"I help unwrap gifts; not treat disabilities."

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The Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health 

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Attention Surplus Individuals 
InventiveLabs TEDx Talk
InventiveLabs TEDx Talk

Need Not Apply!


For those where college is not the answer or they are stuck in a job that does not play to their strengths, I think this will finally provide a pathway to truly have the chance to change the world.
I have written about InventiveLabs in the past.  They have come up with a new program that I think is so exciting I am writing about them again.  The founders, Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron (no, not that Tom Bergeron), whom I have come to know well, are exemplary people.  They really are in this to help the millions of young adults who are talented, but just don't fit in traditional educational settings.

Open House, Sept 21st at InventiveLabs - NorthShore MA - with Dr. Hallowell. Please RSVP

Listen to the "These Guys Help People Who Learn Differently Find Success" Podcast   with Dr. Hallowell and the InventiveLabs team.  
Neuropsych Testing for Everyone - Not just Students
  • Improve cognitive concerns and determine if they are related to ADHD, a brain-affecting disease or traumatic brain injury.
  • Learn how you process Information
  • See if you are making progress
  • Use results to inform Special Education services
Build a system of accommodations 
for the rest of your life!

Please call the NYC Center at 212-799-7777 or the Boston MetroWest Center at 978-287-0810 to learn more
College Coaching, ADHD and Self-Advocacy

It is that time of year again....the time our young adult children to leave for university.  For most parents, there is a certain degree of angst.  For those of us who have children with a history of ADHD, executive functioning challenges or a learning disability, the worry is magnified.  Will my son keep up with his assignments? Will my daughter get into "the wrong crowd" because of her impulsivity issues? I know he is registered with the disability office for extra time on test and assignments....but will he think to use these services?
Programs for Parents of a Child with ADHD?

30+ years of ADHD expertise distilled into this 4 video series with workbook. Only $47

"I LOVE the format - 4 short videos and a great workbook that goes along with it. The coaches, Elaine & Diane, do a wonderful job summarizing Dr. Hallowell's key points after each video, and then making them applicable. Dr. Hallowell's passion and knowledge is EXCITING and so REFRESHING! BRAVO!"  - Vanessa

" It has completely changed the 
game for us! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom 
and knowledge! I am so very grateful!" - Kathy

Are you tired of the Frustration?

Is there too much Conflict and Chaos in your home? 
Need help setting Boundaries and Motivating your child?
Wondering about how Medication impacts ADHD?

During this workshop you will develop the techniques necessary to help reduce the challenging behaviors, homework stress, and school struggles in a small, safe and supportive environment.  Parents of children with ADHD often feel isolated, judged and misunderstood by other parents and family members.  Gain from others who are going through similar struggles in a safe setting where others "get" what you are experiencing.

Next Session starting September 26th and October 17th. Register and Learn more here.
$490/person, $690/couple, $490/webinar

Parenting Your Child
with ADHD
Ages 6-12 at Boston MetroWest Hallowell Center

Connect with other parents for Education and Support!

Topics include:
  • Understanding ADHD and the impact on executive functions
  • Fostering self-esteem and effective family communication
  • Addressing challenging behavior
  • Helping your child enhance social skills
  • Developing positive working relationships with schools

8 weeks, Fridays 10:30-12pm, Starts October 21 $400 

Contact Shelley MacLeod, LICSW to register at 978-287-0810 x119 

ImpactADHD's free webinar "School Strategies for Kids with ADHD" plus Q & A 

Sound familiar? 
  • Back-to-school nights are already creating stress
  • Homework-slow-down-melt-downs are well under way
  • You want to be the best parent you can be for your complex child
  • It can feel too overwhelming to make the time for support, even though you know you need it!
Click here to register for this free, live, online event
Unwrapping the Gifts in All Minds - Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Seniors

Testing and Neurological Assessments:  
ADHD, Organization, Stress, Anxiety, Academics, Memory, Focus, 
Problem-Solving, Executive Function, Emotional Regulation and more.....

EARS - Emergency Academic Recovery System Start the year off right: organization, study strategies, homework, quiz/test prep strategies and managing your time. In-person, Skype or phone coaching sessions available! To learn more call (978) 287-0810 or visit here

Please visit the site for more information

September 20 - Special Viewing of Screenagers - RSVP here.

Visit site for fall workshops
Dr. Hallowell Live 

September 21,  InventiveLabs Open House, Amesbury, MA  The mind of an entrepreneur - creative minds at work

October 1, ADDA's TADD Talk, Opening Keynote, More info to follow

October 2, 7th Annual Virtual ADHD Expo, Opening Keynote 7:00pm EST, Online Chat after

October 5,  CHADD Webinar, What Everyone Should Know About ADHD

October 17,  Every Child Event, Seattle, Wa - The Power and Gifts of ADHD
October 23, Evolve 2016 New YorkKeynote Speaker

Dr. Hallowell Likes

Couples Seminar with Melissa Orlov - The ADHD Effect on Marriage
8 session phone seminar - Live session starts October 14, 2016.  Melissa Orlov, a Marriage Consultant, provides understanding and concrete ideas to help couples rebalance their relationships.

If you or your partner has ADHD, you probably have tried to work on improving your relationship, but may not have been successful. Traditional counseling does not address the effects of ADHD, leaving you frustrated and incredulous that you have gotten to this point and haven't been able to make things better. 

Dr. Hallowell Store

Hallowell Store - books, audio, videos, training products, Smartphone apps, and more!



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