holiday stress; Educational consultants can smooth transition to college; Hallowell podcast series; ADHD moms facebook group; ADHD meds don't affect chromosomes; SuperParenting for ADHD
  • October 2008 Newsletter
  • New law for mental health coverage; Smoking and ADD; Demystifying specialized school admissions; Stress management action plan; Malcolm Gladwell on late blooming creativity; Forgetting is the new normal; Help for college; Fish oil
  • September 2008 Newsletter
  • ADHD awareness week resources; Quigong as an alternative therapy for ADD; My Sensory Solutions and Dore; Hallowell to release "Superparenting for ADD"; Using emotions as you negotiate
  • Eagle Hill Grad Talk
  • Transcript of Inspiring graduation speech given by Dr. Hallowell about the power of thinking differently.
  • Dore Correction
  • Updated information about Dore business issues and how they affect Hallowell patients.
  • June 2008 Newsletter
  • Educational options for teens; distractibility and how it works in the brain; St. John's Wort doesn't treat ADHD; Dore bankruptcy (see correction); homeschooling; John Ratey lecture online; organization tips
  • May 2008 Newsletter
  • Michael Thompson on boy's development from birth to age 18; homeschooling; early diagnosis; motives and ADHD - not what you think; AHA recommendation to get an ECG before taking stimulant meds; career planning newsletter for teens with ADHD; weekly teleseminars with ADDA
  • April 2008 Newsletter
  • ADHD and memory; Panic attacks in depth;

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