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June 2012 Newsletter
June 22, 2012
To me, summer is a time to interact with others (the great weather helps!) and to stretch myself to try new things.  A time to take a break, perhaps travel a bit, and to spend some "down time" with kids and family...maybe even take on a project I've been putting off forever.  I hope it is the same for you, and that it brings you a sense of rejuvenation.

This month's newsletter reflects that sensibility.  It highlights many opportunities to connect (including with Dr. Hallowell at the Cape Cod Institute), provides information about organization, taking time with family, and more.  We hope you enjoy the richness of resources we've collected for you and that they enliven your summer.

Melissa Orlov

Comedian Jeff Allen on ADHD
Happy Summer!
Now that school is out -
 enjoy this funny video by comedian     Jeff Allen on ADHD and school -
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Q:  My 11 year old son with ADHD is eager to try sleep away summer camp but I worry that he'll be teased or ostracized. Despite his enthusiasm, he's somewhat socially awkward and kids at that age can be tough. What do you think?  

A:  It's great that he is interested in being so independent and I hope you embrace that, even if you feel some qualms! If you're worried about the quality of his experience, consider a camp that understands kids with ADHD.  I won't reinvent the wheel here - ADDitude Magazine has a good guide, and advice, for camps that are ADHD friendly. Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp @ Leelanau, July 16-20th is another option. Read here about the benefits of combining drug treatment for ADHD with an intensive Summer Camp.  Also, consider talking with the director of the camp to which you will send your son to make sure that he or she is aware of your concerns. But if he thinks he's ready to go, by all means, send him!
Q: How can I train my ADHD children to control their impulsive speech? It sure is a big problem for me. We talk about it, and the next day, it happens again." 
A:  Controlling impulsive speech can be helped signficantly with medication if your child can take it without negative side effects. Medication helps balance the brain chemistry - when it works it improves focus, and can help children slow down their minds enough to be able to "think" before they speak.  They can also practice "waiting" by teaching themselves to count to three to consider before speaking. 
Also good nutrition, i.e. a diet which is low in sugars and contains protein and vegetables, can also help diminish the symptoms of ADHD somewhat, which may help with the impulsivity you describe. (Sodas are not a great idea for kids with ADHD - too much sugar.)  Fish oil supplements can also improve ADHD symptoms.  Kids can take up to 2500 mg a day. Find more suggestions at Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Diet Menu.
ADHD and Summer ..... Get Organized Now!

Summer is a great time to catch up on your sleep... and tan, but it is also a great time to figure out how to better organize yourself and your family before the fall. Becoming well enough organized is a realistic goal for even the most disorganized ADD-er. I urge you to make this your goal, or your child's goal. I see people suffering and wasting time as they fruitlessly try to become someone they can't possibly become: a thoroughly organized person. Instead, I urge you to adopt my approach. Become well enough organized to reach your goals.

I recommend you set aside one hour a week (two hours to begin with to see if your measures work) while your life is less hectic and experiment incorporating different options.  Everyone with ADHD needs help with organization but the key is to find solutions that you will use long term.

Technology aids: Smart phones can be very helpful, if you learn how to use them, and not the other way around!  Here are some options to consider:
CrazyBusy Tips - my new app for the iphone guides you to determine what you value the most in your life, analyzes whether you are putting your time into these priorities, and then provides specific suggestions on how to live the life you want. Plus it has brain games to keep you sharp, and tools, timer, etc, to keep you on task.
DUE - This iPhone app helps you remember to do something at a certain time and will nag you to do it. You can set your phone to alert you to do a task at a specific time (e.g., 30 minutes from now, 3pm) and it will remind you and not let up until the task done.
MotivAtor - You or your child wears this on your person and it sends you reminders via vibrations at a timed interval of your choice.

Non-Technology: If you are just starting on the journey to better organization, printed calendars are better for you. Nancy Snell, an ADHD coach, encourages you to carry a printed calendar with you at all times. Read her advice here.
Getbuttonedup.com Offers FREE free-form or calendar templates. There are lots of great colorful templates for organization and time management goals. 

I discuss more on organization in my book Delivered from Distraction. Chapter 42, Getting Well Enough Organized: The Hallowell Approach, gives more details on my suggestions and recommendations.

