"I help unwrap gifts; not treat disabilities."
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Take a moment and join me at my 
imaginary hearth.

I would like very much to see you, to have each one of you over to my house for a coffee or a glass of wine, to sit by our hearth with our Jack Russell, Ziggy, to introduce you to my wife, Sue, if she happened to be at home when you dropped by, as well as our three kids, Lucy, who is now 26, Jack, who is 23, and Tucker who is 20.  

I'd love to chat with you about everything under the sun, to get to know you and invite you to get to know me, to have a long enough time together that we could begin to go deeper than the surface and provide each other with the comfort that comes from connection and friendship.  I'd like to tell you about the book I am working on right now (a memoir, a new direction for me), the worries I have about today's world (likely similar to yours), and the joys Sue and I find in cooking.  How we love to cook!  Sue is far better at it than I am, but we both love to do it.  I'd like to learn what you love to do, what your worries are, and what projects you might be working on these days
Participate in a Home Study on Attention Training using a Novel Videogame!
Atentiv develops digital learning tools designed to improve attention and impulse control skills using Feed-Forward Modeling (FFM). The learning tool increasingly challenges the player to avoid distractions and to reward sustained attention in a highly adaptive, engaging virtual game space. This training is designed to directly train cognitive skills, enabling the child's brain to sustain attention and better inhibit impulsivity. You may have heard of our most recent study, published in the Journal of Attention Disorders. To date, multiple studies have been performed in clinical and school settings in Singapore and the U.S. that show Atentiv™ training leads to clinically significant improvements in attention and impulse inhibition in children with ADHD and attention difficulties. 

We are recruiting for a home study! We have an exciting new opportunity and are looking for enthusiastic people to participate. We are developing a new and improved version of our learning tool and are looking for households with children 8-12 years old with ADHD to help us test this new product. For your help, you will receive a FREE copy of this new learning tool after the study!

WHO: Children 8-12 years old with ADHD, not on medication.
WHAT: Play a game at home 3x per week and give feedback to Atentiv.
WHERE: In your own home!
WHEN: We are enrolling now!
HOW: Contact our Study Coordinator Maya Rose, 781-209-5082  maya_rose@atentiv.com or The Hallowell Center at 978 287-0810
Dr. Hallowell in The News 

Have you ever felt frustrated by a team member who was smart and hardworking, but who was disorganized and easily distracted? 

You might have assumed he or she was lazy, had a poor attitude, or just didn't care. But it's also possible that he had ADHD. Dr. Hallowell suggests strategies in this Mindtools article to help you manage someone with ADHD, so she can be a successful and productive member of your team. 

The Flipside of Distractibility is Hyperfocus! 

Hyperfocus, according to Dr. Hallowell, is akin to flow, that state of mind in which you become one with whatever you are doing, fused with the task, merged with the moment, to the extent you don't even notice biological drives or needs. It is a state reminiscent of Yeats's line, "How can we separate the dancer from the dance?" In hyperfocus the dancer becomes one with the dance. Read more about "The Joys of Hyperfocus for those of us with ADHD" in ADDitude Magazine.

Free ADDitude Webinar: A Step-by-Step Guide to Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment? Click here to listen to it now.

Unwrapping the Gifts in All Minds
Children and Adult Testing Services, including Neurological Assessments - Organization, Stress, Anxiety, Academics, Memory, Focus, Problem-Solving
                                           Learn more at The HallowellCenters

Tel: 781-820-0881
Dr. Hallowell shares his 30+ years of experience with parents while kids (ages 6-18) engage in fun activities with built in executive function strategies. Students gain new insights for improving organization, time management, advocacy skills, and experience learning adventure activities. Parents learn about ADHD and how to help their child effectively manage their ADHD. Create strong bonds and "unwrap the gifts of ADHD." Camp for siblings too.

Workshops, Events and Programs at the Centers:
April 27, 6:30-8pm, $75 per parent or $100 per couple

April 13, 6:30-8pm  $75 per parent or $100 per couple

Research Opportunity, Ages 8-12 with ADHD- Play a game at home 3x per week and give feedback to Atentiv. Receive free product.  Call 978 287-0810.

