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Quote of the Month:

"People who have huge abilities usually have a 'disability'."

- Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.
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Q:  I have heard that there is a new, extended release drug, in liquid form, that has recently been approved by the FDA for ADHD. Is it appropriate for adults?  How is it different from pills - just in form?        

A: There will soon be a new option among the psychostimulants, called Quillivant XR, the first long-acting psychostimulant available as a liquid. It will deliver the same medication over the same length of time as other extended-release pill or capsule methylphenidates such as Concerta and Ritalin LA, however it will be particularly beneficial to children (and adults) with ADHD who have trouble swallowing pills, and for those who benefit from being able to finely tune their dosage. Quillivant XR is expected to be available in pharmacies in January 2013. Find out more here. - Kimberly Rawlins M.D., Sudbury Hallowell Center
Post-Concussion Syndrome: An ADHD Mimic   


Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) describes the range of residual symptoms that persist beyond 12 months after an injury. The point of impact suffers the maximum injury, however, the frontal and temporal regions have also shown to be consistently vulnerable. Many of the following symptoms mimic behaviors seen in ADHD and Mood Disorders:
  • Attention deficits, difficulty sustaining mental effort
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Impulsivity, irritability
  • Low frustration threshold
  • Temper outbursts and changes in mood
  • Learning and memory problems
  • Impaired planning and problem solving
  • Inflexibility, concrete thinking
  • Lack of initiative
  • Socially inappropriate behaviors
  • Self-absorption and lack of insight 
The Hallowell Centers offer a variety of diagnostic and assessment tools to help determine the exact cause of these symptoms and to provide an accurate and timely diagnosis. We evaluate each situation with a complete medical history and perform a neuropsychological assessment (a battery of specific tests). People with attention deficits and PCS tend to have an excess of slow-wave brain electrical activity and other coherence abnormalities as seen on brain maps. In keeping with the "strengths-based" approach, the Hallowell Center offers a comprehensive menu of treatments and has gained a reputation for being on the cutting edge of treatment in the field of ADD and other learning conditions.

Treatment may include medication and/ or a neurotherapy (biofeedback and neurofeedback) approach that gives patients audio/visual rewards for producing more normal patterns of brainwave activity and uses passive feedback or active operant conditioning to normalize brain activity thus restoring the individual to their former, and often times improved, level of functioning. Neurotherapy is safe and effective for individuals who prefer either a non-medication option, or a medication and alternative treatment combination, or for those who experience medication side effects.

Ignoring isolated or repetitive blows to the head can negatively and significantly affect a student's academic potential, future relationships and stunt a promising career.  If you suspect your child or a loved one has developed these symptoms following a head injury or repetitive head trauma from sports related activities, contact us at 978 287 0810 x101.

For more information on sports related concussions, read this article in Boston.com.

Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, is a clinician at the Sudbury Hallowell Center and can be reached at the Sudbury Hallowell Center or at 978-287-0810 x117
ADHD and Children, Teens and Young Adults

Chiropractic Drug-Free Help for ADHD -
Chiropractors can help both children and adults who are looking for natural ways to control ADHD. The SHINE For Doctors program, co-founded by Dr. Hallowell, trains people to manage their impulsivity, calm their minds, and channel their energy through safe and painless adjustments combined with brain based neurological assessment, nutrition protocols and counseling, neuropsychological assessments, exercise and strategic counseling. Find a SHINE For Doctors Chiropractor near you here.


Dr. Hallowell's Top Ten Ways to Raise a Happy ADHD Child - Dr. Hallowell is a Child and Adult psychiatrist, and has long marinated over how to raise a happy and successful child. This insightful list summarizes what he believes to be the Top Ten ways to help kids with ADHD grow up to be Happy, Confident and Connected.  Read the article at ADDitude Magazine.  

Dr. Hallowell Endorses ImpactADHD's Parent Academy
This online home-study program coaches parents to manage the 6 major areas where family life is most impacted by ADHD: Minimize Meltdowns (emotionality), Homework Headaches (school), Managing (Morning) Mania (logistics), From Struggling to Snuggling (relationships), If Mama Ain't Happy (parent self care) and De-Stress from the Mess (organization). Parents can go at their own pace, and interact live with coaches. To learn more and receive a Dr. Hallowell 15% discount, click here.       

Earlier and More Effective Results for Children with ADHD - Mayo Clinic has designed new information gathering tools to enable parents and teachers to provide more substantial information, earlier in the consultation session. Read more here.    

