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Since 1989, Diane Ellen has been a Registered Nurse specializing in assisting women through childbirth.  In 2003, she began her own company.  As a Personal Childbirth Trainer, she offers CHILDBIRTH CLASS, LABOR SUPPORT, and BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY and has enjoyed guiding almost 200 couples through the birth process.  In addition, she teaches Childbirth Class and PRIVATE CLASSES IN YOUR HOME FOR CHILDBIRTH AND Infant CPR.  She also helps other nurses/childbirth educators start their own businesses teaching the PCT Childbirth Workshop.  For more information visit her websites www.PersonalChildbirthTrainer.com & www.PCTchildbirthWorkshop.com !
  • Happy Holidays! 2015  (12/22/2015)
  • Happy Holidays! 2015
  • Happy Mother's Day! 2015  (5/9/2015)
  • Happy Mother's Day! 2015
  • Happy Holidays 2014!  (12/19/2014)
  • Happy Holidays 2014!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! 2014  (11/26/2014)
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Father's Day! 2014  (6/12/2014)
  • Happy Father's Day!
  • Happy Mother's Day! 2014  (5/10/2014)
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! 2014  (1/5/2014)
  • Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2014  (1/1/2014)
  • Happy Holidays! Happy New Year too! 2014
  • Happy Thanksgiving! 2013  (11/27/2013)
  • Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  • Happy Father's Day 2013  (6/15/2013)
  • Happy Father's Day! 201
  • Happy Mother's Day 2013  (5/11/2013)
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • 2012 Season's Greetings with "For Sale/Free" Items!!!  (12/20/2012)
  • Happy Holidays!!!! Come check out the "For Sale/For Free/ Wanted List!!!
  • HOLIDAYS 2012 FOR SALE! FOR FREE!   (11/30/2012)
  • Do you have items to sell/give away or something you want me to help you convey???
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2012  (11/20/2012)
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  • Happy Father's Day 2012  (6/16/2012)
  • Happy Father's Day to my Dads and soon-to-be Dads!!
  • Happy Mother's Day 2012  (5/12/2012)
  • Happy Mother's Day to my Moms and soon-to-be Moms!!!
  • Happy Holidays 2011  (12/22/2011)
  • Happy Holidays!!!!
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2011  (11/24/2011)
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  • Welcome to Spring Cleaning! 2011  (4/30/2011)
  • Items For Sale, Free, For Hire/Needed! Happy Mother's Day!
  • Spring 2011  (3/26/2011)
  • Let's Spring Clean! Next Issue!
  • Happy New Year! 2011  (1/2/2011)
  • Happy New Year! 2011
  • Fathers Day 2010  (6/20/2010)
  • Happy Father's Day!
  • Mother's Day 2010  (5/9/2010)
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Spring 2010  (4/4/2010)
  • Readers Share on Facebook; Recalls:Infantino "Sling Rider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" Infant Slings; Summertime Safety; Diane Ellen's List
  • November/December 2009  (11/29/2009)
  • Changes in the newsletter; Biggest Children's Recalls of 2009!; Testimonial from New Mom who Labored in the Water Tub; 2009 PCT L&D/Birth Statistics; 2009 Halloween Cuties; Photo Contest Winner Miss Annabelle Cabaniss (identification error on newsletter); Start Planning for the Summer with Mother's Helper Ariana; Diane Ellen's List
  • October 2009  (10/4/2009)
  • SIDS-Bad Examples in Advertising; Laboring in Water came to Boca; Testimonials from Former Childbirth Class Students; How to Report Injuries by a Consumer Product; Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner ~ Allison Cabaniss; FYI! What's New? Do you know of any...?; Diane Ellen's List;
  • September 2009  (8/31/2009)
  • Great Trade-In from Babies R Us; Your Dog, New Baby & Safety; Testimonial from Former Labor Support Client; Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner ~ Carson Pritchard; Recalls: Baby Jogger, Simplicity Crib/Bedside Sleeper/Bassinets, Window Blinds; Diane Ellen's List
