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Dr. Hallowell Newsletter   September 2013

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Sometimes it's confusing to figure out what is best for you or your child with ADHD.  This newsletter is about finding good resources, no matter your age.  And Dr. Hallowell shares more about his strengths-based approach to ADHD treatment.  As one poster wrote, you'll be "amazed!"

Melissa Orlov, editor
Dr. Hallowell: Mrs Eldredge, My First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Eldredge Made Me Feel Safe In School

Hallowell Centers Strength-Based Philosophy:
"I don't treat disabilities; I unwrap gifts." - Dr. Hallowell

First, we search for what is good, strong & healthy!

We help people with learning disabilities and cognitive / emotional issues lead happier, more productive lives through a positive, balanced treatment approach that integrates the latest research on brain, body and heart.
Coaching via SKYPE is available at each Center

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Upcoming Events

September 27  
Presentation: Thriving with ADHD

October 2   
Presentation: Responsible Use of Electronics  
Presentation: Childhood Roots of Happiness
October 22  
Presentation: Are we Over Medicating Our Children. Professionals Only.  
October 24  
Presentation: Unwrapping the Gifts of ADHD 
Presentation: SHINE
Learn about Dr. Hallowell's Speaking Services here.  
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Stop Procrastination FREE Educational Call - Oct 8, 1:30 pm EST - Join Sarah Reiff-Hekking, PhD, to learn how to get things done.

Are we Over-Medicating Our Children? A Professionals Only Discussion - Oct 22, 6:30 -8pm. Dr. Hallowell will lead a dialog with other professionals in the medical and mental health fields on the use of medication and alternative options for the ADHD population. This free discussion is designed as an information exchange on the management of ADHD for the patient and their families. 


Master Your Mind - These customized, private, once a week, 60-90 minute sessions, for students, adults and seniors, focus on strategies and executive function training: planning, prioritizing, concentration, organization, initiating tasks, inhibiting distractions, memory and self-monitoring skills.

Taught by Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC, Speech Pathologist and Neurotherapist.

Research Study for Children ages 8-12 with ADHD - Dr. Hallowell, Principal Investigator, will perform the assessments during this study that targets improvement in attention and focus using Atentiv non-invasive, fun, age appropriate video game.
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Managing Homework for Children with ADHD - Sep 24-Oct 1, Dec 3-10 -(morning or evening) Reduce daily stress of Homework

Calm and Connected for Parents, Oct 8 - Nov 19, Learn to keep your calm and instill self-esteem and reduce stress.
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Dr. Hallowell at the Fusion Academy
Oct 24 - Unwrapping the Gifts of ADHD - find the talents embedded in ADHD.  
ADHD & Marriage

LIVE Couples Course with Melissa Orlov.  Starts Oct. 1, given by conference call.  Includes new Bonus Session on appreciating ADHD

AD/HD Virtual Conference, Oct 7-10, Effective Communication for ADHD Couples.

Therapists - Tools to Help Couples Impacted by ADHD Thrive, Oct 11, 1.5 CE Credits.

Multi-Modal Treatment for Your ADHD-Impacted Relationship.  
Dr. Hallowell Store

Store New books, videos, products, apps, etc on ADHD and other topics are added regularly......keep checking in!  Find it on Facebook too.

Product of the Month: 

On-Task, On-Time For Kids
Timely Matters

This portable time management system guides children through the daily transition periods of sleep to school, school to home and from family time to bed. Removing the parent from the task-master role, the On-Task On-Time unit provides the visual cues to help a child overcome the challenge of focusing on his or her routine. Hallowell Newsletter readers can receive a special 20% discount. Visit Timely Matters, Inc. and use discount code "Hallowell".
Add AUDIO books to Your Reading List too!
Driven to Distraction

ADHD Resources
A.D.D. Resource Center

The ADHD Weekly News

DSM-5 and ADHD
- Prof Eric Taylor talks about the changes to the diagnosis of ADHD in DSM-5 and how these changes will affect clinical practice. The podcast for this interview is available here
A Note from Ned
Dr. Hallowell at the Hallowell Center San Francisco
Newly Opened -
The Hallowell Center San Francisco for Cognitive and Emotional Health


For years, people have been asking me to open an office in San Francisco.  Now I am pleased to announce that we've made it happen.  We now have a new branch of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health open on Market Street in San Francisco! This third installment of my multidisciplinary clinics, which provide comprehensive care to individuals and families with cognitive and emotional conditions, carries the same mission I have always had: to help people turn obstacles into advantages and lead happier, more productive lives..... Read More Here.  

