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Dr. Hallowell's Favorite Things         2013

Decorate the house. Check.


Mail the holiday cards.  Check.


Buy gifts.  Check!


Sigh...if only planning for the holidays was that simple.


In reality though, for the nearly 9 million adults with ADHD, I know that the holidays create the perfect storm.  


I am hoping this list of My Favorite Things will help you untangle the overwhelm that can surround the holidays and be sure to follow my tips to ease the holiday headache!


Warm Wishes,  



P.S. Thinking about what to give to extended members of your family this year? If one of your kids has ADHD, consider giving a copy of Delivered from Distraction to grandparents, aunts or uncles. This will give your relatives a positive introduction to the subject, and will aid in supporting your child (and you). The more the people who love your kids know about ADHD, the better.    


Oprah has her favorite things, and so does Ned!

Gifts From the Heart are the Best!

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Snow Flake  


A Survival Guide to Managing ADHD and the Holidays   


Dr. Hallowell offers the following tips to help cross out some items on your holiday to do list to remain sane in this CrazyBusy world:
1. Shop smart and shop early.  Last minute shopping is a big no.  There's too much pressure.  So start as early as possible.
2. Make a list of people you need to buy for and don't buy too many gifts for each person.  That will keep the process from becoming too daunting.  

Read more Dr. Hallowell's Holiday Stress-Busting Tips!  

"I don't treat disabilities; I unwrap gifts." - Dr. Hallowell
Gifts for Students

The Learning Break through Program is a suite of movement "exercises" performed on specialized, custom manufactured equipment that improves the way the brain processes information. This improved efficiency allows us to read, write, speak, hear, remember, control physical movements and stay focused better. Dr. Hallowell reccomends this product as an alternative, strength-based treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia and learning difficulties.

Square Peg Raise Out-of-the-Box Thinkers
Written by Todd Rose and Pulitzer Prize winning Katherine Ellison, this book lives up to its title.  It will surprise, delight, and profoundly influence all who take the time to read it. Watch the recent Todd Ross TEDx talk.
"I can not recommend this book more highly"
- Dr. Hallowell  

Strategies and supplies optimized for the ADHD brain.

Timely Matters This portable time management system removes the parent from the task master role and guides children through the daily transition periods of sleep to school, school to home and from family time to bed. Hallowell Newsletter readers can receive a special 20% discount. Visit Timely Matters, Inc. and use discount code "Hallowell".

Gifts for the Whole Family

CrazyBusy CD Set Are you becoming so busy that you're not enjoying much of anything and feeling chronically frustrated? Dr. Hallowell calls this "culturally induced ADD." Build a manageable game plan for turning a hectic life into a fun, productive and rewarding life with this groundbreaking program, Success Strategies for the CrazyBusy.   


The Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Dreampad™ pillow for adults and children  delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. The process brings about a relaxation response that reduces stress, improves sleep, and decreases sensory hypersensitivity.

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$20 discount (with or without the player). Enter DRHDreampad in the Apply Coupon section during the purchase process, and get free shipping within the continental US courtesy of iLs.

A new series of t-shirts for those of us who embrace ADHD!
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Give the gift that keeps on giving: Dr. Hallowell, a seasoned and passionate speaker, offers customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business.  Learn more  
The Gifts of Learning
Dr. Hallowell Books
"Because of Driven to Distraction, I went and got tested. This might sound funny but, I was so happy to hear it, and I mean happy! I would like to say thank you, your book changed a lot in my life, and I am happier for it." P.H.

Recommendations for Children with ADHD:
A Walk in the Rain with a Brain

A Walk in the Rain with a Brain Each brain finds its own special way!
In A Walk in the Rain with a Brain, a little girl named Lucy is making her way down a rainy sidewalk when she spies, of all things, a brain - Manfred, called Fred - sitting forlornly in a puddle. The courtly cerebrum asks Lucy for help getting home, and as they walk along she worries that she's not smart enough. "Everyone's smart!" explains Fred. "You just need to find out at what!" Charming illustrations and a funny, whimsical story teach children to play and learn in order to find the strengths they have - and a discussion guide at the end gives parents and educators the background support they need in order to help children understand and discover the sparkling individuality of their minds.

Dr. Hallowell has written 19 books on numerous topics including ADHD, worry, our over-scheduled lives, happiness, and much more. No matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find something to help them make 2014 the best year ever! Visit Dr. Hallowell Book Store.
Add AUDIO books to Your List too!
Dr. Hallowell Videos
ADD Video In this hour long digital video, Dr. Hallowell discusses ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in children, specifically addressing the challenges that ADD can present in education, as well as strategies for succeeding with ADD as a student.

In this 40-minute online video seminar by the Gazelle Growth Institute, Dr. Hallowell, an expert in Learning Differences and the Entrepreneurial mind, provides an in-depth seminar that helps you manage a life in which there is more to do than time to do it!

Learn the strategies to manage life so it doesn't manage you! Don't waste time, get things done, and still be happy!"
Dr. Edward Hallowell outlines the steps we can take to make or reaffirm the connections that nourish the hungry heart. We learn how to nurture that part of us which is so often neglected, and so very crucial to our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being � our connections. Through his own life experiences and those who have shared their stories with him, we learn of the great joy and peace that come from connecting, and the consequences of remaining detached.   
Dr. Hallowell Professional Development

As a teacher, you devote countless hours ensuring that lesson instructions are designed to meet the needs of each child. The needs of students with ADHD often do not fit neatly into recognized learning styles and many teachers have not been professionally trained to recognize or address these specific needs. Mining Magnificent Minds (MMM) is a series of 10 original, online, on-demand streaming videos, each 15 to 20 minutes long, designed to train teachers on how to effectively manage ADHD in the classroom.  

ShineCover Today's workplace is a pressure cooker - even the most talented people struggle to sort through an influx of information, relentless demands, and unprecedented stress. Dr. Hallowell combines new research into brain science with what we know about performance management to offer a proven process for managers to get the best from their teams and their people and offers personalized onsite coaching to executives and/or employees.

Shine For Doctors, designed for chiropractors, is a professionally branded, holistic, drug-free, neurologically based and powerfully effective program of ADHD management that boasts association with Dr. Hallowell's 30 + years of ADHD expertise.     
Dr. Hallowell Strength-Based Philosophy
Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Camp - Dr. Hallowell will be helping youth and parents at the Leelanau ADHD Camp July 14-18, 2014.  Learn more at 10% discount before 2/1/14.

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