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                           Dr. Hallowell Newsletter     May 2013
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In his many years of working with adults with ADHD and learning issues, Dr. Ned Hallowell has gained a great deal of wisdom.  He also has the gift of being able to inspire others.  Perhaps nowhere are these two elements more obvious than in his 2008 commencement address at Eagle Hill School.  As it is the time of commencements, we have included a link to it in this newsletter and I hope that anyone who has not read it will take a few moments to do so now.  It is well worth your time!

In this issue we also provide a host of resources where you can find actionable ideas to improve your life and that of your family.  From pieces on interruptions and clutter to conferences, videos, workshops and camps in which you can participate, this edition is rich with potential "action items" for you.

We hope you enjoy it.

Melissa Orlov, editor

P.S.  If you are in the Bay Area and looking for quality care, consider contacting the new Hallowell Center there.
Dr. Ned Hallowell empowers kids with ADD/ADHD
Dr. Hallowell empowers kids with ADHD

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Read more from Dr. Hallowell here.
Hallowell Centers Strength-Based Philosophy:
First we search for what is good, strong and healthy in a person, then what is in need of remediation. 

The Hallowell Centers integrate the latest research on brain, body and heart. We help people with emotional issues and learning disabilities lead happier, more productive lives through a positive, balanced treatment approach.

Coaching via SKYPE is available at each Center

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Upcoming Events

June 21 & 22

"Creating a Connected Life" Institute of Lifestyle Medicine @ Harvard Medical School

July 15-19 
Dr. Hallowell's  ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp at Leelanau School, Students entering grades 5 thru 12 and parents.
July 18-21  
Dr. Hallowell's Keynote Speaker at ADDA Conference 14th Annual for Adults with ADHD in Detroit. Save 10%
: Use Code MYFAVSPKR" in the
Web form box at registration checkout.  

August 12-16  
Cape Cod Institute
Presentation: Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span.
October 15
The Riverbend School, MA
Presentation: Childhood Root of Adult Happiness.

Click here to Learn about Dr. Hallowell's Speaking Services. 
Master Your Mind This Summer - Choose from these customized, private, once a week, 60-90 minute sessions for students and adults:
Stress Tamer - using biofeedback technology and advanced mindfulness methods learn to temper anxiety, tolerate frustration.
Critical Reading Skills - enhance vocabulary, reading comprehension and recall; ideal for SAT/GRE preparation.
Cogmed Working Memory Training - a do-it-all-at-home program with weekly phone coaching for training this powerful executive function.
Concentration Powerhouse - using neurofeedback train your brain to focus better, reduce impulsivity and get more done.
Organization, Note-taking and Study Skill Strategies - Offered two weeks in August right before school starts. Work smarter, not harder this school year.
Staying Sharp - brain fitness and intensive memory training for Boomers and seniors.  
Five week do-it-all-at-home Cogmed Working Memory Training - Weekly phone coaching and supervision with memory, organization, school anxiety.

All programs are with Rebecca Shafir M.A. CCC a certified speech language pathologist with over 30 years of experience training children and adults with attention and learning issues related to ADHD, post concussion syndromes and executive dysfunction.

Call 978 255-1817 or 978 287- 0810 x117 for a free inquiry session or to set up an appointment.

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Mindful Parenting, Jun 3 - 24; July 9 - 30 
Learn to keep your calm and practice self-care.

CrazyBusy, Jun 3 - 24; July 9 - 30 4 Mindfulness workshops to manage stress.

Being ADHD, Jun 6 - 27
Young Adult support group for ages 18-34.

Teen Coaching Webinar, June 18, July 16 & Aug 27 - coaches help teens asses their abilities, improve skills, and strategize to prepare for high level performance.

Recipes From Healthy Living Experts, June 19 - receive and share healthy choices, implement them into your family's meal plan.

Anxiety, ADHD or Both?, June 19 - Learn approaches to help manage these conditions.
ADHD & Marriage

Relationship Trouble? CHADD Annual Conference, Nov 8  - Multi-Modal Treatment for Your ADHD-Impacted Relationship.  Learn more here.
Dr. Hallowell Store

The Dr. Hallowell Store has books, videos, products, iphone apps, etc on ADHD and other topics. New items are added regularly, so keep checking back!

Product of the Month: 

Children and ADD:
A conversation with Dr. Hallowell
ADD Video

In this hour long digital video, Dr. Hallowell discusses ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in children, including descriptions of what ADD is, and strategies for achieving the best possible outcome. 
Running Time: 51 Minutes 
Directed by Nancy Ogden 
2002       $15.00

 Learn more Here

A Note from Ned 
On April 22, I had my second total hip replacement, my right hip this time.  10 years ago I had my left hip done.  The price of arthritic genes and some 50 years of playing squash.

During my weeks of recovery, I learned 3 things I'd like to share with you all.

First, bless exercise.  After my first surgery back in 2003 I started working out regularly with Simon Zaltsman, a Russian trainer a couple of years older than I am.  Simon is a brilliant man, and he makes exercise entertaining, albeit torture as well.  But what useful torture!  Thanks to Simon, I was in far better shape for my second surgery than I'd been for my first.  As a result, my recovery has been much faster and much less painful.  In fact, I've used almost no pain medication.  I urge you all, find an exercise buddy or a trainer, or do it on your own, but however you do it, find the time to exercise often.

