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Ever wonder how the environment around you impacts your life or your child's ADHD?

Looking for a great family experience this summer that helps you all see the sunny side of ADHD?

Interested in learning mindfulness skills or finding out how ADHD differs from bipolar?

That's just a "taste" of what's in store for you in this month's redesigned newsletter.

We hope you like it - and as always, please feel free to send your feedback and questions.  We love to hear from you!

Melissa Orlov, editor

Dr Hallowell's ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp
Dr Hallowell's ADHD Summer
Enrichment Camp
Hallowell Centers Strength-Based Philosophy:
First we search for what is good, strong and healthy in a person, then what is in need of remediation. 

The Hallowell Centers integrate the latest research on brain, body and heart. We help people with emotional issues and learning disabilities lead happier, more productive lives through a positive, balanced treatment approach.

SKYPE coaching is available at each Center

Want to Learn More? Simply place a call to one of our new patient specialists:

New York City:  212-799-7777    
Sudbury, MA:  978 287-0810    

Upcoming Events

University of Alabama
Two presentations: ADHD Throughout the Lifespan, and A Strength-based Approach to Treatment of ADHD.   

February 7 & 8 
Morristown, NJ
SHINE For Doctors, the ADHD drug-less chiropractic alternative.
Orlando Florida
Presentation: Igniting Every Child's Full Potential. The Institute of Montessori Education now offers Mining Magnificent Minds training to their teachers.

March 20 
ADHD: A New Vision
Marist College Poughkeepsie, NY 

April 10 
Learning & The Brain  Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University
Presentation: Igniting Every Child's Full Potential

July 15-19 
Dr. Hallowell's  ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp at Leelanau School
Students entering grades 5 thru 12 and parents.
August 12-16
Cape Cod Institute
Presentation: Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span.

Trouble focusing? -
Check this Working Memory Quiz to see if your score warrants further investigation. Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, speech/language pathologist and neurotherapist is offering free 15 minute phone inquiry sessions to discuss how Cogmed Working Memory Training (a very powerful executive function) can help you. Contact the Hallowell Center or call 978 287 0810.

Flying Off the Handle? Use Mindfulness Skills for Adults with ADHD to get your 2013 resolutions in check. Starting January 30th at 10a.m. for 1.5 hours, $480. Contact Sarah Reiff-Hekking at 978 287 0810, Sarah@TrueFocusCoaching.com at the Sudbury Hallowell Center.

CrazyBusy: Introduction to Mindfulness - Learn techniques to support work/life balance and reduce stress, anxiety, physical and mental discomfort. Use a combination of breath, sound, movement and visualization to break habitual patterns so that you can slow down and listen to your innate intelligence.
8 sessions: 1/21 to 3/11 7-8pm

The CrazyBusy Family

These 'separate but similar' workshops are designed to introduce both you and your teen to skills designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and physical/mental distress.
For Grades 6-8 or 8-10
Learn more here.

Social Skills for Children These 12 week programs (6 children/group) will help children with self-regulation and social competence. For ages 6-9 or 10-12. Starts January 22. Learn more here

Calm and Collected - Parenting Your Child with ADHD - Learn the tools to support your child's success in school, at home, and in life! Starts January 23. Learn more here.

The ADHD Effect on Couples CE - This Web Conference will pay special attention to the behavioral patterns specific to ADHD-impacted relationships and provide an overview of the healing progression and stages specific to couples impacted by ADHD. January 25 by phone. Learn more here.

How to Thrive in Your ADHD Marriage -

Melissa Orlov will discuss the many ways that ADHD can affect our relationships and offer some proven strategies to manage struggles and enhance intimate relationships. January 31, London, UK. Learn more here.
Q:   Can you please explain the difference between ADHD and Bipolar Disorder? My son was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade but last week his psychiatrist suggested that he may have Bipolar Disorder. What is the difference between the two?       

A: The symptoms of bipolar disorder and ADHD overlap considerably, especially ADHD with pronounced hyperactivity and impulsivity. As with ADHD, there is no surefire test for bipolar disorder and social problems usually accompany both. The hallmark of bipolar disorder is severe mood swings, that include mania. To be a true manic episode, the grandiose or irritable mood must last at least one week.

