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Dr. Hallowell Newsletter                                                   April 2015

Our most powerful tool to deal with problems is...each other.


Easter is a big deal in my life and the life of my family.  This past Sunday, we celebrated Easter, and it filled my heart and soul with enormous joy, and the hearts and souls of the friends and family who joined us.  



What fills your heart and soul with such joy?  I hope you make time for celebrations that matter.  I hope you make time to stop and relish what we have in life.  As a rabbi once wrote, "Happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting what you have."
Problems come up all the time in life, some major, most minor.  Our most powerful tool to deal with problems is...each other. 
Dr. Ned Hallowell - InventiveLabs Open House
Dr. Hallowell's inspiring presentation at the InventiveLabs Open House

Now! Free download of Introduction to Driven to Distraction at Work. Learn about ADT (Attention Deficit Trait) and its traits, how it effects your focus and productivity, and which are the six most common distractions at work and how to overcome them.

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Dr. Hallowell LIVE

April 15
Wakefield, MA Northshore Education Consortium - The Management of ADHD at School: A Strength-based Approach.

April 22
Chicago, The James Tyree Community Center, Unwrapping the Gifts.

July 13-17
 Glen Arbor, MI, ADHD Summer Camp

August 10-14
Cape Cod, MA, Cape Cod Institute, Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span
International News
September 28-October 3
Dr. Hallowell workshop: Mastering ADHD for Life Long Success. Register interest at  ADDSpark
ADHD & Marriage
Upcoming Seminars and Events
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Dr. Hallowell, a seasoned and passionate speaker, offers customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business. 

"I brought my 16 year old son to your talk last night. He has been diagnosed since 3rd grade and in treatment. I have read your book, heard you speak and followed your blog for years. I have told my son he was different in a very good way but he needed to manage his ADD.   I have pushed back on teachers and schools referring to ADD as a disorder or disability. 
As you started talking last night, my son was messing around with his phone but put it away and started listening intently as your talk progressed.  As we walked out of Town Hall he said "that's the first doctor that gets the fact that there is nothing wrong with my brain."  Thank you for making a very important message audible to him. 
Thanks for dedicating your immense energy and effort to ADD." - B.M. Seattle, WA
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Browse the Hallowell Store for new books, audio books, videos, products, Smartphone apps, and more! Find the store on Facebook too.  

"This book provides an easy-to-follow recipe for teaching yourself to focus in the midst of the workplace chaos." - Inc. com

Work Smart! 


Q: What do you say to your boss who says I need you 24/7?

A: You come as a group. The boss that insists on that is going to get fired. The idea of 24/7 is over. Management is all about brain management. How do we partition time - online, offline, available, not available? You do your best work when you're 'not available.' And the enlightened managers know this. You want to begin the discussion in your organization. What is the best way to get the most out of all of our brains? Raise it as a question.

Hallowell Centers News

Dipping Grades, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem - Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)  

Middle school to college age students can ramp up their school performance in short periods of time.    

Together we create a plan and get to work immediately - Our first in-person visit is to get to know your student's helpful traits and past successes, study recent testing and teacher reports, identify areas of concern and set a course for action. Often the problems center around executive functioning - planning, organizing, initiating, emotional regulation, working memory, inhibition and the ability to shift between tasks and emotional states. Regular follow-up sessions can be in person, by phone or Skype. All that's needed is a supportive parent or caregiver, and a cooperative, trustworthy student who is "change-ready" and eager for a positive approach to solving problems and making new habits. Contact Rebecca for a free inquiry at 978 287 0810 or 978 255 1817. More information at

Are you Parenting a Child who has ADHD?
CALM AND CONNECTED: Parenting Kids with ADHD©
- Parent Training is recognized as a crucial part of treatment for children with ADHD. Using a combination of education and coaching, this workshop will help you develop specific tools, techniques and strategies. Consists of 7 weekly 1.5hr sessions.

Three ways to participate:

Join in person:
Long Island, New York:
Starting Wednesday, April 15th
10:30 am  - 12 noon
7 pm - 8:30 pm

Hallowell Todaro Center, Seattle, WA
Starting Wednesday April 15th at 10:00am,
Starting Wednesday April 29th at 7pm
Starting Thursday May 7th at 7pm

Join via live Webinar:
Starting Wednesday, April 15th
10:30 am  - 12 noon
7 pm - 8:30 pm
(© Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC, PTS Coaching)

Summer ADHD Camp - Make plans now for the whole family. July 13 - 17, 2015 at The Homestead Resort, Glen Arbor Michigan, $975 per person. For families with children between 10-18 years old. From childhood through adulthood, ADHD can present both difficult dilemmas as well as unique opportunities for change, growth, and success. Dr. Hallowell's goal is to help people master the power of ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls, all in this beautiful setting. Learn more at

Mindfulness and Adult ADHD -
If stress is producing chaos in your life, your household and your work environment, it is time to learn to manage it. This is particularly important if you have ADHD, as impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity are symptoms you must manage daily. As Dr. Hallowell describes it, having ADHD is like having a powerful race car for a brain, but with bicycle brakes. Treating ADHD is like strengthening your brakes. This workshop utilizes a combination of mindfulness techniques, meditation, breath-work, movement and visualization to reduce stress, increase focus and manage distractions. 6 week series at the Hallowell Center NYC. 212 799-7777. Starts April 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm. $395. Learn more here.
Dr. Hallowell In the News

FORBES included Driven to Distraction at Work in 4 Books That Can Pump Up Your Productivity - Are your initial reactions causing more harm than good in the workplace? Dr. Hallowell explains how to monitor and adjust your responses in this article in Forbes.

The Distraction Epidemic - This Greater Good article explains that Driven to Distraction at Work offers recommendations on overcoming the 6 main focus conspirators, plus describes the research behind focus. 

Do You Have a Severe Case of Modern Life? - What distinguishes ADHD from the symptom-induced Modern life? Dr. Hallowell describes why we have a hard time focusing and how to manage our lives so we are more productive in this Wharton Business Interview
Dr. Hallowell Likes


Inventive Labs is Recruiting 

Inventive Labs - is recruiting for the May 2015 team of bright young people who think & learn differently! Learn more in the Boston Business Journal and through the video of Dr. Hallowell's presentation at the InventiveLabs Open House here.  


ADHD and Marriage - ADHD not only affects the person with ADHD, but also the spouse and often the entire family. As a mediator, family law attorney and psychologically trained medical professional, I often suggest to couples having marriage problems and dealing with ADHD to consider a creative, therapeutic approach called mediation. Mediation gives couples the opportunity to work with an unbiased, trained professional in a safe, compassionate setting, and receive problem solving marital solutions (sometimes in the form of an agreement). Learn more here 


Families for Depression Awareness is presenting a free, 1-hour Teen Depression webinar on Tuesday, April 28 at 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT. Designed for parents, teachers, school counselors and staff, youth workers, and other caring adults. Register at  


Dogs Heal - Dr. Beth Frates and Dr. Lisa Moses (of MSPCA-Boston) recently released a special health report titled Get Healthy, Get a Dog. The report describes how having a dog can provide companionship, boost your activity level, help you to be calmer, more mindful and more present in your life, make kids more active, social, secure and responsible, improve the lives of older individuals, make you more social and less isolated. Learn more here

Smart, Skillful & Successful! A Kid's Guide To Understanding ADHD (I'm Awesome!) - Just because you have ADHD, doesn't mean you can't be smart, skillful and successful too! "A wonderful book for children. Meets a big need." Edward Hallowell, M.D. Order it here.

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"No brain is the same. No brain is the best. Each brain finds its own special way."- Edward M. Hallowell