ADHD and More Newsletter                         August 2015
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As the summer wanes, it is time to harness and direct our mental power.

I have been working with entrepreneurs for 30 years and have met many between the ages of 12 and 90. What sets them apart? A term I call "Pop", a psychological characteristic that combines grit with imagination and optimism.

But much more than pop goes into creating a successful entrepreneur....
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Dr. Hallowell's interview with NYSAIS on
remedies to correct excessive distraction at work,
and how schools are helping - and not helping -
our children with learning & distraction.
Dr. Hallowell and Jay Abraham's seminar for
"Fixing the Chinks in YOUR Entrepreneurial Armor"
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October 14-15
Seattle, WA, Hallowell Todaro Center, In collaboration with ParentMap. More info to follow. See Huffington Post article on Lesley Todaro here.
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September 28-October 3
Dr. Hallowell London workshops for parents, educators and ADHD adults: Mastering ADHD for Life Long Success. Register at ADDSpark.
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"I was very interested in your speech. I too have ADD and have always thought of it as a disability, but after hearing you speak I realized I am lucky to be able to do what I do. I wanted to thank you for encouraging me." 
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"Just wanted to thank you for your book "driven to distraction at work".  I have recommended it to numerous people and will likely buy another copy or two for family members. One of the best books I have ever read. I recommend it often to my friends."

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Fixing the Chinks in YOUR Entrepreneurial Armor - August 21st - 23rd in Los Angeles, CA, designed for serious entrepreneurs wanting their lives back. There are only a few slots left. Registration is limited to 12.

8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD

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"This book is a godsend for parents raising kids who have the exciting but often challenging condition called ADHD. Written by a woman has helped thousands of parents through her enormously successful parenting workshops and classes, Cindy Goldrich's book is an instant classic."
-Edward Hallowell, MD,

InventiveLabs - For students whom college is not a good fit. Check out their Kickstarter page and view the projects these amazing Inventives are developing. Time is running out - fund them now.

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Mindfulness Meditation for ADHD   
by Sarah Green
People with ADHD often struggle with sitting still and focusing on given tasks. While the use of stimulant medication has been proven to be an effective way of counteracting many of the symptoms of ADHD, it is not the only treatment option available. Mindfulness meditation is an effective alternative (or supplement) to medication treatment, and can be practiced to help individuals struggling with ADHD to improve their ability to control their attention.

The practice of mindfulness meditation involves increased awareness of one's moment-to-moment thoughts. Often it is practiced seated in a comfortable position with one's eyes closed and deliberate breathing, but can be done in many different forms including walking, showering, or eating. The main priority is your focused attention on your thoughts and feelings. It can be done for as long or short as you'd like, however it is best to start small in increase the amount of time as you go.

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The Hallowell Center NYC will be offering a series of group mindfulness techniques/meditation practice classes in the fall. You can also schedule a private one-on-one session to work on mindfulness with our expert practitioner. Please call (212) 799-7777 or email
More info on Mindfulness and ADHD at NY Times
College Coaching and ADHD 
by Christine Robinson
The pace of life and expectations placed on today's college student often exacerbates ADHD symptoms.

My experience as an ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant has validated one simple variable: college students who have a history of struggling with academics, and particularly time management and organizational skills, can benefit from a coach or "cheerleader" at their side, making that journey with them as they seek autonomy and independence.
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For a complimentary phone consultation, please call Christine L. Robinson, at 617-842-0634,
Skype or Facetime sessions are also available.

Help Your Child with ADHD Get Ready for School 
Children with ADHD need scaffolding and support to help organize themselves and their environments. Each family will have their own way of setting up certain systems and it is important to communicate as a family so that the systems are clear to all members. The first day of school is no time for drastic changes in household schedules. Hold a family meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the first day back at school and discuss expectations, consequences, and brainstorm ideas to help each day flow more smoothly. 
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Learn more about the NYC Hallowell Center Workshop:
Executive Functions for Students - The Six Skills You Need to Succeed, August 25 4-5:30 and/or Executive Functions for Parents - How to Help Your Child at Home, August 25 6-7:30pm.

Summer Programs at The Hallowell Centers  

Academic Testing
We test and document student academic performance to generate teaching/learning program suggestions, to recommend adjustments in IEP/school services, and to determine where your child is lagging academically so we can generate teaching/learning programs to implement over the summer.