Q:  Dr Hallowell, I have read some of your work and I must say it was amazing, and I was amazed. But I'm not messaging you to praise you in any way. In fact as soon as I felt amazed, I stopped because I have been told my whole life that I was not different but rather defective and disorderly. I was told I would never measure up to even the average. If you hear and believe in a lie long enough, it becomes the only truth you will accept. "Broken" some people would call it. I want to believe you are wrong, but another part wants to hope you're right. I'm messaging you for your words. And depending on your words maybe I can finally shift my direction from hope to believing my ADHD should be ADH. Thank you.

A:  Many people who have ADHD feel terrible about themselves, and they look at my books, where I paint a positive picture of how life can be with ADHD, and they feel disappointed that their lives are not so rosy.  Sometimes they feel annoyed, even angry with me, as if I have deceived them.

Believe me, I know how bad life with ADHD can be.  Every day in my offices I hear stories of frustration, sadness, and failure.  I see and hear and feel just how crippling ADHD can be.  

But I also hear stories of triumph, victory, and success.  That's why I know for a fact life with ADHD can be really good.  Some of the most successful people I know have this condition.  For that reason, I think of it as a trait, not a disorder.  It all depends on how you manage the trait.  If you manage it properly, make smart decisions like marrying the right person and finding the right job, and get some good luck, you turn this trait into a major asset.  If you do not, then the trait becomes a major liability.

I urge you to work with a counselor who can guide you in the right direction.  I know for a fact this condition need not ruin life.  Quite to the contrary, it can turn life into a magnificent banquet.

All the best,
Edward (Ned) Hallowell
Executive Functioning and ADHD
Melissa Orlov
Executive functions help you exhibit control over your actions so that you can reach a specific goal.

That can be something lofty and long-term, such as "graduate from college" or something small and immediate like "make my lunch."

There are five areas of executive functioning that are impacted when you have ADHD. Some find extreme weakness in one area, such as planning, and less in another, such as verbal working memory. Read More 

Learn about Executive Function Training at the Hallowell Sudbury Center.
Making Change Manageable With the Personal Coaching Agreement
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC
TeensLet's face it-change isn't easy. Even for those of us who don't have ADHD or learning issues, it can be extremely hard to try on new behaviors, let alone maintain them over the long-term. Just think of the countless New Year's resolutions that so many of us set each January, only to have them fizzle within a few weeks or months.

Now just imagine that you are a young person with ADHD. You have challenges with prioritization and time management, your self-esteem is low, and you have very little practice at setting goals and working toward them because you are still young and your parents have so far stepped in to help you succeed. You arrive at the coaching intake and are asked by the coach what it is you'd like to get out of coaching, and you feel totally overwhelmed. Where do you begin? Even if you could figure out how to begin, would you stand a chance of finishing what you started?  Read More
Teachers and Mental Health professionals - How Do Students REALLY Learn?
Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC
There have been many discussions about the recent testing results and the Common Core Curriculum.


One troubling trend is that while the emphasis on Content has increased, there is growing concern that our children are being pushed past their ability to manage the learning pace and that the added stress and anxiety are actually reducing their ability to comprehend and perform.  Read More  


Cindy leads the Calm and Connected for Parents and the Managing Homework for Children with ADHD at the NYC Hallowell Center. 

ADHD and Children, Teens and Young Adults
Edge Foundation
Free Time Management Coaching Session 
The Edge Foundation's Free Time Management Coaching session offer expires Oct 15, 2013. Learn more at the Edgefoundation.