ADHD and Adults   

Get Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur 
Dr. Hallowell is an Entrepreneur and understands the gifts and challenges associated with being one. If you are one, or if you work with one, or are interested in becoming one, this video presentation will offer you strategies to reach the next level of success. Learn more here.   
ADHD Can be Exhausting Sometimes - ZoŽ Kessler writes that living with, and writing about, ADHD can sometimes feel overwhelming. She explains that although it is better to be well-informed, it isn't always easy. Using Dr. Hallowell's analogy of bicycle brakes, she describe what it's like to try to manage it daily. Read the article at PsychCentral 
CHADD's FREE October Issue of Attention Magazine - The October issue of CHADD's Attention magazine was available for free in honor of ADHD Awareness Week. Due to Hurricane Sandy, the online version has been extended. Read it here

CrazyBusy: An Introduction to Mindfulness - This 90-minute workshop at the NYC Hallowell Center will highlight techniques to support work/life balance and is designed to reduce stress, anxiety, physical and mental discomfort.  It will utilize a combination of breath, sound, movement and visualization to break habitual patterns so that the participants can slow down and listen to their innate intelligence. Learn more here

ADHD and Professionals    

Free Teleseminar for Chiropractors
Most people with ADHD prefer to explore non drug, alternative approaches to symptom relief. Dr. Hallowell contributes his ADHD expertise to empower the chiropractor with the tools and resources they need to help ADHD patients. If you are a chiropractor, learn more by joining us on November 27th at 4:30PM EST. Register at www.shinefordoctors.com.   

Dr. Hallowell: Keynote Speaker at the American Montessori Society 2013 Annual Conference -
Dr. Hallowell believes that teachers wield enormous power to change lives for the better. On March 16, 2013 from 10:30am-noon in Orlando Florida, Dr. Hallowell's presentation "Igniting Every Child's Full Potential" will better equip teachers to help students achieve greatness, rather than drift into a life of marginal existence. Learn more here. The Institute of Montessori Education now offers Mining Magnificent Minds training to their teachers.

Dr. Hallowell: Keynote Speaker at the 2013 ADHD Conference and Symposium - Dr. Hallowell will be giving two presentation, January 25 and 26: ADHD Throughout the Lifespan, and A Strength-based Approach to Treatment of ADHD in Children and Adults.  Find out more information at the University of Alabama.

The American Chiropractor Front Cover Dr. Hallowell: Keynote Speaker at Two Chiropractic Conferences - Dr. Hallowell will share his ADHD expertise and describe SHINE For Doctors at Parker Seminars in January and The CLA Summit in February. 
CrazyBusy Tip - Time To Think


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The average time that someone stays involved with a project at one sitting is about 12 minutes before either spontaneously doing something different or being interrupted by others. Twelve minutes of thinking is not enough time to invent, or even do, anything! 


Think about what it takes to truly think and be creative - time! 


Next time you're struggling to balance too much, think about the benefits of being able to think longer. Schedule yourself a good chunk of "thinking time", then force yourself to put that smart phone aside, close down your computer, shut your door, put the phone on auto-answer, and think or create!  I bet you'll feel exhilarated at the progress you make!      


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Coach's Corner
What is Executive Function?  

Executive function can be described as a set of mental processes that help to connect past experience with present action. It is utilized during activities that include strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, organizing, planning, and managing time and space.
The brain matures and develops well into adulthood and executive functioning capabilities are affected by classroom experiences, physical changes and general life activities. Direct instruction and frequent feedback is very important to advance these important life skills.
What are the signs of executive functioning difficulty?
  • Trouble memorizing and retrieving information
  • Difficulty initiating tasks for activities
  • Problems retaining information, i.e. remembering a phone # while dialing
  • Difficulty writing or verbally communicating details in an organized manner
  • Trouble gauging how much time a project or activity may take
  • Hard to plan a project or assignment in steps 
Helpful strategies to alleviate executive functioning challenges:
  • Use large and appealing calendars to document due dates, appointments, and activities.
  • Breakdown long term projects into "chunks" and make them "real due dates" on your calendar.
  • Utilize timers and alarms to help gauge time and keep on track.
  • Review visual calendars several times a day to stay on track.
  • Plan out your schedule the day before so you can prepare and anticipate travel times, traffic, and weather that could negatively impact your day.
Personalized coaching sessions and Cogmed, a proven and effective computerized training program, can identify your personal challenges and help "retrain" your brain to alleviate and manage executive functioning challenges.

For more information on programs and individualized in-person sessions in Massachusetts or telephone sessions nationwide, please contact Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed., Certified ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant, at The Hallowell Center NY, 617-842-0634 Christine@hallowellcenter.org
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Tuscaloosa, AL   2013 ADHD Conference and Symposium, January 25-26   

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December 6, 15, January 19 Crazy Busy: An Introduction to Mindfulness
Jan 9 to Feb 13, Calm and Connected,
NYC Hallowell Center
Jan 25, The ADHD Effect on Couples CE Presentation, by Phone
Jan 31, How to Thrive in Your ADHD Marriage, London UK 
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