  • August 2009  (7/31/2009)
  • Preterm Labor Happy Ending Story; Florida has a New Nurse; World Breastfeeding Week; Found Private Swim Instructor; Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner ~ Joey Lograsso from Mamma Mia's Trattoria and Pizzeria in Lake Worth; Recalls: Buster Brown Clog Shoes, Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set, BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Chairs; Diane Ellen's List
  • July 2009  (6/30/2009)
  • New Services! Labor Water Tub Rentals! Happy 4th of July! Fireworks Safety Tips; Man2Man; "Where the Fairy Tale Begins"; Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner ~ Boca Raton Kmart Cashier; Recalls-Bugaboo Bee Stroller and LaJobi Cribs; Diane Ellen's List
  • June 2009  (6/29/2009)
  • New Services! BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY & HOME VISITS! Happy Father's Day! Right Whale Birthing Story; Man2Man Thoughts; The Official Parenting Handbook; Photo Contest Winner-Anonymous Dunkin Donut Frame; Recalls: Eddie Bauer Soothe & Sway Play Yards; Diane Ellen's List
  • May 2009  (4/30/2009)
  • History of Mother's Day, A Mother's Lesson Learned, "Man 2 Man" Thoughts, New Sponsor: Paul Charette Architecture, Inc., New Parenting Classes, New South Florida Group for "Older" Moms (35+), Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner Newborn Collin Garrett St. Onge, Diane Ellen's List
  • April 2009  (4/30/2009)
  • Spring has Sprung! (Thrift Stores), SIDS Update: Use of Fans, "Man 2 Man" Thoughts, New Parent Workshops, Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner Melanie Pietrobono with Pen Labors in Water (Tub Birth), Diane Ellen's List
  • March 2009  (2/28/2009)
  • Remind to Turn Clocks Ahead, Now Friends with "Baby Love", Pignoli Cookie Finals, Happy St. Patrick's Day from Slainte Irish Pub, New! Man 2 Man Thoughts, Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winners Jake & Mason A. , Diane Ellen's List
  • February 2009  (2/2/2009)
  • My Pignoli Cookie & I are in a Contest on YouTube/SoloFoods.com!, 50% off Private CPR Classes, New! "Words of Wisdom", Neat Product: Pronto mini Changer from Skip Hop, New Sponsors: Skin Apeel Day Spa and Fit for You, Diane Ellen Pen Contest Winner Miss Juliet Gladsen, Diane Ellen's List
  • January 2009  (1/14/2009)
  • 2008 Statistics, 2008 Car Safety Statistics, Get to Know: The Student Den, Contest: Where is Your Diane Ellen Pen???, Diane Ellen's List
  • December 2008  (11/30/2008)
  • Holiday Mail for Heroes, Car Safety & ICE, Interlocking Foam Play Mats, Get to Know: MaternaCare Breast Balm, Registered Nurses for Newborns, Nutritious Family.com, Milk Shop Mama; Diane Ellen's List
  • November 2008  (11/26/2008)
  • Children and Vehicle Safety Part 2-Baby Bee Safe tags, Infantino Sling Rider, Get to Know: End of Dust Cleaners, Grow With Me, Lifestyle Swim School, Baby Sign Language; Diane Ellen's List
  • October 2008  (10/25/2008)
  • A "Few Good Men" Wanted, Part 1-Children Left in Vehicles, Health Tracks Binder, Get to Know: Protect-a-Tot Childproofing and Apostrophe "S" Stationery Store; Diane Ellen's List
  • September 2008  (9/28/2008)
  • Introducing "Diane's List": A For-Sale List of Baby/Child Items and Help-Wanted/For Hires, Temporary Tattoos, Chef Lawrence
  • August 2008  (8/4/2008)
  • Are your tires expired?, Itzbeen Baby Timer, Aquarium Cradle Swing
  • July 2008  (7/23/2008)
  • Recalls, Baby Abuelita Dolls, Firefly Mobile Phone for Kids
  • June 2008  (6/26/2008)
  • Emergency Contact Info, CPR Awareness Week, Plastic Baby Bottles, Best Chairs
  • May 2008  (6/26/2008)
  • Today Show Stem Cells, Adult CPR Change
  • April 2008  (5/11/2008)
  • CPR Teddy, Why does the baby have to stay rear-facing? , Fresco High-Chair
  • March 2008  (4/18/2008)
  • Statistics for 2007
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