Q: My 9yr old has developed a serious sweet tooth in the past month. He destroyed his sister's birthday cake this weekend. Could this be normal or something that I need to see his dr about? He is on Concerta and Prozac. Thank you so much.

A:  Many people -- of all ages -- self medicate with carbs. Ice cream, cake, cookies, sweets of all kinds including soda become favorite targets and lead to often compulsive, frantic consumption. Carbs promote the release of dopamine, which is why they become so irresistible. Best thing to do is make them unavailable or out of reach. And promote better ways of getting the dopamine squirt, like physical exercise. Read about a recent study correlating obesity and ADHD below and also read what Dr. Hallowell has to say about Carbs and self-medication in this NPR Health News issue.
Dr. Hallowell's Graduation Speech
Graduation "Having both ADD and dyslexia myself, I am a member of the secret society you all belong to, the society of the magnificently-minded."

Commencement speeches are being polished around the country and we thought it was an opportune time to reprint the graduation speech Dr. Hallowell gave to the Eagle Hill School in 2008. Read More
ADHD and Children, Teens and Young Adults
ADHD Summer Camp with Dr. Hallowell for Children and Parents
"This camp was amazing & I recommend it with my whole heart!!! My son and I benefited greatly. Plus, it was fun!" - C.J. Designed for children in grades 5 - 12 and their parents, this camp helps families build stronger bonds in a beautiful setting. July 15-19, 2013.  Watch the video and learn more here. What are the benefits to attending an ADHD Camp? This ADDitude article spells out some reasons why camp may be beneficial to your child.

Does Your Teen Want to Manage ADHD on Their Own? -
Teens, especially boys, want to be independent and often are tired of the ADHD treatment. If you meet them half way, you can generally reach a successful compromise. Learn more in this ADDitude Magazine article and in this YouTube Video by Dr. Hallowell.
ADHD Linked to Adult Obesity
- Dr. Hallowell explains that people with ADHD self-medicate with carbs because carbs do the same thing that stimulant medications do - promote dopamine. Tracking boys into adulthood, this 33 year study found that boys who were hyperactive were twice as likely to have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than boys who didn't have ADHD.  Read related material in the Q&A section above, more on the study here and read the interview in this article by NPR.

The Importance of Resilience in Children -

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. is an ADHD & resilience expert. Kids today face more pressures and have more stress than ever. This Ted Talk explains how important resilience is for successful growth - it's well worth your time! Watch it here.
ADHD and Adults
Cape.org Educators and Parents: Help Students with ADHD Succeed in School
Dr. Hallowell will again share his unique approach on how to view this most commonly diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder of childhood at the Cape Cod Institute August 12-16th. Read his thoughts on ADHD here and find out more about Cape.org here

ADDA Dr. Hallowell: Keynote at ADDA Conference -
Dr. Hallowell is pleased to join Rick Green and Sari Solden as Keynote Speakers at the informative ADDA Annual Conference created especially for adults with ADHD, July 18-21 in Detroit. Save 10%: Use Code MYFAVSPKR" in the Web form box at registration checkout.


Stop Interruptions from Destroying your Agenda - Dr. Hallowell explains how to stop interruptions and regain control of your schedule and life in this article in this Bottom Line publication.  
Drs. Hallowell and Ratey Help You Attack the Stacks - Are your paper, magazine and laundry stacks overflowing? Learn how to attack the mess, one stack at a time in this article in ADDitude Magazine

Online ADHD Research Study Looking for ADHD and non-ADHD Participants - Adult participants with and without ADD/ADHD are needed to participate in an Internet study examining emotional responses to pictures.  The experiment takes 20-30 minutes to finish. Enter to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card and help researchers and clinicians better understand the experiences of adults with ADD/ADHD. Learn more here.
CrazyBusy Tips
What is EMV or E-Mail Voice?

CrazyBusy Top 50 EMV (or E-Mail Voice) is the distracted tone a person's voice takes when he/she is reading an email while talking with you on the phone. When this happens do you ignore it? Tell the person to stop this behavior? Or start reading email yourself?

This phenomenon is so common it has become routine and is yet another symptom of our busy lives. Maybe gently mention it and this should be enough to get their full attention? Also, think about it the next time someone calls you and you find yourself reading your emails while on the phone.
CrazyBusy Tips are available in book, CD, MP3 format
and as an iPhone App
Click here to learn more

Dr. Hallowell Speakers Bureau


Dr. Hallowell, a seasoned and passionate speaker, offers customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics relevant to parents, couples, children, educators, doctors, managers and people with ADHD. Click here to book Dr. Hallowell

Presenter Topic of the Month: 

Worry about child When You Worry About the Child You Love: Emotional and learning Problems in Children -
This presentation explores the biological or genetic problems that children may contend with:
Mad -
includes children who  have a very hard time controlling their anger, conduct disorders, disruptive behavior, disregard for authority, and chronic rule breaking.  
- covers children who are innately serious, as well as those who might be mildly or severely depressed.
Afraid - kids who are very shy, have been abused in some way, or just feel on the outs, afraid to join in. 
Confused - includes learning problems: ADD, dyslexia, math problems, non-verbal learning disabilities, and the wider field of learning styles. Read more  here.

Read Archived Newsletters here 
Dr. Hallowell Professional Programs: 
ADHD For Teachers              ADHD For Chiropractors

Ned's Quote of the Month:

"I will not listen to people who burst my bubble because they are always negative.  But I will listen to people who I know have my best interests at heart even if they burst my bubble."


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