March 22 6pm - Screen, Stress & ADHD: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive. Tickets $10.

Calm and Connected - Monday's 7pm March 21 - April 25 (no class 4/5)

Raising our Digital Natives: Finding Balance in the World of iPhones, Disney Princesses, Snapchat, and Minecraft -  Mondays @ 10am beginning April 18th, Wednesdays @ 7pm beginning April 20th 8 weekly sessions (1.5 hours each) $500
Clinician of the Month
Shelley MacLeod LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
978 287-0810, Boston MetroWest Hallowell Center

How Can Therapy Help with ADHD?

Multi-modal Treatment for ADHD
At The Hallowell Centers, we offer multi-modal treatment for ADHD. Numerous research studies have shown that a combination of medication and behavioral therapy (including parent training, behavior therapy with parent-child together, individual or family psychotherapy) are the most effective treatments for ADHD.  We also offer non-medication treatments that have been shown to be helpful (i.e. Brain training, neurofeedback).  

Parent Training
Parenting a child with ADHD requires some special knowledge and skills- "conventional wisdom parenting" often isn't effective for children with ADHD. Understanding the nature of ADHD is very important for parents- it helps to make sense of the challenging behaviors. Once parents understand the behaviors through an "ADHD lens", they are empowered to design interventions to address the behaviors. 
Read More 
Dr. Hallowell's New Podcast

Mark your calendars: The first episode will be available for download on March 22nd! 

Dr. Hallowell is excited to announce the launch of DISTRACTION, a new weekly podcast series he will be hosting to help people cope and reconnect in today's "digital society," reduce stress and improve their quality of life in this crazy-busy, 24/7 world just full of distractions!

We will send the link in a separate announcement and post on our social media channels: Twitter and Facebook. Do you have a question or topic you'd like us to cover? Want to share your personal story? Contact us @ 844-552 6663, producer@DistractionPodcast.com
Dr. Hallowell Likes

Help spread the message far and wide! Over 4000 views! Young adults with ADHD, dyslexia and LD now have a business incubator that offers the acceptance that drives creativity. The traditional path of high school to college isn't for everyone. Our society thrives on their brilliance. Watch, comment and share 


ADDitude 2016 Summer Survival Guide - Identify the best summer camp for your child, Prevent summer learning loss, build social skills and maintain a smart schedule.... plus packing lists, medication holidays, teens, etc.

ADHD Effect Book Cover

The ADHD Effect on Marriage Couples, 8 session phone seminar - Live session starts April 4, 2016.  Melissa Orlov, a Marriage Consultant, provides understanding and concrete ideas to help couples rebalance their relationships.

If you or your partner has ADHD, you probably have tried to work on improving your relationship, but may not have been successful. Traditional counseling does not address the effects of ADHD, leaving you frustrated and incredulous that you have gotten to this point and haven't been able to make things better. Code HALL16 gets $30 off the live course.

Many kids with ADHD share a symptom that isn't often mentioned. They have trouble managing their emotions. Explore this article from Understood.org to find out why kids with ADHD may struggle with emotions more than their peers-and how you can help.

Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD -Starts May 5, Using a combination of education and coaching, learn to set boundaries, reduce chaos, finish homework, build self-esteem and more. 7 sessions, Held on Long Island and via live Webinar. 

Parents of kids with ADHD, Anxiety, LD and more - enroll in "Sanity School" parent management and training program and learn positive parenting strategies. Use this link for a 40% discount.

Dr. Hallowell Live

March 22, Dr. Hallowell in Seattle, WA Dr. Hallowell will present at the Town Hall on Screens, Stress & ADHD: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive.

May 11Dr. Hallowell with the CHADD groups of Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island, NY 7pm, Waldorf School, Garden City. $15 Screens, Stress & ADHD: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive.

July 17-22, Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Summer Family Camp, For children ages 6-18 with ADHD and their parents and siblings.

August 8-12, Cape Cod Institute, Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the LifeSpan. For professionals, individuals and parents. 

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