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Many of us remember summer as a time to slow down, yet find ourselves too busy to actually have some of that memorably relaxed time.  This newsletter delves into the joys of taking time out and the importance of what Dr. Hallowell calls "the other Vitamin C," or Connecting.  As connection is critically important to our health, we hope this newsletter will inspire you to use this summer to find some of that other Vitamin C!

Melissa Orlov, editor

P.S.  Don't forget the new San Fran office.

Dr. Hallowell Enjoying the
Simple Pleasures of Summer his Dog Ziggy

 Hallowell Center
Market Street, San Francisco

San Francisco
We are delighted to share our strength-based philosophy on the West Coast.

Please call 415 967-0061 or visit www.HallowellSFO.com
Hallowell Centers Strength-Based Philosophy:
First we search for what is good, strong and healthy in a person, then what is in need of remediation. 

The Hallowell Centers help people with emotional issues and learning disabilities lead happier, more productive lives through a positive, balanced treatment approach that integrates the latest research on brain, body and heart.
Coaching via SKYPE is available at each Center

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Upcoming Events

at Leelanau School, Students entering grades 5 thru 12 and parents.
14th Annual for Adults with ADHD in Detroit. Save 10%: Use Code MYFAVSPKR" in the Web form box at registration checkout.  
August 12-16
Presentation: Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span.
Presentation: Childhood Roots of Happiness.
Click here to Learn about Dr. Hallowell's Speaking Services. 
Research Study for Children ages 8-12 with ADHD - Children not on medication are needed to participate in a study that targets improvement in attention and focus using Atentiv, Inc non-invasive, fun, age appropriate video game. Training entails three 20-minute sessions per week for 8 weeks at the Hallowell Center, Sudbury and 3 month follow up. Studies show significant attention and self-control improvement with no stigma or side effects. Limited Enrollment. To learn more about this Free, IRB-approved opportunity, please call Christine Sorgi at 978 287-0810 xt 101.

Master Your Mind This Summer
- Choose from these customized, private, once a week, 60-90 minute sessions for students and adults:
-  Stress Tamer - use biofeedback technology and advanced mindfulness methods to temper anxiety, tolerate frustration.
-  Critical Reading Skills - enhance vocabulary, reading comprehension and recall; ideal for SAT/GRE preparation.
-  Cogmed Working Memory Training - a do-it-all-at-home program with weekly phone coaching and supervision with memory, organization, school anxiety.
-  Concentration Powerhouse - use neurofeedback to train your brain to focus better, reduce impulsivity and get more done.
-  Organization, Note-taking and Study Skill Strategies - Offered two weeks in August right before school starts. Work smarter, not harder.
-  Staying Sharp - brain fitness and intensive memory training for Boomers and Seniors.  

All programs are with Rebecca Shafir M.A. CCC. Call 978 255-1817 or 978 287-0810 x101 for a free inquiry session or to set up an appointment.

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Teen Coaching Webinar, July 16 & Aug 27 - coaches help teens assess their abilities, improve skills, and strategize to prepare for high level performance.

Boot Camp for Middle School
July 16 & 17, Aug 21 & 22    
Academic coaching helps students understand their unique learning styles and preferences.

School Accommodations - Knowing Your Rights - July 18, August 27 - When should you step in and what resources are available?

Boot Camp for High School
July 23 & 24, Aug 28 & 29 High school students learn to hone their own personal learning styles. 

Tame the Email Beast July 25 Learn strategies to help you organize and manage your daily e-mail flow in this teleseminar.

Social Skills Group for Children (8-12), July 29 - This 6 week program helps children learn to improve self-regulation and social competence.

Mindful Parenting, Aug 6 - 27, Learn to keep your calm and practice self-care.
ADHD & Marriage

LIVE Couples Course, Starts Oct 1
Plus New Bonus Session on appreciating ADHD

AD/HD Virtual Conference, Oct 7-10, Effective Communication for ADHD Couples.

Multi-Modal Treatment for Your ADHD-Impacted Relationship.  
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Store Keep checking in.... new books, videos, products, iphone apps, etc on ADHD and other topics are added regularly.

Product of the Month: 

Raise Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Written by Todd Rose and Pulitzer Prize winning Katherine Ellison, this book lives up to its title.  It will surprise, delight, and profoundly influence all who take the time to read it. Watch the recent Todd Ross TEDx talk.
"I can not recommend this book more highly"
- Dr. Hallowell 
Add AUDIO books to Your Summer Reading List too!
Driven to Distraction

A Note from Ned
Ned Hands and Head Summer.  It's the season of childhood.  No school.  Long days. Roads under repair. Beaches, beachballs, and the sweet smells of suntan lotions.  Hot dog trucks, standing barefoot on the white lines of parking lots to avoid the burning hot blacktop, ice cream vendors, and band concerts.  Fireworks on the Fourth of July and maybe a parade.  Old folks sitting on their porches cooling themselves with a handheld fan and a tall iced drink.  Baseball, of course.  The boys of summer. Fenway Park, Wriggly Field, Yankee Stadium and Chavez Ravine.  The slide into home plate, the cloud of dust, and the umpires spread eagle "safe" signal followed by a torrent of anger from the team that thought the runner was out.  On the fields of those ballparks, the greenest grass you'll ever see.  And the best hotdogs you'll ever eat, the best mustard, and the most satisfying colas and beers.  The crowd rising in the bottom of the ninth when the walk off game winning home run settles into the right field seats as the dejected right fielder starts the long, sad walk back into the visitors' dugout while the home team swarms the field and covers the player who hit the home run in bearhugs.  Men loving men, fans loving fans, and everyone, even the losing team, loving life.  Time stopped, joy protracted, boredom forgot..... Read More Here.
Q: I'm concerned about my daughter's Facebook usage in the summer. Now that she has more free time, she seems to only want to lay on her bed and communicate electronically.

