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Hallowell ADHD Summer Camp - remove shame and blame and replace those feelings with pride and joy.


July 13-17, Glen Arbor, MI - on the shores of Lake Michigan.  


The great emphasis of the experience-both for the parents and well as the kids-is on identifying and promoting the strengths associated with ADHD.   


We achieve this by combining practical knowledge with coaching and encouragement.


Having done this for 8 years now, we have a great deal of experience in packing maximum value into 5 short days.

Almost everyone who attends the camp-parents and students alike-comes away amazed at how valuable the experience was, how enriching, exciting, practically useful, emotionally uplifting, and yes, fun.

"This camp was amazing &
I recommend it with my whole heart!!! My son and I benefited greatly. Plus, it was fun!" - C.J.

This ADDitude article describes why camp may be beneficial to your child.

Wanted: People With ADHD Not on Medication for Paid Attention and Impulse Control Study
 Ages 8-12 - Play a game at home 3x per week for 8 weeks and give feedback once per week via the telephone. Participants will receive FREE the actual commercial Atentiv™ System (retail $259) when distribution begins in the fall of 2015!
Ages 13-80 - Complete two 20 minute game sessions while we record your brain waves. Get paid $25 per recording or $50 for two recordings.
Hallowell Centers
Hallowell Center - top ADHD Special Needs provider!
Call our New Patient Specialists:

New York City: 212 799-7777
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Sudbury, MA: 978 287-0810
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ADHD & Executive Function Coaching
via Phone or Skype

The Hallowell Centers can help!
  • Organization
  • Anxiety, Stress
  • Poor Memory
  • Focus Problems
  • Problem Solving
Dr. Hallowell LIVE

June 2
ADDitude webinar - How to Talk About ADHD to Your Child, The Family, and The World

July 13-17
 Glen Arbor, MI, ADHD Summer Camp

August 10-14
Cape Cod, MA, Cape Cod Institute, Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span

October 14-15
 Seattle, WA, Hallowell Todaro Center, In collaboration with ParentMap. More info to follow. See Huffington Post article on Lesley Todaro here.
International News
September 28-October 3
Dr. Hallowell London workshops for parents, educators and ADHD adults: Mastering ADHD for Life Long Success. Register at ADDSpark.
ADHD & Marriage
Upcoming Seminars and Events
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Customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business. 

"I brought my 16 year old son to your talk last night. As you started talking, my son was messing around with his phone but put it away and started listening intently as your talk progressed. As we walked out he said "that's the first doctor that gets the fact that there is nothing wrong with my brain."  Thank you for making a very important message audible to him." 
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Browse the Hallowell Store for new books, audio books, videos, products, Smartphone apps, and more! Find the store on Facebook too.  

"This book provides an easy-to-follow recipe for teaching yourself to focus in the midst of the workplace chaos." - Inc. com

Work Smart! 


Free Webinar. Let's Educate our Community at ADHD! Register here.


Testing is imperative to determine how your child learns and to document and track academic progress.

End of year testing enables us to: 
  • Make available the results to generate teaching/learning program suggestions well in advance of the start of the school year.   
  • Document what was learned this past year while the information is still fresh in your child's mind. Tracking this performance from year to year allows us to adjust IEP/school services accordingly to ensure learning and gains are being made as desired.   
  • Determine where your child is lagging academically so we can generate teaching/learning programs to implement over the summer.
We provide testing at all Hallowell Centers. To make an appointment, please call the Sudbury, Mass office at 978-287-0810; the NY-Manhattan at 212-799-7777; San Francisco at [415-967-0061] or Seattle at [206-420-7345]

Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)  

Middle school to college age students - Dipping grades, low self-esteem?  Together we create a plan and get to work! 