Should you keep an ADHD kid organized in the summer or leave them to their own passions/ purpose? Children with ADHD need structure, even in the summer. This article from ADDitude gives pointers on how to help establish routines, in a fun way. 

Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.



Parents can Provide Experiences That May Lead to Enduring Reductions in ADHD Symptoms    


Medications and behavior therapy provide short-term symptomatic relief for children with ADHD.  The benefits persist only if they are actively in use.

As we learn more about the underlying neurocognitive contributors to ADHD, we also learn that brain development is highly responsive to environmental influences. Diet, exercise, varying degrees of structure, and many other external factors can influence the development and expression of ADHD in children. Biofeedback, neurofeedback and working memory training are other examples of outside interventions that can make positive, sustained changes in the brain. Modifications in one's environment and experience made in the early years can prevent symptoms from escalating later in life.

A very interesting and important study was recently published in the Journal of Attention Disorders [Halperin et al., (2012) called: Training executive attention and motor skills: A proof-of-concept study in preschool children with ADHD.  29 four and five-year old children diagnosed with ADHD and their parents participated in a new intervention called TEAMS - Training Executive, Attention, and Motor Skills.' TEAMS was designed to "...apply frequent and enduring positive environmental stimulation to underlying neuro-developmental processes in children with ADHD." The theory behind TEAMS was that this would promote underlying changes in neural functioning that would lead to enduring improvements in ADHD symptoms.

Parents learned to engage in specific game-like activities with their child that placed increasingly challenging demands on a variety of neuro-cognitive and motor skills. For example, "Simon Says" to target inhibitory control, remembering shopping lists and hiding games to help train working memory. Games addressing visual-spatial abilities, planning, organization, sustained attention and motor skills were also included in the meetings.  Between group meetings, parents were instructed to spend 30-45 minutes each day playing these games with their child.  Pre- and post training ratings were taken to compare whether changes in their child's functioning had an enduring effect.

The Study is only an initial 'proof of concept' as there was no control group, a small sampling and no formal assessments, however despite these limitations, the results showed that the parents enjoyed, and therefore continued, the games after the completion of the intervention sessions and that there were significant reductions in parent and teacher ratings of ADHD symptoms that continued after the 3 month follow up. The authors are planning a larger, randomized trial to determine the potential benefits of TEAMS. 
Executive functioning (EF) training can begin early on with parents as good models for planning, prioritizing, organizing self-regulating one's behavior and working memory. However, from my reports from parents and kids time spent on EF is slipping for several reasons. For example, dinnertime table talk with at least one parent present is one of the best venues for learning to think critically, discussing successes and failures from the day, problem-solving, questioning assumptions, accountability, or negotiating a better allowance. Seemingly ordinary talk, but from these kinds of discussions sprout the seeds of EF - so crucial to success in life.

Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC  (Clinician at the Hallowell Center) can be reached at the Sudbury Hallowell Center or at 978-287-0810 x117

 Just Released! - Dr. Hallowell's FREE CrazyBusy App   This new app for the iphone will help you determine how you spend your time and how you value each activity. Do you really spend your time doing what you want, or are you caught in the maze of busyness? Learn More at www.crazybusywithdrhallowell.com. 


Free Teleseminar for Chiropractors - Most people with ADHD prefer to explore non drug, alternative approaches to symptom relief. Dr. Hallowell contributes his ADHD expertise to empower the chiropractor with the tools and resources they need to help ADHD patients. If you are a chiropractor, join us on June 25th at 2:00 PM EST. Register at www.shinefordoctors.com.

Prevent Memory Loss - Boston Brain Fitness is a cognition institute focused on helping individuals prevent memory loss and associated anxieties and depression through the use of brain training, diet, exercise, sleep training, stress reduction, and yoga. Dr. Hallowell and the Sudbury Staff are frequent presenters. Learn more at http://bostonbrainfitness.com/

Happy Kids make Happy Adults - "Make a resolution that you will put connection first and foremost in your child's life. Where you find connection you find good things happening. Where you find disconnection you find bad things happening." This is Dr. Hallowell's advice to parents. Enjoy the years of childhood and "dadhood." Having fun and connecting with your child can even cancel out some of the pain you might have felt in your own childhood. Read more at Disneydads.   