Keys to Success at College - Even if you sailed through high school, college can present some obstacles to the student with ADHD that they did not expect.  Visit this ADDitude Slide Show to learn ways to improve ADHD management at college. 

Real Life ADHD! DVD for Teens, Preteens, and Young Adults - This new DVD that features advice from the real experts--30 young people from 12 states ranging in age from 12 to 21. See it here.

Lower Risk for Substance Use Linked to Early ADHD Treatment - Researchers found that children who were treated with stimulant medication early had a lower risk of substance abuse until the age of 18, after which the risk increases. Read more at NEJM.

3-Part ADHD Blog Written by High School Student - This comprehensive description of ADHD is brilliantly researched and authored by Evan J. Berkowitz, a High School Senior.  Read Part 1, Diagnosis of ADD, Part 2, Attention to Detail and Part 3, Resolution of ADD.
How To Balance a Busy Kid Schedule - Dr. Hallowell joins other experts in this article by Canadian adds his advice here.  
ADHD and Adults

AD/HD Virtual Conference 2013 AD/HD 6th Annual Virtual Conference,
Oct 7-10, Better understand your ADHD and how to manage it. Register here.

Newly Released Book ADHD from A to ZoŽ
ADHD According to Zoe: The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus, and Finding Your Keys has just been released. Diagnosed later in life, Zoe shares her struggles and triumphs in this informative and refreshing book. Read the preview and learn more at www.zoekessler.com.  

ADHD and Performance in the Bedroom
Dr. Hallowell explains that "Good sex is possible only if both partners in an ADHD marriage feel relaxed and playful - and are capable of shutting out the outside world to savor the moment." Read more here

Are we Over-Medicating Our Children? A Professionals-Only Discussion - Oct 22, 6:30-8pm. 142 North Road Sudbury MA - (the entrance to the Apple Valley Montessori School). Dr. Hallowell, will be leading a dialog with other professionals in the medical and mental health fields on the use of medication and alternative options for the ADHD population. This free discussion is designed as an information exchange on the management of ADHD for the patient and their families. Enter drawing to win a FREE onsite presentation with Dr. Hallowell for your group or place of business valued at $7,500. Winners must be present to win. To register or for more information, please click here, or call 978 287-0810 xt 113, or email Christina@drhallowell.com.


Do Parents Always Love Their Babies at First Sight? - When Singer Michael Buble said he saw his son Noah for the first time, it wasn't exactly love at first sight.  Dr. Hallowell shares his thoughts on this on Good Morning America Sept 11, 2013.  
CrazyBusy Tips
Taking Your Time

The best reason to take your time is that this is the only time you'll ever have. You must take it or it will be taken from you. It is telling that the phrase taking your time is synonymous with slowing down. If we want to live life fully and get the most out of the short lives we have, we would do best to slow down.
To make the most out of this new world, to avoid feeling overbooked, overstretched, and about to snap, to make modern life become better than life has ever been, a person must learn how to do what matters most first and to make the most out of each minute.
Don't bulldoze over life's best moments. You won't notice the little charms that adorn each day, nor will you ever transform the mundane into the extraordinary. The only way to do that is to take your time.

Read more on life management at  www.crazybusywithdrhallowell.com.
CrazyBusy Tips are available in book, CD, MP3 format
and as an iPhone App
Click here to learn more

Dr. Hallowell Speakers Bureau


October is ADHD Month - Invite  
Dr. Hallowell to Speak at Your Event!


Dr. Hallowell, a seasoned and passionate speaker, offers customized, entertaining, and research-driven talks on a wide range of topics including ADHD, parenting, relationships, education, and business.  Learn more
Presenter Topic of the Month: 

Dr. Hallowell describes, in detail, the human experience of ADD, the impact of ADD on the family and on couples, and the various treatments available, as well as the directions of current research.  In the longer lectures and the daylong workshops, Dr. Hallowell allows plenty of time for questions and audience participation. 

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Dr. Hallowell Quote of the Month:

"I know how crucial it is NOT to feel defective, but rather to feel enthused about developing the unusually creative parts of my mind."


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