"I help unwrap gifts; not treat disabilities."
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Note from Ned

As much as I always try to look for the 
tulips and daffodils in life, 
I am stuck with being human....
and a pretty petty, pig-headed human at that.

Greetings, as spring approaches and threatens to land. Even though T. S. Eliot said that April is the cruelest month, I take issue with that punctilious poet and say that months dole out cruelty with as little regard for the calendar as for cause. Cruelty seems to be part of every month. But then again, so does bounty, and even goodness.

The cruelty, goodness, absurdity, and humor of everyday, ordinary, nothing-special-happening-now life always intrigues me. Not the BIG ISSUES, but the little, petty, picky issues we (or at least I) encounter and get tangled up in every day.

Take today, for example. I was in a good mood. The sun was out, the streets were clean, as we my teeth......

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Distraction Podcast

Tired of living your life on autopilot? 
Tune into Episode #4 - Be Here Now! for tips on living in the moment and calming the noise in your head. 

Dr. Hallowell interviews a pioneer on mindfulness, Dr. Herbert Benson, on mindfulness strategies and Jon Kabat-Zinn on the importance of getting in touch with your mind and body.  "Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing." - Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Mediation in Everyday Life. 

Listen to previous episodes:
#3 - Sleepisode -tips to fall asleep faster and get back to sleep.
#2 - What it's like to have ADHD - Dr. Hallowell's personal journey.

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April 11th - May 2nd with Teagin Maddox

What's the biggest challenge in an ADHD relationship? "Developing mutual empathy and understanding", says Dr. Hallowell.  

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Love: The Most Important Medicine for ADHD

Dr. Hallowell believes that love is the single most powerful tool you can use to draw out your child's strength. It doesn't do the whole job, but without it the job never gets done right. Learn why love is so important in this article by Understood.org
Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Family Summer Camp
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Dr. Hallowell shares his 30+ years of experience with parents while kids (ages 6-18) engage in fun activities with built in executive function strategies. Students gain new insights for improving organization, time management, advocacy skills, and experience learning adventure activities. Parents learn about ADHD and how to help their child effectively manage their ADHD. Create strong bonds and "unwrap the gifts of ADHD." Camp for siblings too.
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Organization, Stress, Anxiety, Academics, Memory, Focus, Problem-Solving
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Workshops, Events and Programs at the Centers:

Research Opportunity, Ages 18-20, 30-39 - do two 20 minute computer tasks while a clinician records EEG brain waves. Painless, harmless and rather fun. Receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Learn more here. Call 978 287-0810.

New! Alpha-Stim, for anxiety, insomnia and depression, is a new hand held, FDA approved device designed for patients who prefer a non-medication treatment approach, or for those whose medication regimen is insufficient for treating their symptoms. The Alpha-Stim uses electromedical technology to provide long-lasting, cumulative relief without the risk of negative effects. Read how Alpha-Stim works and the supporting researchDr. Hallowell reports, "We are very pleased to discover Alpha Stim, a safe and effective approach for our patients; I highly recommend it - our results have been excellent." If you would like to experience the Alpha-Stim technology, contact The Hallowell Center (978) 287-0810 and set up a 30 minute appointment with Rebecca Shafir

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Helping Children Find Focus in a Scattered World

12-12:30pm EST. Join Dr. Hallowell and Elaine Taylor-Klaus for a LIVE interview to learn what parents need to do to unlock the gifts of ADHD.   

May 11Dr. Hallowell with the CHADD groups of Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island, NY 7pm, Waldorf School, Garden City. $15 Screens, Stress & ADHD: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

July 17-22, Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Summer Family Camp, For children ages 6-18 with ADHD and their parents and siblings.

August 8-12, Cape Cod Institute, Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the LifeSpan. For professionals, individuals and parents. 

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Young adults with ADHD, dyslexia and LD now have a business incubator that offers the acceptance that drives creativity. Watch the TEDx talk here.

Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD -Starts May 5, Using a combination of education and coaching, learn to set boundaries, reduce chaos, finish homework, build self-esteem and more. 7 sessions, Held on Long Island and via live Webinar. 

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