ADHD and More Newsletter                 September 2015
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"Most teachers and adults could benefit from pretending that all kids in their class have ADHD - what is good for kids with ADHD is good for all kids."
- Dr. Hallowell

I saw this quote recently, and it made ME stop and think. Large classrooms, over-scheduled children and teachers forced to teach to test-specific guidelines, have exponentially increased the importance of parents as advocates.

When you think back to your school days, do you think of preparing for an important history test? Probably not. More than likely, you remember the pain and anxiety of trying to fit in.

In my 20 Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School - I explain how you, as a parent, can help your child find a way to shine in situations that often cause turmoil.

My warmest wishes to you and your family,
Watch this video to learn what Dr. Hallowell believes is the
ONE KEY ELEMENT to doing well in childhood - and life!
70 Minute Paid Research Opportunity Ages 13-80

  Digital learning systems designed to improve attention and impulse control skills.
Wanted: People ages 13-80 with or without ADHD. Other criteria apply.
What: Complete two 20 minute brain wave recordings with a 30 minute break between recordings. Compensation: $50 Amazon gift card.
Where: Hallowell Center Sudbury or W. Newbury, MA.
How: Contact Rebecca Shafir at 978-287-0810 x117 or 978- 255-1817.

Open House TONIGHT Sept 15

Inventivelabs - Amesbury, MA - Where creative young adults who think and learn differently (including many with ADHD or dyslexia) turn their passion into business opportunities. 

Dr. Hallowell is on the Board of Directors.
Hallowell Centers
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ADHD & Executive Function Coaching
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The Hallowell Centers can help!
  • Organization
  • Anxiety, Stress
  • Poor Memory
  • Focus Problems
  • Problem Solving
Dr. Hallowell LIVE
October 14
Seattle, WA, Hallowell Todaro Center, 7-9pm, Dr. Hallowell's presentation, Exploring Your Atypical Learner. More info here.

November 19
Bethesda, MD, Landon School 7:30pm - 9pm, 
- The 5 Keys to Raising Motivated, Positive, Capable Kids (based on The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness)

November 20
Kensington, MD, Temple Emanuel, Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to Parenting the ADHD Child.
International News
September 28-October 3
London workshops for parents, educators and ADHD adults: Mastering ADHD for Life Long Success. Register at ADDSpark.
ADHD & Marriage
Upcoming Seminars and Events
Invite Dr. Hallowell to Your Event
Customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks - on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business. 

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"Just wanted to thank you for your book "driven to distraction at work".  I have recommended it to numerous people and will likely buy another copy or two for family members. One of the best books I have ever read."

Mindfulness Meditation for ADHD    
Cheryl Jacobs

There are many tasks throughout the day that require our attention. Attending to them requires that we self-regulate and maintain focus, especially difficult with ADHD. Research shows that we all have a limited amount of self-regulation resources and with ADHD the supply is even smaller. I like to think of it as a reservoir that requires refilling throughout the day as we continuously drain our supply. When the reservoir is empty, we have difficulty focusing and coping; our will power is deleted. Mindfulness interventions can refill the reservoir.
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The Hallowell Center NYC is offering mindfulness workshop starting Sept 29. Private one-on-one sessions also available. Contact us at (212) 799-7777 or 

Hallowell Centers Programs   

Academic Testing - at all Centers.
We test and document student academic performance to determine where your child is lagging academically so we can recommend complementary teaching/learning programs and adjustments in IEP/school services.

Remote Executive Function Coaching via Phone or Skype - If dipping grades, low self-esteem and stress are an issue for your child, we can help. Find out more at 978 287-0810.

Sep 15, 6:30-7:30pm 
This Introduction to an emerging treatment of ADHD called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy will highlight the history, basic principles and goals of DBT, and the skills that help people gain "control" over their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Free and limited to 15 individuals.  

Mindfulness Techniques for Adult ADHD
Sept 29 to Nov 17, 6:30-8:00pm -
This 8-week workshop introduces a variety of methods to reduce stress, increase focus and manage distractions through a combination of mindfulness techniques, meditation, breath-work, movement and visualization.       
Wanted: People 13-80 for Impulse and Attention Control Study 
Complete two 20 minute computer tasks while a professional records your EEG brain waves. The process is painless, harmless and rather fun. See Above for more details.
Cogmed training helps children and adults to improve their ability to concentrate, reduce impulsivity, improve organization and resist distraction. Training is done at the user's home with weekly or as needed coaching sessions by phone or Skype. Read claims and evidence here.

Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)  
Middle school to college age students: Let's improve your grades! We'll discover your helpful traits and past successes, study testing and teacher reports, identify areas of concern and set a course for action with regular in person, phone or Skype follow-up sessions.

October 14, 7:00-9:00pm -
Dr. Hallowell will discuss the human experience of ADHD, the impact of ADHD on the family, and how his-all in the aim of his life-long goal: to help people master the power of ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls.  

Dr. Hallowell Likes

Back to School SURVIVAL WEEK for PARENTS - Sept 21-25. Support and Tips from ImpactADHD.

"This book is a godsend for parents raising kids who have the exciting but often challenging condition called ADHD. Written by a woman who has helped thousands of parents through her enormously successful parenting workshops and classes, Cindy Goldrich's book is an instant classic."
- Dr. Hallowell
Order from Amazon Now! 

September ADHD Book Club   
Sign up for this free online chat to discuss Driven To Distraction. 

The ADHD Effect In-Depth
Starts Oct 6, This 8-week seminar has helped many couples turn around their relationship.

Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship - Starts Nov 10, Usable strategies to develop a greater level of intimacy.

Managing Homework
Oct 17 and 24 - Learn how ADHD and Executive Functions impact your child's motivation, retention and self-confidence.

Parenting Children with ADHD Starts Nov 2 - Support for feelings of isolation and being misunderstoon. 7-session workshop.

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