A: Many parents complain about the obsessive quality of their child's participation on Facebook and other social media. I coined a term for such usage: screen-sucking. We have all heard that we should limit the exposure to electronics, but that is certainly easier said than done. I share this experience in my own home too.

Facebook can be a healthy way for kids to connect to each other, but personal connection - or Vitamin C! - is better. Meeting up for a bike ride or going to the local ice cream shop are examples of rewarding summer experiences. Read my article below to see if it is ADHD or excessive electronic usage.
Is it ADHD or Pseudo ADHD?
Edward Hallowell, M.D.
Electronics and Kids
Recently, the tech section of TIME magazine's online site posted an article about gadgets and the rise in the diagnosis of ADHD in children. 

According to the article, the past decade has seen a 50% increase in the diagnosis of ADHD, so that now 6 million children have been diagnosed.
This touches upon an issue I've been writing about for 20 years now.  There is a group of children (and adults) who appear to have ADHD but actually do not.  They exhibit all the symptoms associated with ADHD, and often receive a diagnosis, but their condition is created by the environment in which they live.  True ADHD is usually genetic in origin, while this masquerader, which I call "pseudo ADHD" is caused by the context in which the child spends his or her time. Read More
ADHD and Children, Teens and Young Adults
ADHD Summer Camp with Dr. Hallowell for Children and Parents
"This camp was amazing & I recommend it with my whole heart!!! My son and I benefited greatly. Plus, it was fun!" - C.J. Designed for children in grades 5 - 12 and their parents, this camp helps families build stronger bonds in a beautiful setting. July 15-19, 2013.  Watch the video and learn more here. What are the benefits to attending an ADHD Camp? This ADDitude article spells out some reasons why camp may be beneficial to your child.
Children with ADHD and Mild Brain Trauma 
Children with ADHD are more likely to exhibit a moderate disability after sustaining mild traumatic brain injury than children without ADHD. Read more at ScienceDaily.   
ADHD and Adults
Cape.org Educators and Parents: Help Students with ADHD Succeed in School
Dr. Hallowell will again share his unique approach on how to view this most commonly diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder of childhood at the Cape Cod Institute August 12-16th. Read his thoughts on ADHD here and find out more about Cape.org here

ADDA Dr. Hallowell: Keynote at ADDA Conference -
Dr. Hallowell is pleased to join Rick Green and Sari Solden as Keynote Speakers at the informative ADDA Annual Conference created especially for adults with ADHD, July 18-21 in Detroit. Save 10%: Use Code MYFAVSPKR" in the Web form box at registration checkout.


Dr. Hallowell's Career Advice for Adults with ADHD - There seems to be no limit to the careers that adults with ADHD find fulfilling. But ADHD can make choosing a satisfying career a challenge. Read more at ADDitudeMag.com.  


AD/HD 6th Annual Virtual Conference,
Oct 7-10, Better understand your ADHD and how to manage it. Early Bird registration discounts ends August 11th. Register here.

5 Steps for Organizing Your Office if You Have ADHD (and Even if You Don't)
- Do you have trouble keeping your workspace organized?  Are there papers and objects everywhere?  Piles upon piles?  If so, here are five specific, ADHD-friendly steps that will clean up your office fast, then make it easier to keep it that way. Read more at ADHDmarriage.com.

Delivered from Distraction Book Review - Loy Machedo's book review of Delivered by Distraction includes a personal recount of how nervous and anxious he was three years earlier when he learned that he had ADHD. This book has helped him realize the positives attributes that ADHD offers and negates his earlier concern that it was a "disease growing in my head." Read more.

Hyperactivity Likely to Increase Eating Disorder Severity - ADHD Adults with hyperactivity experience greater severity in their eating disorders due to their impulsive characteristics. Read more in ScienceDaily.
CrazyBusy Tips
Vacations are Critical!
Hallowell Family 2012
Hallowell Family 2012
We need to make time for all the people and places and projects where our hearts have set a significant mooring. The human moment is my term for those moments when we feel most connected to someone or something outside ourselves, and most in the presence of what we're living for.  
What we've already got is with us now, aching to be noticed and delved into. We need to take care of our most heartfelt connections - persistently, deliberately, lovingly - before they disappear.
I am so grateful to my family for the love and support they have given me over the years. I truly hope you and your family have a meaningful summer. - Ned.
Read more on connection at www.drhallowell.com.
CrazyBusy Tips are available in book, CD, MP3 format
and as an iPhone App
Click here to learn more

Dr. Hallowell Speakers Bureau


Dr. Hallowell, a seasoned and passionate speaker, offers customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business.  Learn more

Presenter Topic of the Month: 
CONNECT: THE OTHER VITAMIN C - We live under the influence of a dangerous paradox: while we are far more connected electronically than ever before in history, we are disconnecting with each other as well as with the many other connections that give meaning to our lives. 
is as essential for health, success, joy, and longevity as ascorbic acid.  Living without enough of it can cause low-grade depression, lethargy, lack of get-up-and-go, a demoralizing feeling of purposelessness, and can even lead to an early death.  
Good News! Solving this problem is easy and fun!
I'm eager to share not only what I've learned but what science has proven: connection, the other vitamin C, is the most transformative force for good in all of human existence.  Read more here.

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Ned's Quote of the Month:

"Those of us with ADHD need your support! We are not "lazy," "stubborn," "willful," "disruptive," "impossible," "tyrannical," "a space shot," "brain damaged," or "stupid."


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