Survive The Summer Vacation -
Realistic expectations will help your family have fun on vacation. For those of us with ADHD read advice at ADHD Management, or general family tips at Psychcentral.

Free Care Package for Parents of Teens and College Students with ADHD - The Edge Foundation's new publication, an ADHD Parent Care Package, has new ideas, facts, resources and encouragement written to help worried parents navigate the difficult teen years when their child has ADHD. Get your free copy here

Petition to Recognize ADHD -
This petition is created to ask the National Institute of Mental Health to officially recognize ADHD as a real condition. Learn more at change.org.

Is Being Wired the Best Use of Your Time? - We have almost no time anymore for dreaming or reading due to our reliance on electronics and technology. The ability to connect with others far away and share thoughts with co-workers has been enhanced through the use of electronics, but too much of a good thing can lead to what Dr. Hallowell calls culturally induced ADD, marked by distractability and impatience. Follow the advice to take back control in this article in Health Magazine.  


10 Principles to Managing Modern Life - It is the desire for control that makes most people lose it. If you feel overwhelmed in your attempts to keep your communications, deadlines, projects, etc in order, follow these 10 principles outlined by Dr. Hallowell in the Huffingtion Post.

How exercise affects the ADHD Brain - This study points to the beneficial effects of exercise on the brain, especially younger children. Interestingly, exercise did not produce a positive affect on learning and memory in all children with ADHD. The person's genotype played a substantial role. Read more at ScienceDaily.

Anxiety Disorders and ADHD: Comorbidity the Rule, Not the Exception - Two studies position that people with ADHD are likely to exhibit at least one comorbid psychiatric disorder. Many people, including veterans, in both an anxiety disorders clinic and an adult outpatient psychiatric clinics also had ADHD but were not aware that they did. Read more at Psychiatrictimes.   


The National ADHD Youth Leadership Summit - Designed for youth ages 8-18, at Univ. of Pennsylvania on July 7th.  Your child will share successes and gain the tools to feel empowered. Learn more here.     


Provide an Environment That Supports the ADHD Child In this excellent article, Sandi Schwartz explains what life is like for your child and interviews Dr. Hallowell to provide concrete recommendations on ways you can help support your child. Try to implement some strategies before the school year starts again. Download the interview here

Not all Worry is Bad - Worry alone is never good. Share your burden with a friend and chances are you will come up with a solution. Dr. Hallowell shares how worry can serve as a productive function in this article at Kokomo Perspective
3 Ways for ADHD Adults to Feel Carefree Again - 
Remember summer when you were a child? Dr. Hallowell shares 3 ways for you to recapture the excitement of youth in this ADDitude Magazine article. Don't you deserve to enjoy life more?

ADHD and Adult Relationships - Here are some common sources of stress that are frequently associated with Adult ADHD Relationships:
Anger - Both partners generally experience the feeling of anger in their relationship. Listen to this informative Psychcentral podcast by Melissa Orlov and Zoe Kessler on what it feels like for both partners.  
Finances - Money can be a strain for any relationship, but it can get quite heated in an ADHD relationship. There is hope: if conversations are handled correctly, you can even allow yourselves to dream a little bit. A good resource to help you and your partner find a common ground is Stephanie Sarkis  
Chaos - High energy couples can be a lot of fun, but this energy can also leave both partners exhausted and overwhelmed. Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Ratey provide guidelines to make the relationship mutually rewarding.  Read the tips at Attention Deficit Disorder Resources. 
Is it really ADHD? - Watch Dr. Hallowell describe what signs to lookout for to determine if ADHD is at work in your relationship on the Dr. Oz show
Want to go more in-depth?  Tara Parker-Pope's book called For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage can help folks understand better what the "norm" is and what makes a good marriage. 