Testing is available at all Hallowell Centers. To make an appointment, please call the Sudbury, Mass office at 978-287-0810; the NY-Manhattan at 212-799-7777; San Francisco at [415-967-0061] or Seattle at [206-420-7345]

Tues, Aug 11, 6:30-8pm 
Topics covered will include: sustaining effort over time, managing test anxiety, balancing activities and courses, the benefits and challenges of increased independence, and taking care of your overall well-being. Plus, we will discuss taking care of your mental health away from home.  
Wed, Aug 12, 6-8pm 
This workshop is an opportunity to prepare for upcoming changes in your parent-child relationship, identify areas of concern and create a support plan, and learn how to use a coach approach to help your child grow into a confident and independent college student. We will discuss medication management at college and helping young adults take responsibility for their mental health needs away from home.

Thurs, Aug 13, 3-4:30pm 
Learn skills and strategies that will help you manage your time and course work effectively, build strong relationships with professors, access support on campus, and create a schedule that supports study, play, and overall well-being. We will discuss how and when working with a coach can keep you on track when you're away from home.  
Tuesday, Aug 18 from 8am-1pm. 
For middle and high school special and general education teachers. All adolescents need support to develop strong executive functions and to work independently, cope with personal and academic challenges in healthy ways, and work to their full potential. In this interactive workshop, teachers will create and share strategies to help students strengthen executive functions and improve their competency and contribution in class. Read testimonials and learn more at
Executive Functions for Students - The Six Skills You Need to Succeed
August 25 4-5:50
This workshop will review the six skills you need to succeed in middle and high school. It will provide strategies and tools to help you develop those skills. Start the year with a clear plan for success! Topics will include: Taking control of your time and space, The best way to approach different assignments, Beating procrastination and doing your best work, Reducing stress at home and school. Call 212 799-7777 for more information.

Executive Functions for Parents - How to Help Your Child at Home
August 25 from 6-7:30pm
This workshop will provide strategies to use at home. Topics will include: Six key executive function skill sets for preteens and teens, The relationship between executive functions, mindfulness, and growth mindset, Case studies of adolescents with executive function challenges and strategies to intervene. Call 212 799-7777 for more information. 

Middle school to college age students: Let's improve your grades next year! Our first, in-person visit, allows us to learn their helpful traits and past successes, study recent testing and teacher reports, identify areas of concern and set a course for action. Often the problems center around executive functioning. Regular follow-up sessions can be in person, by phone or Skype. Learn more at or call 978 287-0810
Cogmed training is for children and adults who wish to improve their ability to concentrate, reduce impulsivity, improve organization and resist distraction. Training is done at the user's home with weekly or as needed coaching sessions by phone or Skype. Download the claims and evidence document here. Learn more at or call Rebecca Shafir at 978 287 0810.

Looking for people ages 13-80 not on ADHD or allergy medication: Complete 90 minute game session while we record your brain waves. $50 compensation. Call the Hallowell Center in Sudbury (978 287 0810) and ask for the Atentiv Home Study.
Navigate the Uncertainties of Middle School 
August 17-21, 9:30am - 1pm. Incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Learn organization, time management, notebook strategies, planner efficiencies, and more.

Writing College Essays for Juniors and Seniors 
August 24 & 25, 10:30-12:30pm - Get a head start on your personal essay, gain tools and strategies for writing essays and short answer essays for college applications, and get help editing and tweaking your essay so it is ready to send off! There will be a follow up workshop for students during crunch time when applications and essays are due!

Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties: Home & School Strategies 
August 25, 6:00-8:00pm. Find out how learning differences such as dyslexia and dysgraphia affect school performance and success. Includes homework and study strategies and 504 accommodations and Individual Education Plans (IEP's) and help parents and students learn how to best advocate for themselves.

Brain Rules for The Student - Study Strategies That Work  
August 26, 6:00-8:00pm - for Students entering 5th - 12th grade. This workshop is geared toward both parents and students. We will discuss research backed strategies, learn effective study strategies and why they work, why certain strategies work better than others, effective accommodations for the classroom and how to effectively self advocate.  

Learn more about these programs at HallowellTodaroCenter or call 206-420-7345.