"I help unwrap gifts; not treat disabilities."

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The Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health 

Note from Ned

Let's Create
Ongoing ADHD Support!


I'm looking for your ideas - any and all, off the wall and on the wall - as to how, together, we can create some forum of ongoing support, dialog and exchange of ideas.  

Maybe it's a chat room, or directed tweeting, but maybe it is something we haven't thought of and could create.  

I was struck in the opening session of my Cape Cod Institute course by how much need there is not only for reliable information about ADHD, but also for guidance and emotional support.  Too many people feel more alone than is good for them.
Before Summer Becomes a Distant Memory.... 

What Do You Want From Life  written on paper note pinned with red thumbtack on wooden board. Motivation conceptual Image
Learn how you or your child: 
              • process information, 
              • can improve cognitive concerns and determine if they are related to ADHD, a possible brain-affecting disease or traumatic brain injury.
Summer is an ideal time to complete neuropsychological testing since it often occurs over multiple days, and strategies can be implemented now to build a system of accommodations for the fall.

Please call the NYC Center at 212-799-7777 or the Boston MetroWest Center at 978-287-0810 to learn more
Participate in a Home Study on Attention Training Using a Novel Videogame!
We have an exciting new opportunity and are looking for enthusiastic people to participate. We are developing a new and improved version of our learning tool and are looking for households with children 8-12 years old with ADHD to help us test this new product. For your help, you will receive a FREE copy of this new learning tool after the study!

Atentiv develops digital learning tools designed to improve attention and impulse control skills using Feed-Forward Modeling (FFM). The learning tool increasingly challenges the player to avoid distractions and to reward sustained attention in a highly adaptive, engaging virtual game space. This training is designed to directly train cognitive skills, enabling the child's brain to sustain attention and better inhibit impulsivity. You may have heard of our most recent study, published in the Journal of Attention Disorders. To date, multiple studies have been performed in clinical and school settings in Singapore and the U.S. that show Atentiv™ training leads to clinically significant improvements in attention and impulse inhibition in children with ADHD and attention difficulties. 

WHO: Children 8-12 years old with ADHD, not on medication.
WHAT: Play a game at home 3x per week and give feedback to Atentiv.
WHERE: In your own home!
WHEN: We are enrolling now!
HOW: For more information, contact our Study Coordinator Nicole Melita 781 209-5082,
What's New in ADHD - 12 Q&As
by Dr. Hallowell 

One of the most informative Dr. Hallowell interviews in a long time. Lots of valuable information on ADHD including new research, recommendations, medication, treatment, etc. Worth the read! Read more in Gwyenth Paltrow's Goop.com.
Video Training for Parents of Children with ADHD

30+ years of ADHD expertise distilled into this video training series with workbook.

"I LOVE the format - 4 short videos and a great workbook that goes along with it. The coaches, Elaine & Diane, do a wonderful job summarizing Dr. Hallowell's key points after each video, and then making them applicable. Dr. Hallowell's passion and knowledge is EXCITING and so REFRESHING! BRAVO! This training should be mandatory for
Only $47
 all family members and peers! So many lightbulbs and AHA moments!" - Vanessa
" It has completely changed the 
game for us! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom 
and knowledge! I am so very grateful!" - Kathy
Unwrapping the Gifts in All Minds - Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Testing and Neurological Assessments:  
ADHD, Organization, Stress, Anxiety, Academics, Memory, Focus, 
Problem-Solving, Executive Function, Emotional Regulation and more.....
Teachers: Executive Functions in the Classroom - August 23, 9am-1pm  $175 Geared towards middle and high school classroom teachers, but it has plenty to offer elementary school teachers, school counselors, and administrators, share and create strategies to strengthen executive functions and improve competency and contribution in class. 

Calm and Connected starts Sept 26th, 10:30-noon or 7-8:30pm EST. 7 sessions. Reduce chaos, conflict and frustration with your ADHD child. Join in person on Long Island or via Live Webinar. $490/person, $690/couple, $490/webinar

EARS - Emergency Academic Recovery System Start the year off right and keep on track towards your goals: organization, study strategies, homework, quiz/test prep strategies and managing your time. In-person, Skype or phone coaching sessions available! To learn more call (978) 287-0810 or visit here

Please visit the site for more information

August 21 - Dr. Hallowell Open House and workshops. 

Please visit the site for more information

Dr. Hallowell Live

August 21, Hallowell Todaro Center, Seattle Summer Celebration, 12-4pm 

October, Dr Hallowell in London, ADDSpark Workshops for Parents, Adults and Educators

Dr. Hallowell Store

Hallowell Store - books, audio, videos, training products, Smartphone apps, and more!



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