Couples ADHD Effect Self-Study Course Available Soon 
Based on Melissa Orlov's popular phone seminar, this course helps couples who can't sign up for the live course turn their marriage around. The downloadable self-study course includes 7 recorded lectures with accompanying lecture notes; readings from The ADHD Effect on Marriage; worksheets and homework ideas; and written Q&As from couples who have struggled with the same issues you face.  The course will be available around July 1 at www.adhdmarriage.com and will cost $249. 
In the News


Montessori ScoopDr. Hallowell is in the Summer Edition of the Montessori Magazine SCOOP - 

Dr. Hallowell believes that teachers wield enormous power to change lives for the better. Mining Magnificent Minds, an online tutorial product, helps teachers develop the skills necessary to expand the skills, talents and interest of their students with ADHD. The Institute of Montessori Education now offers the training to their teachers. Dr. Hallowell will also be the Afternoon Keynote Speaker at the Montessori Conference and Expo in Houston, TX, Oct 19-21.  


Britney Spears' ADHD X Factor Announcement - Ms. Spears' doctors recommend that she discontinue her ADHD medication. Dr. Hallowell says that alternative treatments have great results, including lots of physical exercise (really good!!!), enough sleep (8 hours), whole food diet with fish oil supplement, meditation, positive human contact, and coaching to help develop organizational habits. Read more here. 


Dr. Hallowell Explains What It Is Like to be a Later Dad - Having children at 40 enabled him to date and get it out of his system and also to mentally prepare for children. Older parents are some of the most grateful people. Read more at Motherhoodlater.com.   


FREE Webinar: A 21st Century, Drug Free Approach to ADHD - On June 26th @ 7:30PM EST, The Hallowell Center in NYC will examine a revolutionary, neurological, bio-medical, drug free approach to ADHD for both adults and children. Learn how to strengthen parts of your brain that may be weak. Click here to learn more and to register. If you are unable to attend that evening, it will be recorded. 


Dr. Hallowell in the Film "Gigante" -Gigante is a moving documentary about the life of baseball player Andres Torres and his life long struggle with ADHD. Andres played with the San Francisco Giants when they won the World Series (2010) and is now with the New York Mets. Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Russell Barkley as well as other professionals are also featured in the film. Read more about the film here.

Dr. Hallowell to Sponsor Miss Kentucky on ADHD Awareness Platform - Andrea Kimberlin, Miss Kentucky United States 2012, will be supporting ADHD awareness as her official platform at the national Miss United States Pageant July 2-9. She was diagnosed with ADHD only 4 months ago. "After my diagnosis I read Dr. Hallowell's Delivered from Distraction book and it completely changed my life. I've never had a book open my eyes and explain how I felt all these years so well. I wish to be a role model for girls emphasizing the importance of excelling at what they are good at. I want to mentor whoever I can in self-confidence and believing in themselves no matter what life happens to throw at them." Let's join in supporting Ms. Kimberlin. Visit her website to learn more.

ADHD Course on Cape Cod Taught by Dr. Hallowell - From Dr. Hallowell: "I am pleased to announce that once again I will be teaching my course on ADHD on Cape Cod.  The course runs from August 6 - 10.  Each morning from 9 a.m. until noon, I present my strength-based approach to understanding ADHD and developing the talents inherent in it.  The course is small enough that the participants get to know each other and get to know me on a more personal basis than in most courses. We really have fun together, while also learning a lot. It is appropriate for professionals, but also for parents of children who have ADHD, spouses of adults who have this trait, and of course for the adults themselves who have ADHD. I hope to see you there!"  To learn more or to sign up, visit Cape.org.  

Should My Child Continue to Take their ADHD Medication Over the Summer? - Dr. Hallowell advises that children who are still growing may want to discontinue medication over the summer. There is a slight chance of minute growth suppression. People should also regularly discontinue use of any medication for a week every year to evaluate results. Read more here.   

ADHD Drugs are Featured in the News Lately - The media must be hitting a nerve as reports circulate about the overuse and abuse of ADHD medication. Recently, the New York Times ran the article: Students using ADHD drugs for increased test scores, read article here.  Dr. Hallowell contends that medication, when used properly, is as important and effective as eyeglasses and that the media has a bias against the use of stimulant medication. Read Dr. Hallowell's rebuttal to the NY Times article on teen abuse of stimulant meds here.  

ADHD and Work - Can having ADHD increase the likelihood that you will be an entrepreneur? Some studies show that having ADHD makes you six times more likely to run a business. Are we replacing the Organization Man with the Disorganization Man? Read this interesting article in the EconomistLast month we offered Dr. Hallowell's view on what separates successful from frustrated Entrepreneurs from Success Magazine. What's the take away? Don't let ADHD stop you from soaring!

