"I help people unwrap their gifts; not treat disabilities."

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People in High Places have ADHD, as do People Who Struggle

People in high places have ADHD, for example, Daniel Koh, the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Boston.

But it is also true that people who struggle mightily just to get by often have ADHD.  This condition can be associated with greatness or with abject despair and failure.

As many of you know, I have long advocated a strength-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.  In just the past 10 days two things happened that bear upon this matter.
Dr. Hallowell Describes His First Grade Teacher's Influence

Each child needs to be who they are and they need to feel safe at school.

"Her arm took out of the learning equation that which is, in my opinion, by far the most dangerous learning disability, fear."
Organization, Stress, Anxiety, Academics, Memory, Focus, Problem-solving
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Learn how ADHD and Executive Function impact your child's motivation, retention and self-confidence.

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