The major symptom must be evaluated to distinguish the two conditions. If the major symptom is a disturbance or mood, then think of bipolar disorder. If it is disturbance of attention, then think of ADHD. Keep in mind that you may see both in the same person.  A second good way to differentiate is to look at the history: ADHD is a long-standing, chronic condition that is not marked by cycling. To learn more, read chapter 15 in Delivered from Distraction.
Mothers Wonder About Alternative ADHD Treatment
Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC
A recent study shows that mothers of children taking prescription medication for ADHD feel empowered to manage their child's treatment and see improvements in their child's behavior at home and at school, however, 47% say that at times they had not felt fully informed about all available treatment options, including Alternative/Complementary approaches. Learn More Here.

Make Your Environment a Partner in Your Success
Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D.
I've heard so much lately about using your mindset to improve your performance. There is a lot of science behind "the head game" which can make changes in your thinking and affect how you act and feel and ultimately the quality of your day to day life. It affects your moods. It affects your path in daily life. It affects how you interact with others. It affects your ability to fight off difficulties on your path to success. 

The thing that I think is often missing in the "change your mindset" conversation is that environment predicts a lot of our behavior too. Learn More
ADHD and Children, Teens and Young Adults
Support a Teacher Who is Trying Hard to Help Your Child
Teachers have a tough job, and so do you. Read these tips on how to better communication in an effort to help your child succeed at ImpactADHD.

ADHD Summer Camp for Children and Parents with Dr. Hallowell - 
Designed for children in grades 5 - 12, this camp helps families build stronger bonds in a beautiful setting. July 15-19, 2013. Register by February 1st for a 10% discount. Watch the video and learn more here.   
Recent Advances to Manage Distractions
- Dr. Hallowell calls the trials of this game-based software application a tremendous breakthrough and is working with Attentiv in the Hallowell Centers to study the technology further. Read more here.

Learning and Organizing Skills for Students - Does your child save everything for the last minute, is homework a battle, and do the school papers never make it home? Dr. Hallowell recommends the strategies in the SOAR Program designed to help your child be more efficient and effective at school. Learn more here

Help Children with ADHD Develop Strategies Early - This study points to a startling conclusion that children with ADHD will earn less and work less than their counterparts. It is important that families directly and aggressively help children with ADHD develop strategies for success as early in life as possible, using all means that are known to be effective for managing symptoms.

Free ADHD Parent Care Package - This care package is designed to give parents the support and guidance they need to help their children become successful, contributing adults. Find out more at Edge Foundation.

Math Anxiety for High Achieving Students A study of first and second graders found that many high-achieving students experience math anxiety, with worry and fear, undermining them so much that they can fall behind other students who don't have that anxiety. Read more here.

Software Training Programs for Young Children - These activities are for children ages 4-6 with attention problems who may be too young for some of the more structured and rigorous software training programs. Find out more here.
ADHD and Adults
Is ADHD Making You Moody, Anxious and Exhausted? - 90% of women who have ADHD don't know it. It's usually not until a woman is seeking help for her own child who is struggling in school or in relationships, that she finally gets the ADHD diagnosis that has eluded her. Dr. Hallowell describes ADHD in women on the Dr. Oz Show. Read the article and watch the video.

Think You Might Have ADHD? - Read this introspective blog post on preparing for an evaluation at the Hallowell Center here.  
5 ADHD-Friendly Steps to Clean up Your Office Fast - Do you have trouble keeping your workspace organized?  Are there papers and objects everywhere? Piles upon piles? If so, check out these tips at adhdmarriage.com.

Quillivant XR™ is now available in the U.S. This is the first, once-daily, extended-release liquid medication for patients with ADHD. Read more

CrazyBusy Tip
Learn to Put on the Brakes

CrazyBusy Top 50 In order for energy to get focused, a person must be able to put the brakes on incoming stimuli and outgoing impulses long enough to concoct a complex thought. Life is a powerful accelerator these days; what separates the successful from the frustrated is the quality of their brakes and their ability to use them.

The challenge of modern life, even for people who do not have ADD, is to learn how to put on the brakes, and to turn this fast-paced world into an advantage.

One way to do this is to invest your time wisely and don't fritter it away on activities that do not yield a positive return. Set time aside to do the things that really matter to you.
CrazyBusy is available in book, CD and MP3 format

Quote of the Month:

"Let's try to use often, and well, the most powerful force we have...connection & love. It's free and infinite in supply, ready to be used all the time."

- Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., 'hero' #43 in 100 Ways to Make 2013 Your Best Year! by SuperheroYou.com


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