Did You Miss the Working Memory: Strengthening the Weak Link in ADHD lecture? - Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC explained to over 45 people at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury on May 31st that working memory is a powerful executive function that often accounts for the gap between an individual's performance and potential. Methods for improving working memory were offered ranging from home and classroom modifications to evidence based, computerized and coach assisted Cogmed Working Memory training. Rebecca offers these free talks on Working Memory to parent organizations, schools and corporations.  Is your working memory working for you? Take the quiz here.
Coach's Corner
It's a Maintenance Problem

The other morning as I hauled myself down the stairs to get ready for my day, I looked down at my bare feet and noticed that the nails on my two big toes were bright red and beautifully polished and the 4 toes to the left and the right of them were in their natural unpolished state. It was a pretty stark, surprising (and yes, hilarious) contrast. My first thought, besides how ridiculous I would look on some posh poolside, was "it's a maintenance problem." And then, in my waking-up morning haze, I started thinking about how most people struggle with maintenance in some area of their lives and how people with ADHD can be very challenged by it.

Maintenance is just a fancy way to talk about how to keep doing what works for you.  As a coach, I work with my clients on setting up routines and structure that help them support maintenance on behaviors that are important to them. For the person with ADHD, this often means setting up structure in the environment to remind you to do what you KNOW you need to do.  A note by your toothbrush might remind you to pack your gym clothes so you will have them with you when you go to the gym later in the day or an alarm on your phone might remind you to check your calendar and plan your time for the rest of the day. What are the structures in your environment that remind you to do what you want to do?  Is there another structure you could add to support doing something that you are having a hard time doing?

One of the keys to keeping structure going is noticing that you have gone off course and restarting the helpful structure.  For the individual with ADHD this can be a challenge.  Working with a coach regularly can help you develop skills to notice what you are doing, what works, how to keep doing what works, and how to restart what works for you when you stop doing it.  What is one thing you can restart that will help you do what you do more often?

Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D. is a coach who works with adults on developing and reaching personal, professional, and wellness goals.  You can schedule a coaching inquiry with her free of charge by calling 978.287.0810.  She can be reach at sarah@truefocuscoaching.com.
Tips From Our Readers 

We want your ADHD Management Tips! Here are some tips from our readers:

Dr. Hallowell posted this idea on facebook: "I have a wax board in my shower, like scuba divers use, so I can write down ideas when they occur to me there."

"We use kids' bathtub crayons for that very purpose! I do some of my most creative thinking in the shower! My kids leave each other notes as well (get your hair out of the drain, stop leaving the soap on the floor, etc.)!" from Lynne

Our Facebook community has been busy sharing and interacting on all kinds of topics. Be sure to join in and LIKE Dr. Hallowell at www.facebook.com/drhallowell

Upcoming Events

First Tuesday of the Month, Free ADHD Adult Support Group Sudbury Hallowell Center. 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. Note: no classes until September 2012.


Every Wednesday, Parenting the Challenging Child, New York Hallowell Center. 1:15 - 2:00 pm, A Drop-in Parent Support Group, Gain positive, constructive support from parents who understand the challenges of raising a child with ADHD.  Brainstorm helpful solutions to difficult parenting issues.  Share resources and receive feedback and targeted advice to improve your parenting skills and help your child gain confidence and success. Facilitated by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M.; Parent Coach Specializing in ADHD. For more information contact Denise Boline at 212 799 7777 ext 100 email  denise@adhdnewyork.com.


June 25, Free Teleseminar for Chiropractors, 2pm EST. Find out how to provide non-drug relief for patients with ADHD.  Register at ShineforDoctors.com
June 26, FREE Webinar: A 21st Century Program for Children with ADHD, 7:30 PM EST - TOPIC: . Register here.

July 9, Helicopter Parenting, A Support Group for Parents of College-Age Students, 6-7:30pm, at Hallowell Center NYC. For more information contact Denise Boline at 212 799 7777 ext 100 or denise@adhdnewyork.com. 