Our first in-person visit is to get to know your student's helpful traits and past successes, study recent testing and teacher reports, identify areas of concern and set a course for action. Often the problems center around executive functioning - planning, organizing, initiating, emotional regulation, working memory, inhibition and the ability to shift between tasks and emotional states. Regular follow-up sessions can be in person, by phone or Skype. All that's needed is a supportive parent or caregiver, and a cooperative, trustworthy student who is "change-ready" and eager for a positive approach to solving problems and making new habits. Contact Rebecca for a free inquiry at 978 287 0810. More information at

professional-adults.jpg Upgrade your Working Memory at Home This Summer! Working Memory, the ability to keep information in your mind for several seconds, manipulate it, and use it in your thinking is the engine of learning. Cogmed training is for children and adults who wish to improve their ability to concentrate, reduce impulsivity and resist distraction. Reading Comprehension, problem solving, organization and mental math are just some of the working memory tasks we employ every day. Working memory weaknesses are common in persons with ADHD, executive dysfunction and head injury, and can also benefit those without learning problems who seek an extra edge in optimizing their academic and professional potential. Researchers claim that intensive brain training can help stave off deteriorating effects of brain aging. Cogmed training is backed by solid research that no other brain training product can match and an outstanding track record of strong and lasting effects in thousands of trainees in America and around the world. Training is done at the user's home with weekly or as needed coaching sessions by phone or Skype. Learn more at or call Rebecca Shafir, speech pathologist and former Cogmed coach trainer, at 978 287 0810. 


Teachers: Executive Function Interactive Workshop  
June 23, 30 and August 18, 9:00am-1:00pm. For special education and general education teachers at both the middle school and high school level. All adolescents need support to develop strong executive functions and to work independently, cope with personal and academic challenges in healthy ways, and work to their full potential. In this interactive workshop, teachers will create and share strategies to help students strengthen executive functions and improve their competency and contribution in class.


Topics will include:

  • Six key executive function skill sets for adolescents
  • The relationship between executive functions, mindfulness, and growth mindset
  • Key components of working memory and attention
  • Case studies of students with executive function challenges and interactive discussions to identify language and strategies to intervene
  • Register at
Navigate the Uncertainties of Middle School

Incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. August 17-21, 9:30am-1pm, $250 per child. Learn organization, time management, notebook strategies, planner efficiencies, and more. At the Hallowell Todaro Center, Seattle WA with Kathryn Korch, Director of Coaching. Register today at 206-420-7345  


Summer ADHD Camp - July 13-17, at The Homestead Resort, Glen Arbor MI, $975 per person. For families with children between 10-18 years old. From childhood through adulthood, ADHD can present both difficult dilemmas as well as unique opportunities for change, growth, and success. Dr. Hallowell's goal is to help people master the power of ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls, all in this beautiful setting. Learn more at
Hallowell In the News

Driven to Distraction at Work Recommended for Non Profits - The team chooses the most helpful titles to inform better book choices and enhance career development. CausePlanet.

6 Ways to Train Yourself to be Less Distracted - Distractions can leave you frustrated and under performing. Dr. Hallowell shares his insights on how to be less distracted while at work in this article. 

Lesley Todaro Featured in Huffington Post -  This Q & A examines Lesley's career, her views and opinions of the Hallowell Todaro Center, her advice to other women, and much more. We are delighted to have partnered with Lesley! Read more in the Huffington Post. 
Dr. Hallowell Likes


In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Eichenstein has written a guide for parents who are struggling with their 'atypical' child; be it ADHD, Autism, a learning disability or any other diagnosis. She notes that the tendency to just focus on the child's well being is only half the journey; because much of the child's ultimate mental well being rests largely on the well-being of the parents and she provides tools and understanding to help parents work through the often discouraging process of raising a child with any type of difference. If you are a parent who wants help in coping with the challenges of raising an atypical child, or a professional who wants to get a better idea of how better to understand the parents of the children they work with, Dr. Eichenstein's book will help you rise to the occasion and beyond. Buy it on Amazon  here.

Bipolar Disorder in Adults free webinar on Tuesday, June 10 28 at 7:00 PM ET. Register at  

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"One of the great myths many parents buy into is that school performance predicts performance in adult life. It does not. Grit does!."- Edward M. Hallowell