July 9 - 11, ADHD & Your Marriage, Chautauqua Institution, NY.
Join Melissa Orlov and a small group of other couples for three afternoon sessions on how ADHD is impacting your marriage.  Tuition is $58 and you can register by calling 716-357-6348. Chautauqua Institution is a wonderful place to vacation in western NY state. Learn more about Chautauqua at www.ciweb.org.

July 10, 17, 24, 31 & August 7, 14, Nutrition and the ADD Brain,
10-11:30 am, a 6-week Course at Hallowell Center NYC. For more information contact Denise Boline at 212 799 7777 ext 100 or  denise@adhdnewyork.com 

July 11, 18, 25, 27, August 1, 8, 15
, Calm and Connected: Parenting Workshop **available via teleconference
- Wednesdays 7 - 8:30p.m. This six-session workshop provides practical education, tools, strategies and support for parenting children with ADHD. Cindy Goldrich Ed. M. will help you develop specific strategies to establish appropriate rules and expectations; increase your child cooperation; reduce homework stress for you and your child, and bring back your joy and connection with your child. FEE: $600 for single registration $900 for a couple. For more information and to register contact Denise Boline
at 212-799-7777 or email denise@adhdnewyork.com.


July 16-20 - Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp @ Leelanau - Dr. Hallowell is pleased to announce his Summer Enrichment Camp @ Leelanau. The focus will be: "Super parenting for ADD - An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child"  It's open to adults of all ages and professions and children entering grades 5 through 12. Learn more at Leelanau School.   

August 6-10,
Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across The Life Span
,The Cape Cod Institute. The goal of diagnosis and treatment is to transform ADHD from a chronic liability into an overall asset in life. The purpose of this seminar is to show how to do precisely that and to present all the exciting new information we have learned about ADHD in the past decade. Learn more at The Cape Cod Institute

September 19, FREE Top 10 Tips for ADHD Parenting 6:30-8:00 PM EST, also available via Video Conference. Registration required. Contact Denise Boline at 212-799-7777 or email  denise@adhdnewyork.com.

November 8-10, 2012, CHADD Conference San Francisco, Dr. Hallowell will be a speaker. Learn more here. 


Hallowell Centers' Unique Philosophy:


At The Hallowell Centers, we offer a variety of diagnostic and assessment tools to help us evaluate and understand your specific needs. Based on what we learn, we then suggest a customized treatment plan, drawing from a cross-section of treatment modalities that may be used individually, or in conjunction with one another. This strengths-based plan is designed to leverage each individual's unique gifts to help overcome their cognitive and emotional problems.

Getting started is easy. Simply place a call to one of our new patient specialists:
         New York:  212-799-7777               Sudbury: 978 287 0810

The Hallowell Centers first search for what is good, strong and healthy in a person, then secondarily what is in need of remediation.

On-Going Support Groups: 

Free ADHD Adult Support Group
, First Tuesday of the Month,
7 - 8:30 pm. No registration necessary.  


Mindfulness Skills for Adults with ADHD, Develop mindfulness skills and explore how they are helpful for adults with ADHD. You will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation through ADHD friendly activities. Sarah Reiff-Hekking at 978 287 0810 or Sarah@TrueFocusCoaching.com


Business Goals Group, Connect with like-minded business people and: Establish a business baseline, clarify the business of your dreams, create goals for the next year and create a process to achieve those goals. Sarah Reiff-Hekking at 978 287 0810 or Sarah@TrueFocusCoaching.com.  


Parenting Your Child with ADHD, This 6 week education and support group offers positive, constructive support for parents who have children with ADHD. Shelley MacLeod 978 287 0810 x119  



New York City, NY:


For all classes, contact Denise Boline at 212-799-7777 or email denise@adhdnewyork.com.   


Parenting the Challenging Child, a Drop-in Parent Support Group, Gain positive, constructive support from parents who understand the challenges of raising a child with ADHD.  Brainstorm helpful solutions to difficult parenting issues.  Share resources and receive feedback and targeted advice to improve your parenting skills and help your child gain confidence and success.   


Calm and Connected: Parenting your Child with ADHD, This highly acclaimed 6-Session workshop is an excellent program for parents of children who are newly diagnosed as well as parents who are struggling in parenting their challenging children. Using a combination of education and coaching, specific strategies are developed to help you reduce chaos, establish rules, improve your child's self-esteem and bring back the joy and connection with your child.

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